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Best horror mobile games 2023

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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight™ update invites players to experience the thrill of being both killer and survivor. Customize your strategy and play with iconic horror characters. Fits in your pocket.

Dead by Daylight MobileBehaviour Interactive
Experience the thrill of the hunt in the intense multiplayer horror and action game, Dead by Daylight™, now enhanced with a massive update. Immerse yourself in The Fog and prepare for a game of deadly cat and mouse. Are you ready to take on the roles of both Killer and Survivor in this pulse-pounding game of hide and seek? Form your friends into a crack team of Survivors and see who can outlast the others. Alternatively, step into the role of a Killer and sacrifice Survivors to The Entity. With five players in the Killing Grounds, expect the unexpected and brace yourself for some unforgettable jump scares. Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers you iconic characters from your favorite horror franchises and offers you the chance to play as legends of horror. The Realms and Trials offered are dynamic and unpredictable, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the game through the eyes of the killer. The Killers and Survivors each come with their own perks and abilities, providing you with plenty of unlockables that can be customized to fit your personal game strategy. Understand your surroundings, adopt the right approach, and leverage the might of your experience and skills to either hunt your prey or escape the Killer's clutches. The fully optimized mobile version of Dead by Daylight is designed to provide you with pocket-sized access to the survival horror game you love on your console or PC, and the eerie ambiance, music, and chilling environments combine into an unforgettable experience. Are you brimming with curiosity to know more about this game? Check out our official site or follow us on Twitter at DbDMobile today. If you have any queries, contact our customer service desk at Dead by Daylight Mobile requires an Android version of 7.0 (Nougat OS) or higher and a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an equivalent.
Case 2: Animatronics Survival

Animatronics Survival is a sequel to a challenging horror stealth game. Survive at all costs while avoiding the animatronics.

Case 2: Animatronics SurvivalOOO VALNAT
Get ready to face your fears in Animatronics Survival, the spine-chilling sequel to a first-person stealth horror game that will push your survival skills to the limit. In the wake of a terrifying tragedy that shut down a popular amusement park, the city is plagued with disturbing leaflets and rumors of missing people. Was it truly an accident or a deliberate act of terror? You'll play as Jack, a man who's lost everything and now must pay for his crimes. With a well-constructed storyline that's uniquely its own, Animatronics Survival delivers unforeseen twists and turns, as well as an array of game locations that offer a truly immersive gaming experience. To survive, you'll need to use a tablet to manage security cameras and monitor the situation, all while solving challenging puzzles that will put your strategic thinking to the test. But be careful, as the animatronics are always watching - each with their own deadly attacks. Your ultimate mission is to stay alive - at any cost! Make strategic use of shelters and move quietly to avoid being caught. However, be aware that even small missteps can be deadly. Whether you're a seasoned horror game fan or just love a good scare, Animatronics Survival is sure to keep you on edge. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the scariest horror games featuring animatronics!
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Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter

Help the group escape the factory and stop the frosty nightmare in Ice Scream: The Final Chapter. Join the adventure full of puzzles, mini-games, and chases.

Ice Scream 8: Final ChapterKeplerians Horror Games
Ice Scream's heart-pumping ending is finally here! Join the group of friends as they make their escape from Rod's chilling factory and put an end to this nightmare now and forever. Revisit classic factory spots and assist the friends in cracking puzzles and surviving delightfully spine-tingling mini-games while evading Rod and Evil Nun. Get ready to unravel a mystery-filled adventure packed with chases, puzzles and thrills suitable for beginners and fans alike. The friends have finally found each other again in the control room after saving Lis from the laboratory. Yet, their joyful reunion is short-lived as Rod has located Charlie and followed him there. Unfortunately, they are trapped in the same room with Rod. Now, they must formulate a plan to escape from the factory and flee for good. Register beforehand to be the first to try out Ice Scream: The Final Chapter. And as a bonus, you'll receive a unique reward when the game is published.
Eyes - The Horror Game

Escape the mansion while being chased by a terrifying monster. Play with friends in multiplayer mode for added fear and thrills.

Eyes - The Horror GameFearlessGames
Experience the spine-chilling game and face your fears with "Eyes - The Horror Game". Here, your goal is to escape the huge mansion, but beware because there's a monster on the loose and it's coming after you! This multiplayer horror game will put your survival skills to the ultimate test, and with every player, the level of fear and excitement intensifies. In this terror-stricken game, you must endure the evil jump scares and escape from ghosts while chasing through the dark mansion. The gameplay overflows with heart-thumping terror and scary creatures, and the only way to survive is to never play alone in the dark. Are you brave enough to face this horror? With each step you take, the decaying rooms reveal horrors beyond imagination. The game infuses flickering lights, rattling books, and a scary TV bursting with static, bringing out the sheer horror of the menacing ambiance. The game offers multiple scary monsters and avatars to choose from or create your own with custom visuals and audio. The game has various levels to unlock, including an old haunted house, abandoned hospital, and desolate school, with more added frequently. While playing "Eyes-The Horror Game," you can use mystical Eye runes that allow you to see through monsters' twisted vision and help you plan your next move using a hand-drawn map. This game also offers multiple gameplay modes to keep you engaged with fellow adventurers on global leaderboards or compete offline. Download "Eyes – The Horror Game" right now and unlock the perfect horror and thriller game, full of sudden jump-scares and a chilling atmosphere. Will you be able to escape the mansion, or will you become prey to the ghosts' wrath? With the highly anticipated multiplayer mode, survive the terror together with others. Let the chase begin!
911: Prey

