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The Silent Age

Travel through time to a dystopian future with The Silent Age, an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game with mind-bending puzzles and an eerie soundtrack.

The Silent AgeHouse on Fire

Dive into a tale of adventure and excitement in The Silent Age, where you'll discover a somber future where mankind has disappeared. Travel through time and experience two starkly different eras: the iconic 70's and a desolate present day gripped by eerie silence. Brace yourself for an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game, featuring stylized visuals and a haunting soundtrack that will leave you breathless as you uncover the mysteries within.

Dwarf Journey

In Dwarf Journey, journey through randomly generated levels while facing bosses and collecting minerals to forge better equipment on your quest for immortality.

Dwarf JourneyOrube Game Studio

In Dwarf Journey, you'll embark on an unforgettable adventure in a randomly generated, action-packed, rogue-lite platform game. As the valiant warrior Gallar, you seek immortality after a close encounter with death. Discover the mystical cave in the Valley of Eternity where the relic of eternal life is said to be hidden. Gallar sets out on his journey armed with his trusted ax and pickaxe but is well aware that his quest may cost him his life.

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JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword

In JackQuest, rescue your kidnapped love and explore Korg's lair full of puzzles and subterranean foes. Upgrade weapons and abilities to defeat new bosses.

JackQuest: The Tale of the SwordCrescent Moon Games

In JackQuest, you'll join Jack on an adventure to rescue his love Nara who was taken by the evil orc, Korg. As Jack ventures into Korg's underground base, he comes across an unusual blade that becomes his ally in rescuing Nara. The game is set in a dark, slime-filled labyrinth, and you'll have to solve various environmental puzzles, collect weapons, and defeat subterranean enemies, including bosses.

The Legend of Tianding

Play as Taiwan's legendary outlaw Liao Tianding, fight the Japanese authorities with kung fu techniques and explore Taipei city in the early 1900s.

The Legend of TiandingAnother Indie

Meet Liao Tianding, a hero of early 20th century Taipei who is wanted by Colonial Japanese authorities for standing up against injustice. Live the legend in The Legend of Tianding game, an action-packed adventure that takes you back to the Dadaocheng area of Taipei as it was in the early 1900s, offering an authentic traditional Chinese Manga experience. Join Liao Tianding on his epic journey to rob the rich, feed the poor, and fight for justice on the streets of Taipei. Face off against the colonial authorities in stunning Kung Fu combat, armed with weapons such as the tanto and the waist sash. Execute advanced aerial combos, steal your enemies' weapons, and use your grappling hook to soar around the battlefield and strike fear into your oppressors' hearts. Prepare to take on incredible bosses that will challenge your skills and abilities, including dangerous courtesans, greedy businessmen, and even military leaders. Explore the vibrant, colorful streets of Dadaocheng, board a speeding train, and escape through the dark sewers in retro Traditional Chinese Manga style. Experience incredible kung fu action, from the soaring dragon to the one-inch punch. Collect powerful Talismans and Four Color Cards to unlock new strategies and gain an edge over your enemies. Compare your score and compete with your friends on the online leaderboards. In Boss Rush mode, face off against Tianding's rogue's gallery, testing your strength and skills against a relentless wave of foes. If you prefer to play with a controller or touchscreen, the game supports both. Plus, with Ultrawide monitor support, you'll get the most out of your screen while battling your opponents with full precision. Join the fight against injustice and see for yourself why Liao Tianding is Taipei's real-life "Robin Hood".

Legend of Keepers

Lead the Dungeons Company as a dungeon manager, hire monsters and build traps to protect your treasures from heroes. Diversify your management styles!

Legend of KeepersPlaydigious

Get this premium game at a discounted 30% launch price! Legend of Keepers is a game that does not have micro-transactions but is going to have big content DLCs in the future. Ever had the aspiration of becoming the antagonistic character of the story? Well, this game offers you an opportunity to do just that. Take up the challenge and become the new Boss of Dungeons Company and save their treasures!

