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Best games of September 2023

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Last Ultima

Unleash ancient power in immersive fantasy world filled with PVE/PVP battles, character upgrades, peerless team assembly, and quest-driven gameplay. Conquer the throne! (20 words)

Last UltimaNeocraft Limited
Join us for exclusive rewards and updates: Facebook: Discord: "The darkness has descended and the devil dragon has been resurrected!" Unleash the full power of the ancient times in a vast and epic fantasy world that awaits you in Last Ultima! [A Legendary Fantasy RPG Adventure] Explore immersive and mysterious environments filled with various quests and challenges. The amazing 3D graphics and sound effects will make you feel like you have transcended into the world. The game boasts a rich background lore, engaging characters, and complex storylines that make the experience memorable. Let us defeat the ultimate opponents and safeguard the peace of our new world! [Exhilarating PVE/PVP Battles] Combat against other players in thrilling PVP battles or play the game’s challenging PVE fights. Work with others to defeat formidable dungeons bosses, engage in exciting wars with rival factions, and take down colossal world monsters. [Unmatched Character Progression] Assume the mantle and travel on an epic journey as a Swordmaster, Assassin, Sage, or Gunner. Each class has its unique set of skills and abilities to master. Improve your weapons and armor, unlock new powerful abilities, and discover multiple ways to upgrade your character. With new goals to pursue, our warriors never lose their motivation. [Flawless Team Assembly] Form up alliances with other players and team up to conquer challenging quests, or go against the toughest of enemies. Meet warriors from all over the world, join a guild, and create lasting friendships that survive beyond the game. Create player-driven content, initiate missions, and host events to enjoy a more interactive gaming experience! Dear warrior, come conquer, triumph, and rule over the ultimate RPG adventure that is Last Ultima!
Blaster Blade - Iron Heart

Fight formidable foes in Blaster Blade Chapter 2: Iron Heart - a thrilling shooter game set in an interstellar universe with customizable characters, strategic upgrades, engaging storyline, and stunning visuals.

Blaster Blade - Iron HeartLufick
Step into a universe overflowing with chaos, challenge, and intergalactic warfare, with Blaster Blade Chapter 2: Iron Heart. As a courageous Fighter, you must combine your strategic prowess, lightning-quick reflexes, and cutting-edge weaponry to navigate through perilous terrain, defeat formidable adversaries, and prevent impending doom. Key Features: 1. Heart-racing Galactic Battles: Indulge in an adrenaline-packed warfare across diverse levels, each brimming with surreal surroundings and foes. Every site poses a new set of challenges that push you to your limits. 2. Customizable Character: Exercise command over various characters, each of whom can be tailored with an array of weapons and armor to meet your preferences. Make your player more potent, whether it's through an all-out firepower, tactical accuracy, or defensive vitality. 3. Strategic Improvements: Upgrade your player's action capabilities by gaining resources and retrieving technology from defeated foes. Elevate your weapons, shields, and propulsion systems to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing Galactic threat. 4. Captivating Storyline: Enter into a spellbinding fresh adventure as you unravel an enchanting narrative highlighting protracted prophecies, cosmic mysteries, and intergalactic alliances. Follow in the footsteps of your ancestors & submerge into a world brimming with engrossing characters, unexpected twists, intense action, and decisions that can steer the fate of the galaxy. 5. Stunning Visuals and Sound: Sink into the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos, complemented by striking graphics and visual effects. Stay invigorated with a dynamic soundtrack that adds to the pulse-pounding moments as you navigate through high-voltage battles. This platformer game is capable of keeping you engaged for hours on end. 6. Regular Updates: The sphere of Blaster Blade continues to grow with periodic updates that bring novel levels to explore with dungeon and intense backgrounds, enemies to conquer, and challenges to overcome. Stay fixated on fresh content that ensures the thrill never ends. Are you prepared for an interstellar odyssey like no other than in Blaster Blade War of the Galaxy? With the fate of multiple worlds hanging in the balance, it's your responsibility to become the ultimate space hero and protect the future of humanity. Do you have what it takes to face the cosmic storm and emerge victorious? Take on the challenge, pilot, and blast off into the adventure of a lifetime. "We never cease to amaze you. Yes, you heard it right, Blaster Blade Chapter 3 promises to bring even more exciting adventures and unforeseen twists!"(Coming Soon).
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Grand Thief Operations - GTO

Drive, fly, shoot, and interact in Grand Theft Operation - GTO; experience the thrill of being a master thief, pull off heists, and cause mayhem.

