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Best casual mobile games 2023

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Campfire Cat Cafe

Manage a relaxing cat cafe with cute animal guests, delicious food, and adorable cat staff, while designing and decorating a dream animal restaurant.

Campfire Cat CafeHyperBeard
Create, manage and design a charming cafe and snack bar surrounded by a serene forest, where you'll welcome lovely animal guests and cook mouth-watering worldwide dishes in your own animal restaurant. Relish observing your kitty staff work hard and receiving tips as you idle in this adorable restaurant game. Decorate your Dream Restaurant by opening a gourmet food truck and gradually upgrading to a fancy three-Michelin-star cat cafe in an animal forest. Build and furnish your animal cafe, establish a seaside bakery, and explore a snow mountain paradise! Satisfy your desire for a diverse restaurant game by traveling worldwide in your pocket! Would you rather have your cats grilling burgers in an 80s-themed diner or serving beef tartar in a high-end restaurant? Perhaps your kitties will be making sandwiches in a charming French bistro? Enhance your dream restaurant's look and take it to the next level by unlocking furniture sets, cooking stations, colorful decorations, and comfy tables to cater to your clients. Become a foodie tycoon and transform your animal restaurant into an ideal culinary paradise! Cook Delicious Meals! Prepare food with recipes from around the world, and they will look fantastic and taste even better! (To our animal customers). Bake kawaii bread, cakes, and desserts to serve your adorable cat staff. Snacks such as salads, tacos, burgers, pizzas, steaks, and french fries are always on the menu at camp. Animal foodies that pass by will be attracted to the new recipes you learn to cook! Get tips to cook new dishes and get inspired with recipe ideas you could try in real life with a growing roster of daily specials, varying from Peking duck, sushi, and many pasta dishes. Adorable Cat and Animal Helpers are waiting for you! Manage a diverse crew of cute and cool cats & kittens that work at your café. From a white Persian cat chef, to a spotted Bengal kitten manager, and even a ragdoll serving as your waiter, the feline world is ready to impress you! As you idle, you'll earn tips! Discover and unlock accessories to dress up your adorable pet staff in stylish, adorable outfits. Bed and Breakfast Hotel with a Snowy Mountain View. Manage a beautiful resort and spa to attract more unique animal tourists to your location! After a delicious meal, send your cute animal customers to relax in a hot spring onsen bath. Check them into a peaceful camp on a snow mountaintop next to your cozy restaurant! Playing this cat game is similar to taking a relaxing dream vacation in a home away from home with your adorable clients! Live a Fantasy Story! Unravel the mystery of the original cafe owner and experience the narrative at your own pace, enjoying the game however you like! Dream, laugh, love, and cry at the hilarious, cute, and intriguing personal struggles of your lovable furry friends! Relaxing Simulation Game. Feel yourself unwind as you listen to our upbeat cafe music. Get into a rhythm as you attract customers and cook up a feast. If you fancy animal restaurant games, cute cats, or are seeking an easy, cozy fun game, this is the purrfect game for you! Welcome to the grand opening of your Campfire Cat Cafe!
Cult Summoner: RPG Summoning

Cult Summoner: a chilling roguelike autobattler. Unleash an unstoppable army of eerie creatures, amass experience points, and dominate the harrowing summoners war.

Cult Summoner: RPG SummoningTapps Games
Enter the spine-tingling world of Cult Summoner, a haunting roguelike autobattler game that will give you goosebumps. Lead an army of eerie creatures and test your tactical skills to dominate the summoners war. Experience an unprecedented adventure as you unite with other players, unleashing a powerful army of grotesque beings to conquer the nightmarish summoners war. Summoning is the key to success in Cult Summoner. In this realm of forbidden rituals, you will witness your creatures transform into even more abominable entities as you merge them into more sinister and resilient beings. Prepare for bone-chilling battles as you carefully select and merge your army. Combat in Cult Summoner is a haunting spectacle, driven by your strategic prowess and selection of the most menacing creatures. Reach higher levels by amassing experience points to unlock the unholy powers of your summoning hero. Ascend to new levels and gain access to even more diabolical creatures, making you practically invincible. Cult Summoner offers a rich variety of summonable creatures, from cute to creepy, that cater to every player's play style and preferences. These creatures are categorized into different elements, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and complexity to this epic summoners war. With an ever-expanding roster of characters for the summoners war, Cult Summoner provides a unique and evolving experience for players. Try out various party compositions, experiment with new strategies, and summon your mightiest creatures to forge an epic army. Through challenging summoning mechanics, innovative merging system, and striking creepy-cute design, Cult Summoner delivers a thrilling and immersive experience for all enthusiasts of roguelike strategy games with a summoning twist. Will you become the revered champion of the summoners war? Join Cult Summoner now and find out!
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Coco Valley: Dream Farm

Discover a magical land of adventure and wonder in Coco Valley. Build, craft, farm, cook, make friends, uncover tales, and join live events and quests.