Legend of the Skyfish

Legend of the Skyfish is an adventure puzzle game where you use a fishing pole as your weapon and tool to defeat monstrous enemies and solve intricate puzzles.

Legend of the SkyfishCrescent Moon Games

Experience a captivating adventure with a refreshing new weapon in Legend of the Skyfish. This action-packed and visually stunning puzzle game features a fishing pole that doubles as a tool for combat and traversal.

Legend of the Skyfish 2

Use your Combat Fishing Pole as a weapon and grappling hook to defeat abyssal creatures in this unique adventure with intricate combat and epic boss fights.

Legend of the Skyfish 2Crescent Moon Games

Little Red Hook, the revered hero who defeated the fearsome Skyfish, the Lord of the Deep Seas, has been gone for a century. The era of peace is at risk once again, and as the final Red Hook guardians, you and your master wield the unique Combat Fishing Pole to combat the emerging threat. Discover a gripping storyline and confront a host of interesting characters and sly obstacles as you wander around an impressive 2.5D world. You'll explore beautiful lands and perplexing labyrinths while battling gloomy abyssal creatures. With an unusual grappling hook, you'll experience a new level of gaming with the mechanics. As you get further, you'll gather different lure types to disorient and slay your enemies from afar, adding to the complex combat system with three weapon choices: a sword, a hammer, or a scythe. Meanwhile, the epic boss fights will keep your heart racing. The town's smiths will offer you materials to construct your items and armor so that you can encounter larger and more difficult enemies in the game. The game also has iCloud and controller compatibility, making it quick to pick up and play at any moment without having to start from the beginning. The Difficulty setting is set for the young to the old. With Game Center achievements to track your progress, this game offers hours of fun.


Create and share your own customizable platform levels and robots for the Bureau of Shipping in Levelhead from the creators of Crashlands.

LevelheadButterscotch Shenanigans

Indulge in the 2D Platformer Maker, created by the eminent studio that brought you Crashlands!

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

Team up with your favorite YouTubers, collect coins, beat bosses, and save your fans in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist - a 2D platformer without in-app purchases.

PewDiePie: Legend of the BrofistOuterminds Inc.

Are you ready to embark on an amazing adventure alongside your favorite YouTubers? Look no further than PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist! This incredible 2D platformer is a carefully crafted game that draws on historic gaming elements, and it emphasizes player skills over in-app purchases.

Thomas Was Alone

Unravel Thomas' existence and emotional journey through award-winning platform gameplay. Enjoy the BAFTA-winning story, plus a free level pack.

Thomas Was AloneBossa Studios Ltd

Thomas, a curious rectangular being, invites you to discover the secrets of his existence in a wonderfully bizarre world. With 100 levels of award-winning platform gameplay, immerse yourself in an emotional story narrated by the one and only Danny Wallace. Thomas Was Alone is the proud recipient of the 2015 Pocket Gamer Awards Nominee for Android Game of the Year and the 2013 BAFTA award-winner for Performance-Narrator, with nominations for Story and Original Score. “An emotional journey filled with narcissism and jealousy awaits you across the game's gaps and hazards," says The New York Times, while The Guardian praises the "sumptuous visuals and an engaging story." Destructoid calls it "a winning piece of minimalist game design that manages to do a lot with a little," giving it a 9/10 rating. The Official Playstation Magazine gives it 8/10, applauding it as "a game story worth telling." Thomas Was Alone proves that a game with a good hook, an engaging vision, and a lot of heart can create a story worth telling without needing tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of staff. Explore the game's immersive journey, with its minimalist design documenting friendship and jumping. The story, narrated by Danny Wallace, captivates the player with its award-winning narrative and emotionally-driven storyline. The game also features a FREE ‘Benjamin’s Flight’ level pack, with 20 additional levels to keep you engaged with young Benjamin, who goes off to search for the Fountain of Wisdom with the help of his father's incredible invention. Thomas Was Alone is available on all Android phones and tablets. Join the community of fans on the Facebook page: You can also chat with us on Twitter: @bossastudios. If you find any bugs, please let us know at We promise to read all your messages, although we may not respond to every one.