Survive the cannibal's house in the scary game 911: Prey with puzzles, multiple endings, and hidden tasks. Can you outsmart the cannibal and escape?

911: PreyEuphoria Horror Games
911: Prey is a newly released addition to the spine-chilling Hide & Seek horror game series enriched with some perplexing puzzles. 🕯️ The storyline of the game revolves around the kidnapping of the player, who finds themself in the possession of a cannibalistic maniac. Upon regaining consciousness, the main objective of the player becomes to escape the place by gathering useful items and solving puzzles to access hard-to-reach areas. However, it is essential to remain cautious and avoid leaving traces that could potentially alert the cannibal to the player's presence. The question arises - are you capable of using your wits and evade the potential threat without losing track of even a single detail, or will you get captured and eventually end up as dinner? Your survival is exclusively dependent on your alertness, vigilance, and memory. 🧠 Explore the creepy house to uncover the maniac's diary, showcasing the gruesome story of the weirdest cannibal in Minnesota. Gain insights into the maniac's history to execute decisions that can impact the game's outcome. As you progress in the game, you'll discover multiple endings, but only one of them will leave you with a feeling of triumph. To survive, players must resolve all the hidden secrets and combat the horror that has taken over the protagonist's mind. 911: Prey Horror Adventure Game provides you with: ★ Multiple endings based on your decisions ★ A distinctive investigative narrative ★ Engaging and enthralling puzzles ★ The captivating plot and investigation ★ A combination of horror elements, hide and seek, and survival mechanisms. ★ High-quality audio and a microscopically detailed edifice Download the horror game with an appetite for challenge and try to survive the cannibal's trap. Test your puzzle-solving skills, run for safety, and avoid getting devoured at all costs! Are you up to the challenge? 🔪
Angry King: Scary Pranks

Infiltrate the angry king's castle as court jester Leonard Goodfellow. Solve puzzles to play pranks, while avoiding being caught. Register for special prize.

Angry King: Scary PranksKeplerians Horror Games
The ruler of the kingdom, King Richard, is a merciless and highly irritable monarch, who wields his authority over his subjects with an iron fist, from the confines of his heavily fortified castle. Under his tyrannical reign, people cower in fear, and no one has the guts to confront him. However, there is one person who has the courage to challenge his authority, the local jester, Leonard Goodfellow. He infiltrates the castle with the aim to play pranks on the king and reduce him to a laughing stock in front of his subjects, thereby stripping him of his fear-inspiring persona. Play as the mischievous Leonard and embark on a thrilling adventure inside the King's castle. Prepare yourself for some truly ingenious pranks, while skillfully avoiding detection by the king and his vigilant guards. Explore an exciting new gaming experience from the Keplerians universe. Solve intricate puzzles to prank the notoriously Angry King and savor the impact of your hilarious shenanigans. Pre-register today and become the first in line to play the thrilling game "Angry King". As a special reward, you will receive an exclusive prize when the game officially launches.
SILENT HILL: Ascension

Pre-register for free on Google Play for Silent Hill: Ascension, a Genvid Interactive streaming series where decisions impact the story with daily live story scenes.

SILENT HILL: AscensionGenvid Entertainment LLC
Don't miss out on this opportunity! Register for FREE via the Google Play Store and be one of the first to experience SILENT HILL: Ascension. Mark your calendars for October 31st and tune in at 9pm ET / 6pm PT for the live world premiere of this Genvid Interactive Streaming Series. SILENT HILL: Ascension places the fate of the narrative in the hands of the community, impacting the canon of the SILENT HILL universe. Follow the journeys of various main characters from around the world as they battle new and terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows. These abominations threaten to consume entire towns as recent murders and long-suppressed guilt and fears draw innocent people into the darkness. Join the immersive journey, as every decision you make will shape the story and potentially lead to moments of redemption, suffering, or damnation. Witness daily live story scenes, with each day presenting a new set of challenges based on your actions and the audience's choices. Plus, catch up on demand if you miss out on any of the excitement. This chilling series allows an audience of millions to work together to help characters survive or change their fateful trajectory. The stunning high-fidelity streaming visuals will immerse you on your phone into the horrors of SILENT HILL. Copyright © 2023 Genvid Entertainment LLC, Konami Digital Entertainment, and Bad Robot Games. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on
Resident Evil Village

Survival horror at its best. Play Resident Evil Village for intense first-person action and masterful storytelling. Requires network connection and in-app purchase.