Coco Valley: Dream FarmBitStrong Games
Step into a world of enchantment and mystery with Coco Valley, where each island is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Explore tropical beaches, lush forests, and magical environments by traveling through mystical portals. Whether you're embarking on a quest for treasure or simply basking in the stunning scenery, there's always something new to explore in this fantastical world. Let your imagination run free and create your own island paradise with a vast array of crafting workshops and decorations available. With over 20 unique workshops and 40 delightful decorations, you can tailor your home to suit your style and personality. Curate your very own farm with a wide range of crops and equipment, and cook up a storm in your very own kitchen with the freshest ingredients found on your land. Connect with friends from different islands and invite them to come live with you. Embark on amazing adventures together, from crafting to farming and cooking. Coco Valley is a community full of life and joy, perfect for lasting friendships. Immerse yourself in the rich stories of the characters in Coco Valley. Discover their unique backgrounds and personalities and become an integral part of their world. With countless tales to be told, there is something for everyone in this magical realm. Don't forget to participate in the exciting live events and quests throughout the year. Explore the spooky Vampire Castle during Halloween, cook up a storm during the Fall Camping event, or hop over to Bunny King Island to celebrate Easter and make a bunny hat. There's never a dull moment in Coco Valley. Coco Valley is free to play, with in-app purchases available for a premium experience. Come and experience the magic and wonder of Coco Valley for yourself!
Om Nom: Merge

Merge Om Nom's friends to save the forest from abundant fruit. Discover new Nommies, locations and spells to progress.

Om Nom: MergeZeptoLab
Join forces with Om Nom in a thrilling adventure to save the enchanted forest from being overrun by an overwhelming amount of fruit. The situation calls for reinforcements, and that’s where the Nommies come in handy. These cute creatures are Om Nom’s trusty friends, and by merging them together, you can unlock even more powerful and exciting Nommies. Get ready to engage in merge-based gameplay that’s both thrilling and satisfying. As you merge similar Nommies to discover new characters, your Nommies will idle away as they chow down on fruits and rack up sweet rewards for you. With dozens of characters to collect, each with its own distinctive appearance, you’ll be captivated by this unique and exciting game. As you journey through new and exciting locations, use Om Nom Spells to accelerate the growth of fruits and evolve them with double the speed. Get ready to merge, gobble, and save the forest in this fascinating game!
Temple Run: Idle Explorers

Temple Run: Idle Explorers lets you join the iconic Temple Run characters on an epic adventure to explore strange lands, collect gold, and discover rare treasures.

Temple Run: Idle ExplorersImangi Studios
Join the unforgettable adventurers from the world-famous Temple Run series that has been downloaded more than a billion times and become a rich and successful explorer with Temple Run: Idle Explorers. You will work alongside iconic figures like Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, and Barry Bones on an epic journey through exotic lands filled with ancient treasures and wonders. Each character possesses a unique set of abilities that will help you amass untold riches along the way. Take on the role of manager and lead a team of workers to uncover forgotten landmarks and collect treasure. Progress and expand your team to boost your earning potential. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime by exploring the mystical and time-forgotten land of Aperion. Unravel the mysteries of this incredible world and uncover its hidden secrets. Overcome the perilous challenges and obstacles that stand in your way as you strive to collect as much treasure as possible. You must outrun the famous demon monkeys that are hot on your tail and stay ahead of the game. Dive into ancient buildings such as eerie temples, beautiful gardens, and majestic ships to unearth magnificent artifacts and gain valuable insight into the history of this intriguing world. Discover the exciting storyline behind Temple Run and become absorbed in this fascinating world, getting to know the iconic characters as you join them on their journey. Keep in mind that while Temple Run: Idle Explorers is completely free to download and play, it offers various in-app purchases for real currency. Note that an Internet connection is required to play.
Hungry Hearts Diner: Memories

Hungry Hearts Diner is a restaurant sim set in Showa era Japan. Cook food, make deliveries, and interact with regulars in this narrative-focused game.