Vulture Island

Explore, collect, solve puzzles, and battle bosses on the non-linear and non-destructive platform adventure of Vulture Island.

Vulture IslandDonut Games

Vulture Island is the ultimate gaming experience for those who like to explore and discover. This platform-adventure game revolves around exploration and will appeal to your curiosity, unlike the usual games that focus solely on high scores and end-of-level rush. Instead, you are given the opportunity to investigate the open-world environment, which includes caves, pirate ships, temples, swamps, etc. As you explore, you must solve puzzles, collect objects, and interact with NPCs while immersed in the mechanics of platform gaming that we have all come to love since the era of 8-bit computers and consoles. The game has earned the prestigious Pocket Gamer Gold Award. In Vulture Island, Benjamin creates a magnificent flying machine to travel the world with his pals. However, things take a wrong turn during one of their first flight sessions, forcing the youngsters to parachute to the ground for survival. After a long swim, Alex, Paul, and Stella were stranded on a remote island without a trace of Benjamin. Vulture Island's features include non-linear gameplay that enables you to explore various sections of the island freely. Additionally, the non-destructive gameplay feature ensures that you're not starting from scratch every time you fail, but instead go back to the overview map. You may interact with characters and exchange tools, and the collectibles go into your inventory to solve puzzles, fight bosses and enemies while exploring, and help each other along the way. Vulture Island is an adventure that awaits anyone looking for a thrilling gaming experience that deviates from the norm. Exploring the island and discovering its secrets has never been more rewarding. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

Play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy in the faithful remake of the original 2003 game. Thwart Plankton's evil plan and save Bikini Bottom!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - RehydratedHandyGames

Ahoy, mateys! Join SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy on their quest to stop Plankton's villainous scheme to rule over Bikini Bottom with his band of mischievous robots. Are you up to the challenge? Get ready to jump, bubble blast, and even bungee swing your way to saving the day!

Mechanic Escape

Escape the ruthless machines and save your friends in this hardcore, platform game. Dodge deadly traps, fight bosses, and defy your reflexes in 80 levels.

Mechanic EscapePlaydigious

In a world where machines have taken over, a group of resilient TVs in a stronghold stand up against the persecution. You find yourself alone and in need of resources, prompting you to take action and reunite with your lost comrades in a battle against extinction.


Transistor: Action RPG by creators of Bastion. Wield an unknown weapon, fight through futuristic city & configure the weapon with thousands of function combinations.

TransistorSupergiant Games, LLC

Selected as the Best of 2015 in App Store, the creators of Bastion bring you an incredible science-fiction action RPG, Transistor. You are given an exceptional weapon that has an unknown origin, and you fight through a breathtaking futuristic city. The game is designed for touch. With its vibrant display and profound combat mechanics, Transistor has an intuitive touch interface. However, you can switch to Classic Controls, and you can use a gamepad as well. Strategic planning is the key to success. Plan your moves, think before you act; everything you do counts. Transistor allows you to experience a fast-paced action game with thoughtful planning. Configure the dominant Transistor with thousands of possible Functions to beat any obstacle that comes in your way. You can personalize your experience with various combinations to suit your playstyle. Moreover, you can delve deeper into the story and piece together the Transistor's mysteries as you chase its former owners. The game provides a rich and atmospheric story that you can explore. The Recursion option brings an all-new level of combat experience after completing the story. It gives you infinitely recurring battles to experience. Transistor is a universal app that you can enjoy on any of your Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, and the new Apple TV. You can save your progress through iCloud as well. Transistor features voice-over in English, and textual subtitles in various languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese, based on your language settings. Experience the game's full potential with the language of your choice.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Play as a turnip in this hilarious adventure filled with puzzles, enemies, and tax evasion. Battle massive bosses and grow plants to pay back your debt.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionPID Games