Grand Thief Operations - GTOAurora Interactive Games
Step into the thrilling world of Grand Thief Operation - GTO, where you have the freedom to maneuver any mode of transportation you encounter, be it cars, helicopters, or even jets. With a diverse range of weapons in your arsenal, varying from handguns to grenade and rocket launchers, it's up to you to select the appropriate means of necessary force. The game features a complex ecosystem of characters and groups with which you can interact--forming alliances or creating foes. As you progress in the game, several challenges await you, designed specifically to test your abilities with planes, trains, and automobiles. Experience the unparalleled sensation of mastering the art of thievery in a world that feels more real than ever. Whether you prefer to plot out intricate heists or create mayhem in the city, Grand Thief Operation - GTO offers limitless gaming potential.
Humans Gone

Join Orion Arcade to play Humans Gone, a challenging zombie survival game. Improve weapons, find survivors, and collect resources to survive.

Humans GoneOrion Arcade LLC
Exclusively available to members of the Orion Arcade, Humans Gone is a thrilling game that challenges you to survive waves of zombies and develop a solid strategy to fight against them. The zombie infection has spread across the country, wiping out all of civilization in its wake. Now it's time for you to put your survival skills to the test. The world as you know it belongs to the infected now, and your only chance of survival is to create a squad with a strong strategy to fight against the zombies and monsters. With the plague spreading at a rapid pace, the people need a hero to save them. You must do all that it takes to survive in this war, but it won’t be easy to win the battle against the undead army. Zombies and monsters are lurking everywhere, and resources are scarce. You must gather whatever you can salvage from the ruins of society and use it to build the weapons that you need to survive. Get ready to become a zombie hunter in this thrilling adventure that will test your survival skills like never before. The game includes challenging missions, an apocalypse survival mode, different enemies, weapons, classes, and more. You will also get the chance to find new survivors, prepare them for the next mission, travel to different towns and places, and collect resources to stay alive. You can play the game with a gamepad controller or touch controls, and with regular updates and new content, the adventure never ends. Let us know how much you like Humans Gone and help us shape the game's future by providing feedback on Orion Arcade's website.

Engage in intense warfare, make crucial decisions, and leave your mark in this visually captivating shooter with cutting-edge graphics.

REC.O.R.DV.G Games
Beta release (in development): Feel the intensity of battle firsthand in an aesthetically stunning first-person shooter. Participate in tactical conflicts, confront challenging adversaries, and make difficult choices. Step into the midst of the tumult of war with state-of-the-art visuals and an enthralling narrative. Equip yourself, soldier, it's time to make your impact! As you progress through the game, you'll encounter a range of foes with varying strengths and weaknesses. Be on your guard, as they can be quite skilled and cunning. With every choice you make, the storyline takes a dramatic turn, ensuring that each player has a unique experience. Experience the game's stunning landscapes and destructible environments, which add to the realism of the game. Use your surroundings to your advantage, and be cautious of your every move, as it could mean the difference between success and failure. Join the fray and engage in high-thrills and heart-stopping action that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You're in for an immersive and exhilarating journey, so make sure to lock and load. The fate of the battle is in your hands.

Play the mobile version of the legendary horror game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent", explore the castle, face terrifying creatures, and try to survive.