Resident Evil VillageCAPCOM
Resident Evil Village, the 8th major entry in the Resident Evil franchise, promises to set a new benchmark for survival horror. The game features intense first-person gameplay, detailed graphics and cutting-edge storytelling, all of which combine to create one of the most realistic horror experiences to date. Before playing the game, please take note of the following important information. Firstly, the game requires an internet connection to start, and a user must agree to the End User License Agreement prior to starting the game. If the user is 13-18 years old (or between 13 and the age of legal majority in their country of residence), or has limited capacity, they must obtain approval from their legal guardian and ensure their guardian agrees to the provisions set out in the Agreement. Additionally, please note that keyboard and mouse are not supported for this game. Instead, players are recommended to use a controller to enhance their experience. While the game can be played on an iPad, it is recommended to use a compatible controller to get the most out of the gameplay. It is also worth mentioning that only a limited portion of the base game can be played for free. If players wish to experience the full game, they will have to make an in-app purchase. Please note that this application is approximately 16GB in size, so it is recommended that the game be downloaded in an environment with good connectivity. Save data can be uploaded and downloaded via iCloud Drive, but cannot be transferred between MacOS and iOS devices. Please note that signing out of your Apple ID may cause issues with save data, so it is recommended that you avoid doing so if possible. Lastly, the game has an in-app store where players can purchase items like the Trauma Pack DLC, Survival Resources Pack, Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm, and more. If players want more content, they can also purchase Winters' Expansion that includes Third Person Mode, The Mercenaries Additional Orders, and Shadows of Rose. All in all, Resident Evil Village promises to be an amazing addition to the franchise with its stunning graphics, enthralling gameplay, and captivating storytelling. Get ready for the ultimate horror experience!
Resident Evil 4

Survive a European village horror with modern gameplay in Resident Evil 4. Rescue the president's daughter and relive the revolutionized survival horror.

Resident Evil 4CAPCOM
The aftermath of the biological crisis in Raccoon city plagued survivors until six long years have passed. One of the surviving agents, Leon S. Kennedy, receives a mission to retrieve the president's daughter who has been kidnapped. In his attempt to rescue her, he journeys to a secluded European village only to encounter an eerie situation that makes him doubt the true intentions of the locals. What follows is a story of rescue and horror where bravery and desperation merge into a single path. Resident Evil 4, with its reimagined scenario, modernized gameplay, and impeccable detail in graphics, sets a new standard for the gaming industry. The rebirth of this survival horror gaming giant gives players the chance to relive the nightmare that had frightened many in the past. A limited version of the game can be freely enjoyed, but to experience the full spectrum, an in-app purchase is necessary.
Franz: Scary Text Adventure

In the interactive horror game Franz, navigate your relationship with a living entity in your phone through tactile touch, word puzzles, and moral choices.

Franz: Scary Text AdventureIce-Pick Lodge
Step into the world of horror and mystery with Franz - a mysterious entity residing in your phone. Imagine interacting with Franz, a being with her own mind, character, and desires. Through visual novel gameplay, face-to-face communication, and phone notifications, uncover the truth about Franz. The narrative is based on moral choices, which determine whether you become the true owner of Franz or her mere puppet. The gameplay of Franz is focused on an immersive, text-based story and tactile interaction with the character. Franz is embodied in your device, so be cautious with it. She is unpredictable and sensitive but also interested in you. She is also responsive to physical interaction, adding an element of intensity to every decision made while indulging in this spine-chilling visual novel. When communicating with Franz, consider the repercussions of your choices, even those that seem trivial. This visual novel features a range of puzzles to solve, highlighting the intricacies of communication between individuals. Much like a real conversation, a misunderstanding or missing a vital detail can profoundly impact the course of the story. In life like in Franz, words constitute a crucial means of communication. You can convey your feelings towards Franz by tactile contact, opting for either gentle or aggressive touches. She can crave your affection or attempt to manipulate you. The choice is yours - submit to Franz or resist her manipulative ways. This interactive story game utilizes a time aspect, and Franz can kick you out of the game for some time, leading to a unique experience. Interactions with Franz can lead to notifications on your device. Depending on how fast you open the app after receiving the notification, Franz will react differently. Franz is an organism that responds uniquely to every action you take, whether it's a touch, ignoring her, solving puzzles or indulging her emotional manipulations. Such a non-linear storytelling experience makes the game constantly evolving. Engage in a visual novel and horror simulation game that provides an immersive experience that tests your choices between tenderness and severity. Discover whether Franz becomes your friend or whether you must reject her sinister desires. Get ready for an intense experience with Franz!

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