Get ready to embark on a side-splitting adventure brimming with action, brainteasers, and avoidance of tax obligations. Interact with cute, talking fruits and vegetables while also battling fierce animal bosses and countless adversaries in exhilarating dungeons. Lead an adorable turnip, who is, unfortunately, a total troublemaker in society. After being expelled from your home due to unpaid taxes, embark on an epic venture to repay your substantial debts to the onion mayor. As you journey through the game, discover what is spoliating the garden community and stand up to dismantle the corrupt vegetable government. Get immersed in a heart-racing, solitary excursion filled with tax dodging, petty wrongdoings, and much more. Jump into dungeons packed with mazes, challenges, enemies, and precious treasures. Fight colossal beasts that terrorize the garden community. Sow crops and harvest plants to support your quest. Meet a varied cast of eccentric food-based characters, each with their own storylines and dilemmas. Tear apart heaps of tax-related papers that erase your trail, catapulting you towards potentially destroying the corrupt administration. Earn a collection of hats and alternate between them as you please. Work towards multiple conclusions based on how you commit tax evasion. Enjoy a thorough account of the game's world, detailing how it became what it is today. Note that the full game's purchase is necessary to obtain unrestricted access to the game content. Only the trial version will be free. © 2021 Snoozy Kazoo ©2022 Graffiti Games and Plug In Digital.

Night in the Woods

Explore a changing hometown, reconnect with old friends, and uncover strange mysteries in Night in the Woods.

Night in the WoodsFinji

Mae Borowski, a college dropout, has returned to her dilapidated hometown, Possum Springs, hoping to rekindle her mundane existence and reunite with her old pals. However, her expectations are shattered as she realizes that everything has transformed. The passage of time has brought changes not only to her friends but her home too. The autumn breeze is brisk, and as the daylight disappears, peculiar events begin to occur. A spooky atmosphere looms, and the woods hold something mysterious. Get ready to immerse yourself in Mae's journey through her hometown and the creepy unknown. NIGHT IN THE WOODS offers players an unforgettable adventure that revolves around exploration, an engaging plot, and remarkable characters. The game provides numerous personalities to encounter and loads to explore in an effervescent and lively world. Leave a trail of destruction, pluck a bass, chill, saunter along high wires, jump from roof to roof, and uncover astonishing, supernatural, and bleak discoveries that will change everything. Return home and while away your life in Possum Springs.

Dead Cells

Explore, fight and die again in the sprawling castle of Dead Cells, now also on mobile devices, with new boss rush and DLC modes.

Dead CellsPlaydigious

In Dead Cells, the end is just the beginning. As a failed experiment, you'll explore a vast, ever-changing castle in search of answers on a haunting island. Fighting your way through countless minions and bosses, you'll need to master the game's dynamic 2D combat with a wide array of weapons and skills. Kill, die, learn, and repeat is the name of the game here. Available on PC, consoles, and now mobile, Dead Cells offers a roguevania-style experience that blends the excitement of permadeath with the replayability of a rogue-lite. With nonlinear progression, you'll unlock new levels with each death, allowing you to opt for the path that fits your current build, playstyle, or mood. Will you meticulously explore every nook and cranny of the castle, or dash straight to the end? New updates bring even more adventure. Boss Rush Mode offers an alternate way to play in which you'll fight your favorite bosses back to back. Everyone is Here Vol. 2 spices up your runs with six new outfits, weapons, and lore rooms based on indie game favorites. Items from titles such as Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, and Slay the Spire await! The BAD SEED DLC offers two new levels to explore, pitiless new monsters to demolish, and fresh armaments to wield against the terrifying Mama Tick. FATAL FALLS DLC takes you on leaps of faith within three new biomes, introducing eight new monsters to fight, seven new weapons to use, and the Scarecrow: a fearsome new boss. QUEEN AND THE SEA DLC thrusts you into two new biomes: a rickety shipwreck and a burning lighthouse where you must face off against the deadliest baddies yet. With nine new weapons, including a trident, pirate hook, and even a throwable shark at your disposal, you'll be hard-pressed to resist the call of the sea. The game has been carefully designed for mobile with a revamped interface and two game modes: Original and Auto-Hit. Additionally, the game offers custom controls and touch control options that let you change button size and positioning to suit your preferences. MFi controller support is also available. With no advertisements or F2P gimmicks, Dead Cells is an experience you won't want to miss. However, it's important to note that devices with less than 2GB of RAM may not run new content correctly, so be sure to check your device's specs before diving in. If you encounter any issues, reach out to for assistance.