SclerosisTarsha Games
The iconic fright-filled game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" is now accessible on mobile screens with upgraded features that will give players a chilling experience and push them towards insanity. The game's protagonist Daniel, wakes up inside an old castle without any recollection of his identity, how he arrived there or what happened. The Castle Brennenburg instills a sense of fear within him, making Daniel feel as if something sinister is lurking around waiting to snatch him away. He discovers a note signed with his name that informs him that he chose to forget his past in order to escape the agonizing traumas and mental wounds. Players have to help Daniel overcome his fears and enter the castle's most menacing precincts, where he must confront the frightening inhabitants as each encounter threatens his life. He must ascertain the castle's haunting secrets, and depending on the outcome, escape unscathed or be doomed to perish. The game's important highlights are fear-grasping horror, a compelling mystical storyline requiring players to explore the darkest depths of human consciousness, and unparalleled graphics unseen in mobile games. The puzzles in the game are based on the realistic physics of the environment, which makes it all the more challenging and entertaining. Players can use famous analog controls, thoughtfully modified to function smoothly on touchscreens—utilize your fingers to pull levers, twist valves and navigate through doors in an experience similar to using your real hands. There are several differences in the updated format of the game. The first is the 'Safe mode,' where players can explore Castle Brennenburg's premises without encountering any monsters, making it ideal for those suffering from game phobias. Lantern won't utilize its oil when used in this mode. The second update is the 'PSX mode,' which changes the game's graphics and music to relate to PlayStation 1 gaming. Play "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" as if it were a 90s game release. The final update is 'Mirror mode,' where players will have the Castle Brennenburg's layout turned upside down, giving them an entirely different gaming experience. DISCLAIMER: This application has nothing to do neither with Frictional Games nor their copyrighted content. It is a hobbyist project, and the players will have to own a legal copy of 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' before playing Sclerosis. Any texture, designs, sounds, and music utilized in the game are Frictional Games' property, except when mentioned otherwise. Sclerosis neither supports nor condones pirated versions of the game.
Castle Master TD

Build, plan, and battle in this strategic tower defense game where your choices shape your kingdom's destiny. Survive against relentless enemies.

Castle Master TDRebel Twins
Welcome to our dynamic tower defense gaming experience where you will fortify, strategize and conquer like a pro. As a master of your own castle, you will construct formidable structures, devise tactical defenses, and engage in epic battles against your persistent foes. Every decision you take will determine the destiny of your kingdom, so you must step up to the challenge, showcase your tactical skills, and make sure your castle endures against all adversities. Get ready for a test of power, strategy, and survival that will exceed your expectations. This game is not just an entertainment, it is a challenge where you will put all your strength and cunning to the test. With a range of structures, defenses, and battle strategies to choose from, you can unlock new features and improve your chances of success. Explore our well-crafted world, where every element is thoughtfully designed to complement your gaming experience. You will discover new challenges and obstacles along the way, as you fortify your castle and protect it from enemies. Join forces with other players and form alliances to achieve even greater victories. Prepare yourself for the most thrilling tower defense game, where your mastery of strategy and survival will determine your fate. Get ready to conquer the competition and become the ultimate champion with your impenetrable fortress. The fate of your kingdom is in your hands, fortify, strategize, and conquer now!
Wild Runners

Wild Runners is a multiplayer 3D running game with 12 animals, 24 power-ups, silly obstacles, 4 wild environments, and weekly missions.

Wild RunnersGames by Bump
Wild Runners is an exciting and groundbreaking multiplayer 3D running game that will keep you entertained for hours. With a wide variety of 12 eccentric and distinct animals to choose from, each with their own set of skills and abilities, you will be able to customize your gameplay and explore different strategies to win. Unlock over 24 incredible power-up cards, including boosts, shields, and invincibility, to give you an edge over your opponents. The game features fast-paced procedural racing with amusing obstacles and platforms that will challenge your running skills and keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore four wild environments with unique atmospheres, each with its own set of challenges and scenery to discover. Collect stars along the way to claim amazing rewards and unlock new content, allowing you to level up and personalize your gaming experience. Climb the trophy road and take on weekly missions to earn even more rewards and gain recognition for your achievements. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned gamer, Wild Runners has something for everyone. Join the race today and experience the excitement and thrills of this incredible game!
Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer

Compete in PVP battles, fight players worldwide for legendary hero position. Collect statues, monster cards and unique weapons. Earn money by cooking.

