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TahshinTahshinfrom Skich app
Doomsday: Shooting Zombies

Doomsday: Shooting Zombies is a thrilling offline survival game where players must use an arsenal of diverse weapons to protect friends and towns from zombies and mutant beasts in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Doomsday: Shooting ZombiesIGGgame
Prepare yourselves to face the perilous walking zombies in this thrilling doomsday-themed shooting game - Doomsday: Shooting Zombies. As you delve into a world destroyed by a devastating biochemical crisis, you must protect your town and friends from zombies and aliens. Get ready to shoot some zombies and save the world! With the God's perspective gameplay, choose from various weapons such as snipers, shotguns, submachine guns, and heavy machine guns to defend against the zombie attacks. Choose your armor and weapons including distinct skins and classes for the weapons. Blast through the zombies with powerful firearms and rockets, and revel in the unparalleled shooting experience. In this game, each character has unique skills and specializations to confront different crisis scenarios. Strive to upgrade and unlock exclusive attributes and talents. Collect and wear enhanced bulletproof coats and helmets to survive longer against the zombie army. With your team members' support, medical treatments, and UAV support, you can break through the tight encirclement. This offline survival shooter game boasts a myriad of exciting features, including exclusive weapon systems and equipment with different levels and attributes. Additionally, you can complete daily tasks and achievements to further enhance your characters' abilities. Immerse into a world packed with gruesome zombies, spooky beasts in the eerie wasteland, and the abandoned streets with real HD video coverage. Automatically earn unlimited pleasure, clearing each level as you survive the ruthless zombie apocalypse. Doomsday: Shooting Zombies is an electrifying action-packed shooting game with incredible zombie graphics and animations, which will keep you engaged throughout the game. With your superior survival skills and outstanding gun tactics, slay the zombies everywhere, in dilapidated factories, and abandoned streets. Your mission is to survive and defend the world in battle!
The Survival Days: Zombie Game

Survivor Days is an immersive, exciting zombie shooting game with aggressive zombies, powerful weapons, and a 300-day survival challenge.

The Survival Days: Zombie GameZant Games
Looking for a thrilling zombie game that will send shivers down your spine? You've landed in the right place! The TPS zombie game we offer is the most exhilarating zombie shooting game you'll ever come across. It's a spine-chilling game that allows you to have an engaging experience battling the blood-thirsty zombies, with the hope of surviving until the last day of the game. All of this excitement will be centered around an engaging storyline that's bound to keep you hooked. Get ready for an immersive experience where fighting those vicious zombies becomes your sole priority as you summon all your strength to eliminate them. The Survivor Days has impressive features that set it apart, such as uniquely aggressive zombies who require high-powered bullets to bring them down, and specialized grenades to finish the job. And there's so much more that's waiting for you to discover as you delve into the game. It's a game that will keep you glued to your screen with its exceptional graphics, sound effects, and gameplay. In contrast to other zombie games, The Survivor Days offers an expansive experience that will have you playing for 300 days to finish this epic game. You'll have to muster all your survival instincts, master your zombie-slaying skills and develop strategies that will help keep you alive as the relentless zombies close in. Don't forget to follow our game page on social media. We would be thrilled to have you aboard as we share exciting updates about The Survivor Days game on our Facebook and Instagram handles. Join us today and don't miss out on the action! ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram:
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The Last Days

The Last DaysBairam Aslan
Doom Days: Fire Shooter

Survive the zombie apocalypse in this thrilling FPS game with diverse weapons, strategy planning, and creative tactics to exterminate the zombie hordes.

Doom Days: Fire ShooterVNG GAME STUDIOS
Prepare yourself for the arrival of the latest and greatest zombie game. Brace yourself for intense First Person Shooter (FPS) action and do everything in your power to survive the undead onslaught! Create clever strategies to fight in various battles. Join forces and save humanity's future from this apocalyptic undead peril that no other zombie shooting game can replicate. Experience in-depth campaigns of interwoven storylines and take control of thrilling gaming conflicts that provide more immersive gameplay than any other zombie shooting game has before. Get access to a variety of gun weaponry, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages to take out the enemy. No other FPS zombie game can boast as many exclusive weapons to choose from. Think outside the box to take down hordes of zombies creatively. Expect all the horrific action and excitement you can handle in this top-notch zombie FPS shooter! There are only a few of us left; your support could make the difference between life and death. Use either the touchpad or an improved virtual joystick, depending on your preference. The best zombie game ever comes with incredible FPS controls. Choose from a range of melee weapons like wrenches, bats, hammers, swords, machetes, katanas, and chainsaws! You won't find as many crude weapons in any other zombie game! Use powerful shotguns, rocket launchers, miniguns, rifles, pistols, as well as experimental weapons. It's a first-person shooter game, and we know how to create killer gameplay! Have fun and make use of deadly devices, such as turrets, mines and on occasion, even lethal chickens! The best zombie games feature brand-new weekly tournaments held in stunning arenas. Stylishly annihilate zombies. You are now in a world driven by the apocalypse, and your battleground is one of the many zombie shooting apocalypse legends. You have two choices, to headshot your way out like a heroic survivor or run from every zombie that comes your way. Get ready to pull the trigger, engage in army shooting, and eliminate zombie royals in this outstanding war gun game. Prepare for action!
My Talking Tom

Talk to and play with virtual cat, collect items, explore locations, and play mini-games in this adventure-filled app.