Use magnetism and electromagnetic powers to uncover secrets in Teslagrad, a hand-drawn puzzle-platformer with no ads or in-app purchases.


The ruler of the Kingdom of Elektropia is an authoritarian leader who's waging a war against a group of technology magicians residing in a massive tower in the center of the city called Teslagrad.

Spirit Roots

Fight bosses and enemies across 5 atmospheric worlds in this platformer. With 50 levels to complete and unique soundtracks, prepare to dash, jump and shoot.

Spirit RootsFredBear Games Ltd

In a tiny but certainly belligerent star system, a prolonged war raged among its inhabitants for a century, resulting in the devastation of each planet subsequently. Finally, realizing that they must unite to survive, the denizens of each planet combined the remaining shreds of their worlds into a single massive planet; setting the sole condition that no one could breach anyone else's borders.


Minit is a bite-sized adventure where you have 60 seconds to journey, help, uncover, and overcome to break a strange curse.


Minit is a unique and intriguing adventure game where each round lasts only one minute. You will step out of your familiar surroundings and enter a world full of strange characters, hidden mysteries, and treacherous enemies. With every minute that passes, you will strive to push forward in your quest to break a dreadful curse which resets time after 60 seconds. The game was developed by a highly talented team, consisting of Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann. In Minit, you will embark on an unforgettable journey, teeming with intriguing and unusual challenges. You will encounter a host of intriguing characters, each with their own unique stories and quests. As you progress through the game, you will uncover numerous secrets and hidden treasures, creating an experience unlike any other. Facing dangerous obstacles and foes is a common theme in Minit. You must stay on guard at all times, navigating through perilous terrain and engaging in fierce battles with your enemies. Each minute counts, so make every second count as you advance through the game. Minit is an unforgettable collaboration between some of the most gifted minds in the gaming industry. With its captivating gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging missions, it is sure to be a game that you continue to enjoy time and time again.

Dadish 2

Help Dadish find his missing kids in this charming retro platformer with 50 levels, new bosses and fast-food themed baddies.

Dadish 2Thomas K Young

Meet Dadish, the most ambitious radish and a father of children. When he takes his offspring to his workplace, something goes wrong – the children suddenly disappear. His biggest adventure is about to begin as he starts on the quest to reunite with his beloved family. Enjoy the ultimate retro platformer game developed by the creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish, which brings you 50 challenging levels and hilarious baby radishes that will put a smile on your face. Even riding on a talking hamburger is possible while exploring swamps, big trees, and even outer space against a whole new group of fast-food themed enemies. You will encounter five new bosses, each with their own unique problems, and the screechy possums that add to the fun. But as a father, Dadish still finds ways to relish joys of parenthood. Enjoy the experience with controller support and groovy soundtrack. The game also features collectible stars and unlockable secrets, so you will never get bored. The funny dialogue and pretty graphics will immerse you deeply into the storyline. Follow your dreams and help Dadish complete his adventure to reunite with his missing kids.

I Am the Hero

Experience non-stop, fluid combat in the retro-inspired beat 'em up game, I Am The Hero. Discover if you're the true hero in this modern take on classic gaming.