Moonlight Sculptor: DarkgamerXLGAMES CORP
Welcome to the world of Moonlight Sculptor: DarkGamer, where chaos unfolds in the absence of the great adventurer Weed. Take on the challenge to claim supremacy in Versailles and experience the original story inspired by the novel's setting. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience with nerve-wracking PVP battles between users to achieve your dream victory. Compete against players from all over the world for the legendary hero position and engage in a real sword battle. Create your own attack strategy with a variety of statues and monster cards that offer endless fun of collection and combination. Challenge the best character with a combination of homemade statues and rare monster cards to emerge victorious. Join your cute BUDDY and explore the world together while growing up with a different variety of weapons. Moreover, indulge in various activities like fishing and collecting items, cooking, and trading on the exchange to earn money. Embark on a journey of adventure and fantasy where every moment is rife with thrill! Follow us on Facebook and join us on Discord for more updates and exciting features of the game.
Recurrence Co-op

Intense and realistic tactical shooter game.

Recurrence Co-opSrioz
Get ready to experience the most authentic and immersive battlefield with this ultra-realistic tactical shooter game. Assemble your elite team and prepare for a highly strategic and intense combat where every move counts. With stunning graphics and lifelike animations, you will feel like you're actually on the battlefield. Choose your weapons wisely and plan your tactics carefully to outsmart your opponents. The game provides a truly realistic experience from the weapons to the terrain, giving you a genuine feel of being right in the thick of things. The game offers a range of different modes to suit your gaming style. From tactical missions to multiplayer battles, you will have endless opportunities to test your skills. Take on challenging scenarios where you will need to make split-second decisions that can mean the difference between success or failure. With its cutting-edge AI and physics, this game offers the most realistic combat simulation yet. Combat is not just about shooting but also about tactics, using cover and working as a team. This game will test your strategic thinking and tactical expertise. To put it simply, this realistic tactical shooter is unlike anything you have ever seen before. With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and unparalleled realism, it stands out as one of the greatest shooter game experiences of all time. Get ready to enter the battlefield and lead your team to victory!
Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug: Awakening is a retro-style side-scrolling action shooting mobile game with diverse gameplay, advanced vehicles, and epic Boss battles.

Metal Slug: AwakeningVNGGames InternationalRelease date: TBA
Metal Slug: Awakening, a new side-scrolling action shooting game licensed by SNK, has just been released for mobile gaming enthusiasts. The upgraded visuals of the game pay homage to its retro roots while introducing captivating and fresh art-style. The game offers a visually pleasing gameplay experience and copious content that includes a vast array of weapons, various super-vehicles, and diverse battlefields. The game has exciting new features such as world exploration, teaming up with friends in 3-player mode, Roguelike-style gameplay, all while preserving the classical elements of the original Metal Slug game. The game also restores multiple iconic maps of the IP, including the nostalgic pyramid, desert, mine, and many more. Metal Slug: Awakening has plenty of features that will certainly fulfill the anticipation of gamers across generations. The game is the ultimate transformation of the original Metal Slug game, which includes heart-pounding gameplay levels, iconic characters, formidable bosses, and super vehicles. Moreover, the game brings back many nostalgic elements, such as the Fat Marco and Mummies, while its true essence is still meticulously preserved. The game offers unique gameplay and challenges that provide an exhilarating side-scrolling adventure from the start of each mission to completion. Players can explore various locations, including the Desert Mine, Secretive Lab, Southend Rainforest, and many others. The game features new and advanced super vehicles, ranging from massive sky-rides to ground-breaking tanks and SV-camels. Players can personalize their combat abilities through these super vehicles and defeat powerful bosses. Players can unleash character-exclusive ultimate skills, wield unique advanced weapons, and upgrade their arsenal for epic Boss battles. The game features classical weapons such as the H, L, I gun series, flame-shot, blizzard, smashing boxing gun, and many more. Players can personalize their weapons and sweep through the battlefield with unstoppable firepower. The game offers surprises and Easter eggs that players can discover by rescuing the iconic Hyakutaro, who generously gives mysterious gifts and coins from time to time. Players can also find the very active Fat Marco, and there will always be surprises hidden in each Easter egg. Players can relive the joys and excitement of the arcade machine era as they rediscover all the iconic features that made Metal Slug a legendary classic. In summary, Metal Slug: Awakening is an action-packed game with diverse gameplay, fast-paced challenges, and fiery battlegrounds. The game allows players to team up with their friends, personalize their weapons and super vehicles, and defeat powerful bosses. The game's nostalgic elements and Easter eggs make it an engaging and exciting gameplay experience not to be missed.
Project: BloodStrike