My Talking TomOutfit7 Limited
Talking Tom is a playful cat that will make every day an exciting adventure. This virtual pet will be your cute companion and you'll make sure to keep him happy while exploring his world. The most amazing feature of Talking Tom is that he can talk and mimic your words. You can also collect fashion and furniture items, and play mini-games that will add action, adventure, and fun to your experience. You'll be able to travel to different destinations and fill your photo albums with memories. There's always something new to discover and enjoy in Talking Tom's world. This app is developed by Outfit7, known for other popular games such as My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Tom Friends, My Talking Angela 2, and My Talking Angela. While enjoying this game, users will be exposed to promotions of Outfit7 products and advertising. You can also personalize content to encourage you to keep playing, and enjoy YouTube integration to watch videos of Outfit7's animated characters. In-app purchases are available, and you can subscribe to access more great features of the game. There are also virtual currency options for purchasing items with different prices depending on your progress. However, you can access all of the app's functionalities without making any in-app purchases using real money. Bear in mind that the app has terms of use that you should read before playing and that there are different privacy policies depending on the region you're in. If you need assistance, there is customer support available via email. Overall, Talking Tom is a great virtual pet game that will provide endless hours of entertainment and fun for all ages!
Botworld Adventure

Explore Botworld to collect rare scrap and discover new bots. Battle using unique strategic system. Collect, customize, choose species and create/join guilds.

Botworld AdventureFeatherweight
Looking for an adventure in a web browser-based game? Look no further because Botworld is the game for you. This open world game offers a huge and diverse environment that you can freely explore. Go out and discover the world with your team of bots while collecting rare scrap and meeting interesting characters along the way. Make sure to keep a strong team, for Botworld is full of surprises. Get ready to face off with your foes with the unique strategic battle system. Watch your bots use their advanced AI in charging, stunning or blasting around the arena while you choose the perfect abilities to outsmart your enemies. With each bot having unique abilities and a powerful ultimate, combining it with your favourite player abilities will surely yield maximum effect. Discover, build, and collect rare and powerful bots to build your ultimate team. Search the world for new bot recipes and collect rare scrap to build and upgrade your bots. You can even customize their powers and abilities as they level up and become stronger. You can select from four animal species; cats, dogs, buffalo, and lizards and choose a unique look to add your personality to the character. Choose your appearance and become fully immersed in the world of Botworld while playing as your favorite species. Finally, Botworld offers guilds where botmasters can collaborate and go on quests together. You can join existing guilds or create your own, allowing you to share strategies and discoveries through the guild text chat. Taking on these guild-exclusive events with your crew will let you score unique scrap and outfits. Enter the world of Botworld now and start your adventure.

In Undawn, survive a post-apocalyptic world filled with infected and other humans in an expansive open world. Explore, rebuild, arm yourself, and squad up to fight for survival.

UndawnLevel Infinite
Undawn is an open-world, survival RPG available for free on mobile and PC, created by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. The game takes place four years after a worldwide disaster, where the planet is ruled by infected creatures. In this PvP and PvE game, players must face both the infected and other human factions to survive in an apocalyptic wasteland. The vast open world of Undawn boasts an impressive level of detail, made using Unreal Engine 4 and is designed to challenge players to overcome the elements and keep themselves alive. Players must pay attention to their hunger, body type, vigor, health, hydration, and even mood. The environment will also have an impact on these characters’ survival indicators. Undawn offers players the flexibility to customize their character's appearance and outfit with a plethora of choices. Players can interact with others to trade weapons and resources, fight for their resources, and protect their home and allies. Players must learn to craft tools, build their shelter, and use different weapons to survive as they explore the distinct terrains of the world, each with different ecosystems. Players should remember that they can encounter the infected at any point, an enemy that can result in the end of their character's existence. Players can also discover special game modes through environmental items, embattled strongholds, and dynamic weekly events and side quests. Players can also rebuild their world by creating their base of operations. The free building system holds over 1000 types and styles of furniture and structures, providing players with everything they need to make their settlement grow. Players can search for other outposts, form alliances and fight together against the infected. Players can squad up with other survivors as part of the Raven Squad, living each day and night between the two meanings of the raven-symbol of death and bad omens, or insight and prophecies. There are different factions in the new world to fight against, each with its own rules of survival. Players must always protect their home and allies from all odds with various weapons and armor. Besides regular weapons, players can use melee weapons, drones, decoy bombs, auto turrets, and more to level the playing field. Players can also pick from over 50 types of vehicles, tailored-to-environment tactics, and dominate different infected zones found throughout the game.
Football Strike

Customize your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items, take on friends in multiplayer, and conquer an extensive Career Mode in Football Strike.