I Am the Hero极光计划

I Am The Hero is a pixelated beat 'em up game that recounts the tale of a legendary figure known as the "Hero"; however, his mysterious past begs the question: is he truly the hero he thinks he is? This game is a tribute to the vintage genre but repackaged in a contemporary way thanks to its creators' deep passion for fighting games. Playing this game will be a nostalgic yet reinvigorating experience as you test yourself to see if you are the hero the showdown's been waiting for. This game is characterized by its fast-paced, fluid combat system, allowing you to unleash your unique fighting style to pulverize and jostle your enemies into submission with free-style combos. Additionally, by executing Critical Blink, you can inflict colossal damage by properly timing your attacks. Moreover, I Am The Hero supports MFi game controllers like Gamevice or other MFi controllers, which allows you to adapt to the gameplay more comfortably and immerse yourself in the game. I Am The Hero features two different modes: the Single Player Campaign and Survival Mode. The former, as the name suggests, is a one-player adventure mode for those who want to delve deeper into the storyline. The latter is a nerve-wracking experience that will test your stamina and resilience by facing endless waves of foes. Get ready for some old-school meets new-school action while satisfying your cravings for adrenaline and nostalgia in I Am The Hero. Don't hesitate; grab your controller, and let the battle commence!


Gris follows a young girl's emotional journey through a serene world, gaining new abilities and revealing new paths.


Immerse yourself in the world of Gris, a young girl whose hopeful spirit is overshadowed by a difficult past. As you join her on a journey through her own mind, her dress will transform, granting new abilities that will help you navigate her faded reality with ease. Moving through the game, you'll witness Gris's emotional growth as she begins to see the world around her in a new light, revealing paths that were once hidden.


Grimvalor is a premium hack & slash platformer RPG with epic boss fights, dark fantasy world exploration, and skill-based combat.


Embark on a thrilling RPG adventure and annihilate the darkness that threatens the kingdom of Vallaris by defeating King Valor's ferocious guardians in Grimvalor. You can play the first act for free, but unlocking the full game will give you access to all five acts of the premium game, where you can continue the quest and explore the dark fantasy world at length. According to PocketGamer, unleashing a series of attacks, dodges, and jumps consecutively provides an immensely satisfying gaming experience.


Fast-paced combat, incredible combos, massive cyborg bosses. ICEY is a meta game in disguise - uncover the truth for yourself.

IceyX.D. Network


Animus: Revenant

Seek vengeance and collect blood memories to prevent the destruction of Cadmeia in this 3D isometric Action RPG, complete with tactical combat, lore, and crafting.

Animus: Revenant10Birds

Retrieve vengeance for what is lost, payback will be done quietly," says the herald. In this epic action RPG game, you are summoned to save Cadmeia from complete destruction by collecting the ancient blood memories of old. You must hunt down those who plan on perpetrating eternal suffering and apprehend their blood memories. As the hero, the fate of Cadmeia rests on your shoulders. Collect materials by farming and strategize to combat your enemies with the perfect equipment. Vitality is the key, so get what you need and quickly warp out of tough situations. The gamepad is predominant for a better gaming experience, but you can customize the touch controls to your liking. Prepare for backtracking as linear gameplay is necessary. Character development and management are significant, and managing weapons, armor, and accessories is vital. Enemies have individual vulnerabilities to the elements, and item attributes can help in combat. There are hints to a boss's susceptibility in chime pieces, and measure your attacks as it's not a hack-and-slash game. Discover a weapon type and move set that suits you best, and learn how to parry and mercilessly counter-attack to give yourself an edge. Unfold the narrative through dialogue and items throughout the game's 11 themed areas. With over 20-48 hours of gameplay, main and side quests, and lore-rich boss battles, this game is an adventure and fantasy that will consume you. Join the community on Discord to learn more and stay updated on the latest game developments.