Blood Strike: compact 100-player Battle Royale FPS with customizable weapons, parkour, respawns, and regular updates. Play on low-end mobile devices with limited storage.

Project: BloodStrikeNetEase GamesRelease date: Mar 24, 2024
Blood Strike is a Battle Royale mobile game with action-packed FPS that is specially optimized for low-end devices and limited storage. Access fully customizable weapons and engage in a fast-paced 100-player Battle Royale for a unique gaming experience. Adopt parkour moves and take advantage of parachuting, gliding, free running, and zip-lining to navigate the battlefield. Utilize unlimited respawns to turn the tide of battle in your favour. Can you outlast your opponents and be the last one standing? Enjoy ultra-realistic gunplay and exhilarating combat as you explore the warzone with all manner of acrobatic moves. You can squad up with an extensive roster of Strikers for an unforgettable Battle Royale experience. Each monthly update introduces new seasons, game modes, maps, events, and rewards for a fresh and exhilarating experience. Our dedicated team works to ensure that each new update surpasses expectations and provides the ultimate gaming experience. Create your personalized loadout and unlock unique attachments to create a custom style that fits your gameplay. You can even call for an airdrop to claim your distinct loadout and dominate the battlezone. The game offers endless possibilities, so you can mix and match an extensive range of Strikers to create a unique strategy that guarantees victory. You can revive fallen teammates and reignite the fight for an even more thrilling experience. With a compact size of just 560MB+, Blood Strike requires only a minimum of 2GB RAM, making it a seamless combat experience for everyone. As we finalize preparations for the global launch, the game will first be soft-launched in selected regions before becoming available worldwide. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to deliver a seamless gaming experience. Should you encounter any bugs or have suggestions/questions during the soft launch, contact us without hesitation. Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping us improve the game. Join us today to experience an action-packed shooter like no other. We can't wait to see you on the battlefield! Join our Discord server or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.
Spider Fighter 3

Play as Peter, the iconic spider hero, battle city gangs & villains, unlock new suits, and swing through iconic locations. An immersive and action-packed spider hero experience.

Spider Fighter 3Starplay DMCC
Are you prepared to transform into the ultimate spider protagonist and safeguard the city from devastation in the long-awaited movie game? As Peter Parker, get ready to embody the role of the legendary spider hero and defy notorious city mafia and malicious villains. This game offers an exhilarating hero action experience that allows players to employ their spider abilities to swing through the city streets, evade obstacles, and confront enemies in epic battles. The game comprises magnificent graphics and an immersive plot that brings the spider hero world to life in an unprecedented manner. Fans can explore the iconic movie and comic locations like Times Square and Oscorp and battle different villains. As you advance through the game, you will unlock new suits and abilities that come with their exceptional powers and features ranging from the classic suit to the enhanced iron suit. These powers will give you the energy to face any challenge thrown at you by the city gangs. The game's open-world sandbox mode offers limitless exploration opportunities, where you can swing across the city, complete side missions, attempt various challenges, and discover hidden collectibles. This feature provides an ideal way to escape from the main storyline and experience the city's essence. This game offers the ultimate spider protagonist experience; it is more than a mere game. Fans of the comics, movies, and action-packed games can become involved, affiliated with the legend and fight like a genuine superhero. With fascinating gameplay, stunning graphics, and an epic storyline — this is the ultimate opportunity to save the city as the ultimate spider hero. Download now and witness the journey of the most iconic spider hero of all time!
Rugby Nations 22

Rugby Nations 22 lets you create your own club, play as the women's team, with all new visuals and gameplay. Download for FREE now!