Experience the ultimate soccer multiplayer action in free-kick face-offs against your friends or set out on a quest for glory in Career Mode! Liberate your imagination as you customize your striker and goalkeeper with a variety of unlockable items, flaunting your unique style and team’s colours! Explore Career mode that takes you through various splendid stadiums worldwide and challenges you with distinctive soccer tasks, enabling you to attain medals! Football Strike offers a fast and uncomplicated gaming experience that provides you with an infinite amount of competitive soccer amusement! EXCEPTIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: • Test your shooting skills and stun your adversaries with exceptional saves, all done with the flicking of your finger! • Compete against your friends or take on players from across the globe! • Become your beloved team and play as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, and many others! • Triumph over a vast Career Mode to achieve medals! • Boost your player and gear to take on the world's global top players! • High-speed and thrilling gameplay that guarantees there is always something happening! -- Get the Football Strike by Miniclip NOW! -- Playing this game requires an internet connection Stay updated with the latest news: Don’t forget to like Miniclip: Follow us on Twitter: ------------------------------------ For more information about Miniclip, visit: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: PRIVACY POLICY:
Angry Birds 2

Join the Angry Birds adventure with hundreds of levels, daily challenges, silly hats, and multiplayer. Download now for free!

Angry Birds 2Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Join millions of players for free and embark on a thrilling slingshot adventure! Collaborate with your pals, climb the ranking system, create clans, obtain caps, take on obstacles, and participate in entertaining events featuring brand new game modes. Develop your squad, demonstrate your abilities, and showcase your gaming expertise in this captivating rendition of the popular Angry Birds game! Get to know the iconic characters of Angry Birds and indulge in the enjoyable gameplay that has captivated hearts and minds worldwide. Key Features: ● DAILY CHALLENGES. Have a few minutes to spare? Take part in daily challenges and receive quick rewards. ● LEVEL UP your heroes with feathers, increasing their scoring potential. Build the ultimate flock and reign supreme! ● JOIN A CLAN and work together with players from all corners of the world to take down pesky pigs. ● COMPETE in the ARENA for some friendly bird-flinging fun, and demonstrate your gaming prowess by proving yourself as the best. ● COLLECT SILLY HATS to level up your flock's fashion game, and take part in unique events that are held at specific intervals. ● IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE by undertaking exclusive challenges in Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp, and earn coins in his exclusive shop. ● LOTS OF LEVELS. Play through numerous levels, with more being added on a regular basis in addition to limited-time events. ● LEADERBOARDS. Compete with your friends and other players and prove your mettle on global leaderboards. ● CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Take your pick from a range of birds to put in the slingshot and bring down those pigs using your skills and strategy. ● MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Take on fun and challenging levels with multiple stages – just make sure to be on the lookout for Boss Pigs! ● FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded and played for free, although there are optional in-app purchases available. --- When playing this game, Rovio has promised to offset the carbon footprint caused by the device's energy consumption. This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites intended for users over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can lead players outside of the game, with the potential to browse to any webpage. - Advertising for Rovio products and third-party products. While some features are available offline, internet connectivity may be required for certain features, and standard data transfer charges will apply. Please note that, on first launching the game, there will be a one-time download of additional content that cannot be completed while offline. We may periodically update the game, with examples including the addition of new features or content, or the fixing of bugs and other technical issues. Please note that the game may not function efficiently if you do not have the most recent version installed. If you fail to install the latest update, Rovio will not be held liable for malfunctions or other failures of the game to function as expected. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

Join a global community, unleash your imagination, and immerse yourself in unique experiences. Roblox: be anything, together.