Niffelheim: Craft, explore, find a way out of hostile lands toward Valhalla. Scavenge and fight for bones and relics to reach Asgard in this free-to-play adventure RPG.

NiffelheimEllada Games LLC

For those who are searching for a challenging RPG game, Niffelheim free version is here to make your gaming experience unforgettable. Even though the free version contains ads and has in-app purchases, you can still enjoy playing it without any purchases. The game revolves around a brave warrior who unfortunately departs his life during a battle. However, contrary to his expectations, his soul is stuck in the brutal land of Niffelheim, and to emerge victorious and move on to Asgard, he must fight his way through dangerous dungeons, savage beasts, and mighty giants. Making potions from mushrooms and creatures that you slay will make you powerful, and creating the best dishes for your friends and getting ready to kill the most powerful trolls with your created poison. It is also crucial to explore the ancient caves where the valuable and powerful artifacts lie hidden to provide you with that extra push you need. However, the journey to Asgard won't be an easy task, and you need to destroy anyone who dares to attack your land. The resources you gain such as bones, teeth, and fur will come in handy to craft your armor and weapons to protect your kingdom and destroy your foes. As the stakes get higher, the Death Priests will issue you with ultimatums. Will you accept their orders, or will you fight against their dead minions and defend your lifestyle? The path to the ultimate challenge won't be an easy task, but as a warrior who's always been unfazed in life, death, and the cold, you have all it takes to emerge as a winner. Ensure you have enough supplies, unravel the mysteries of the land and become the ultimate champion.

Wonder Blade

Unleash spectacular combos and explore various stages in Wonder Blade, a whimsical adventure with collectible outfits and weapons. Join Playond to play the game and many more with no ads or extra payments.


Wonder Blade is an epic mobile game available exclusively on Playond platform. Immerse yourself in an ever-growing collection of amazing games by downloading and subscribing. Winner of various awards including AppStore Game of The Day and Reddit 2018 iOS Game of The Year, Wonder Blade promises an unforgettable adventure. The game has been praised for its polished presentation, distinct personality, and refined gameplay mechanics. Playing as the hero who must rescue the princess from a villainous maniac and his pet golem, you must rely on your trusty weapon and special powers to defeat the bad guys. With a variety of costumes and weapons to collect, you can customize your character and play style. Fight your way through different stages and face off against mini-bosses and major bosses like a true hero. Wonder Blade features high-speed cart chases, fishing competitions, battles against zombie hordes and high-tech soldiers, making for a thrilling and diverse gameplay experience. You can even ride a pig, battlebot or fire-breathing dragon! With so much to discover in this world full of mystery and surprises, you won't be able to put your phone down. Wonder Blade is loaded with features and offers stunning animation, powerful finishing moves, and a lot more action. To access the game, subscribe to Playond and enjoy unlimited access to many amazing games without any interruptions from ads or in-app purchases. Don't miss out on this fantastic adventure - grab your sword, put on your best costume, and get ready to take on the challenge. Are you ready to save the princess and the world? Dare to find out!

The Swords of Ditto

Create your own legend in The Swords of Ditto, fight against the evil Mormo, and explore a charming but dangerous overworld in this action RPG adventure.

The Swords of DittoDevolverDigital

The Swords of Ditto is an action-packed RPG that immerses players into an exciting adventure filled with magic and mysticism. Players will battle against the formidable villain, Mormo, while exploring the charming but perilous overworld. Tackle lively dungeons and level up in a picturesque village as you attempt to rid the island of evil.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Play as your favorite characters, solve puzzles, engage in blaster battles, and experience high-speed aerial battles in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens mobile game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force AwakensWarner Bros.

Get ready to embark on a remarkable intergalactic journey, replaying the greatest adventures of the galaxy in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™ on your mobile! Take on the roles of the brave characters from the movie, such as Finn, Rey, BB-8, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, as well as Kylo Ren and General Hux.

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