Rugby Nations 22Distinctive Games
Embrace the joys of Rugby with Rugby Nations 22. Smash every offensive line, push through every scrimmage and score every valuable point. With this game, you can experience the thrill of Rugby every day. So, let's get started! Rugby Nations 22 features numerous new gameplay upgrades, graphical enhancements, and significant changes to player training and development. These developments allow for a more in-depth level of customization of your Rugby team than ever before. For the very first time, Women's Rugby is represented on equal footing with Men's Rugby in this game. A complete visual revamp has all players and stadiums recreated in minute detail. The result is an amazing-looking Rugby game with fantastic gameplay, which offers a unique and exciting challenge to Rugby Union aficionados worldwide. Download Rugby Nations 22 today and create your own Rugby Club. You can collect and build a crew of legendary players. Then, compete against some of the best teams globally, climb up the ranks, and win the grand prize. With over 2.7 million women and girls playing Women's Rugby worldwide, it's clear that no Rugby game would be complete without its inclusion. Rugby Nations 22 offers Women's Rugby in its entirety, making it more comprehensive than any other Rugby game in existence. Revitalized player visuals and brand-new motions added to the game brings it closer to reality. Along with this, detailed stadium environments bring life and grandeur to each match. Whether you're playing under a sunny sky down under, a rainy night in England, or a twilight match in New Zealand, every detail is authentic and stunningly presented. The revamped Ruck, Maul, Scrum, and Lineout gameplay gives the player full control of the situations during the match. There are also unique player attributes that give each player an extra touch of class and a variety of gameplay options. The game comes complete with Women's Rugby, new visuals for both male and female players, twelve stunningly recreated stadium environments, and a significantly improved gameplay experience. Additionally, the game features new Ruck, Scrum, Maul, and Lineout mini-games, enhanced stadium crowd display, refereeing, and match linesmen. Please note that the game is free-to-play, but there are optional in-app purchases that can be purchased with real money. Stay connected with Rugby Nations 22 through our website, social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Experience the game's thrill, excitement and adrenaline rush in this ultimate virtual Rugby experience. Play Rugby Nations 22 today!
Super Baseball League

Real-time PVP baseball game with mind games, strong AI defenders, and club communication. Multiple modes, including Super and World leagues, plus optional in-app purchases.

Super Baseball LeagueHAEGIN Co., Ltd.
Get ready for some heart-pumping action with Super Baseball League! In this fast-paced game, you'll battle players from around the globe in thrilling 1vs1 PVP matches. With just one shot to lose or win, the stakes are high and the pressure is on. Experience the essence of baseball with Touch & Release, where you'll get to engage in mind games with opponents big and small. Pitch wild and trust your strong AI defenders for easy defense. Choose from multiple game modes, including SUPER LEAGUE where you'll face off against players worldwide. In WORLD LEAGUE, you can dispatch players and earn rewards. SITUATIONAL DRILLS present new challenges every day, and MEMORY FRAGMENTS offer a chance to write your team's legacy. Build your own premier club by creating a team of unique, talented players. Use your experience from matches to grow stronger and become the top contender in the league. Super Baseball League is the ultimate proving grounds for baseball fans all around the world. Join a club to communicate with fellow fans, and enter a baseball showdown between the best aces in Confrontation mode. Remember that the use of illegal programs, modified apps, and unauthorized methods may result in service restrictions, account removal, and compensation for damages. For game-related questions, contact Although Super Baseball League is free to play, there are optional in-app purchases that may result in charges. Refunds may be limited depending on circumstance, so read the Terms of Service available in the game. To provide you with the best game experience, the app will ask for permission to access files, media, photos, and your phone's state. You can revoke these permissions manually or by upgrading your OS to Android 6.0 or higher, but doing so may prevent you from accessing the game and its resources.

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