RobloxRoblox Corporation
Roblox is the ultimate virtual world that offers the freedom to create, share and explore various experiences with friends while unleashing your imagination. It is a platform with an endless array of immersive experiences developed collectively by a global community, which means there is no shortage of entertainment. Already have an account? Access the infinite metaverse of Roblox and explore intriguing possibilities with your existing Roblox account. INFINITE EXPERIENCES Whether you want to go on a thrilling adventure, compete with opponents worldwide, or simply relax and converse with your online friends; Roblox's vast library of user-generated games will keep you occupied and excited every day. EXPLORE TOGETHER, ANYTIME, AND ANYWHERE Roblox's cross-platform feature facilitates seamless exploration, allowing you to join your friends and millions of other players from various devices such as computers, mobile phones, Xbox One, or VR headsets. EXPRESS YOURSELF AND BE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE Express your uniqueness and creativity by customizing your avatar with an incredible collection of hats, shirts, faces, gear, and more. The constantly evolving catalog of items offers limitless possibilities to create any look you desire. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY Connect and hangout with friends all over the world via the chat feature, private messages, and groups! CREATE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES Unleash your imagination and build your own game using Roblox's development tools, bringing your ideas to life and sharing them with the world. For support, privacy policy, parents' guide, or terms of use, please visit the respective links provided on the website. REMINDER: Roblox requires a network connection, and Wi-Fi is the preferred mode of access.
Garena Free Fire

Free Fire introduces Zombie Hunt mode, reworked Peak and Target Range, new character Suzy, and fast-paced Clash Squad mode. Survive against 49 players for the apex victory.

Garena Free FireGarena
The game you always loved is back with a bang, with even more challenges than before. Zombie Hunt Returns is a PvE mode that features a new map, a variety of talents, and more undead enemies that you must face. Assemble your team, and set on a thrilling adventure! If you thought Bermuda was already iconic, the Reworked Peak will surprise you. Now rebuilt, it has become a fighting pit for the Clash Squad mode. Be prepared for intense battles! A new character, Suzy, has been introduced in the game. She is a bounty assassin that rewards you with extra in-match currency for eliminating enemies. Being a bounty hunter has never been more thrilling! The Target Range in Training Grounds has undergone a significant upgrade. The target panels are replaced with realistic human-form targets, whose movement speed and distance can be customized. This reworked feature will surely improve your training. Free Fire is a world-renowned survival shooter game that you can play on mobile. Each play session lasts ten minutes, and you fight against 49 other players on a remote island, where your ultimate goal is to survive. The game offers you absolute freedom in choosing your starting point and exploring the vast map. You can hide or become invisible by prone under grass, rifts, or drive vehicles. Ambush, snipe, and survive—your sole objective is to stay alive. Free Fire continues to offer the original survival shooter experience, which includes seeking weapons, staying in the play zone, looting your enemies, and becoming the last survivor. You can go for legendary airdrops and gain an advantage over your rivals while avoiding airstrikes. This fast and Lite gameplay allows a new survivor to emerge in ten minutes, and the graphics are realistic and smooth. You can create a squad of up to four players, communicate with the in-game voice chat feature, and lead your friends to the apex of victory. If you are looking for something different, try the Clash Squad mode that pits you against another fast-paced 4v4 game mode. You must manage your economy, purchase weapons, and defeat the enemy squad to emerge victorious. Free Fire offers an easy-to-use control system and stunning graphics that provide the ultimate survival experience on mobile. If you feel like becoming a legend, Free Fire offers every chance to help you achieve that feat. Contact Customer Service if you need any assistance.

Renovate a mansion by solving match-3 puzzles and unleash your designer skills with thousands of possibilities. Homescapes: turn your dream house into reality!

Step into the heartwarming world of Homescapes, a game from the Scapes™ series by Playrix. Embark on an exciting adventure to restore a magnificent mansion nestled in a lush green street by solving match-3 puzzles. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and yours starts at the doorstep of the mansion. Unlock new chapters of a compelling family story by completing colorful match-3 levels that require you to renovate and decorate different areas of the mansion. From kitchens to hallways to orangeries, the game gives you unlimited design options, allowing you to create a customized atmosphere that reflects your sense of beauty and style. Help Austin, the game's main character, in his mission to renovate the house by skillfully swapping and matching pieces. With tons of unique boosters and explosive combinations, the game offers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience that will keep you engaged for hours. Get the opportunity to discover all the secrets that the huge, beautiful mansion holds, and interact with fantastic characters that will connect with you on a deeply emotional level. The game's in-game social network allows them to live their lives just like humans, adding a new layer of realism to the game. Meet а naughty and fluffy cat and invite your Facebook friends to assist you in creating your dream house. With thousands of design options, the game gives you maximum freedom to explore your creativity, change designs anytime you want, and create a cozy atmosphere that's unique to you. The game is free to play, although some in-game items can be purchased with real money. However, if you prefer not to use this option, you can easily turn it off in the restrictions menu of your device. Experience the joy and beauty of Homescapes and learn more about the game on the official Facebook and Instagram pages. For any inquiries, contact the Tech Support team by sending an email to or check the dedicated Web Support Portal. Don't worry about your privacy; Playrix has a strict Privacy Policy that protects all your data. Join the millions of players already enjoying Homescapes and create your own story today!

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