Hungry Hearts Diner: MemoriesGAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Welcome, welcome, to the heart of Hungry Hearts Diner! As one of the old-timers, I've seen plenty of fresh faces come through these doors. Take a seat, peruse the menu, and let me know when you're ready to order. But I warn ya, what keeps people coming back here is not just the food, but also the stories. If you stick around, I'm sure I can spin you a few yarns about the good old days. Don't mind me if I get carried away, though. Sit back, relax, and make yourself at home. Hungry Hearts Diner is a nostalgic narrative-driven restaurant simulation game set in Showa era Japan. As a newcomer, you'll help the elderly couple who run the quaint diner by cooking up tasty dishes, making deliveries, and engaging with a diverse array of customers. Granny is always on the go, chatting with customers, taking orders, and running errands left and right. But don't let Grandpa's scowl scare you away from trying his simple yet delectable dishes, which are sure to leave you hankering for seconds. This diner has a regular cast of oddballs, each with their own voracious appetite and life story to share. Once they start devouring their meals, they might open up to a listening ear. As the saying goes, a good meal is the perfect catalyst for conversation. Some dishes might even jog a memory or two, as everyone has that one meal that they can never forget. If you're a fan of restaurant sims, or simply looking for a touching and heartwarming narrative, then Hungry Hearts Diner is the perfect game for you. Join us on a journey back to a simpler time, where the sound of a knife chopping veggies and meat sizzling in a pan evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. So, how do you know if Hungry Hearts Diner is the right game for you? Do you enjoy laid-back, casual games with idle elements? Perhaps, you're into shop management games where you can run your own establishment? Are you yearning for a touching story to unwind after a long day? If you've played and enjoyed Oden Cart, Showa Candy Shop, or The Kids We Were, then you're in for a treat! And, let's be real, who isn't hungry for some good food and heartwarming tales? If you answered yes to any of the above, then give Hungry Hearts Diner a try. And don't worry, it won't cost you a thing! Just be warned, the game isn't edible, so please don't attempt to consume your device. We hope the game provides you with a few smiles, and maybe even a tear or two. Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your meal!
Tailed Demon Slayer : RISE

Defeat the Dark Mage and save the cursed Fox Beastmen to pursue peace. Battle strategicaly, gather resources and enhance your abilities with mythical creatures.

Tailed Demon Slayer : RISECookApps
The world is in turmoil once again as a sinister curse rears its head. Fox beastmen, who were once cursed by King Lich, took refuge on the sky island of Magonia to escape their fate. But whispers of a dark mage who spreads demons throughout the land have cast a shadow over the peace that has returned to the world. That's where you come in - you have been entrusted with the task of freeing the Fox Beastmen from their curse and restoring peace once more. Strategic planning is key as you gather resources to equip yourself for the intense battles ahead. Sharpen your weapon skills and defeat the followers of the Dark Mage, collecting resources and communicating with spirits to enhance your abilities. The game boasts a fast-paced leveling system with visually stunning battles and unique weapons. As you progress through the game, you'll join forces with mythical creatures to unleash their power in intense battles and receive blessings that will make you a trusted hero. Upgrade your look and fighting finesse with signature costumes that showcase your personality. Experience an endless adventure, even offline. Achieve rapid progression and collect rewards through idle gameplay. And don't forget to train daily to boost your attack, life force, and skills. App Permissions are required for storage access permission to save game data, but the game itself offers a never-ending adventure that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Join the pursuit of peace and break the curse of King Lich to become the hero the world needs.
Timberman 2 - VS Battle

Compete to become the best lumberjack, building and defending your village in 4-player duels, tournaments and clans. Customise your character from 60+ options in Timberman 2.

Timberman 2 - VS BattleDigital Melody Games
Enter the ultimate competition to become crowned as the greatest lumberjack in the world. Grab your sharp axe and engage in an epic battle, where the speediest and strongest contender will emerge victorious. In addition, you must construct your own village and fortify it with turrets to fend off the constant threat of zombies, and conquer challenging bosses in thrilling one-on-one duels. As you progress, a diverse cast of charming characters and a plethora of exciting buildings will be unlocked. You can even personalize your avatars with an extensive selection of customization options, such as hats, different faces, weapons, and more. Join thrilling leagues, tournaments, and clans to showcase your skills at the highest level. With the addition of power-ups and shields, the game provides the opportunity for even more strategic gameplay. The four-player duels introduce an electrifying social dimension for an unforgettable experience. You can explore more than 30 leagues in various environments and merge building components to fortify your structures further. With an impressive selection of over 60 unique buildings to develop and upgrade, you'll be hooked. So, join the Timberman 2 community, and take on the most immersive and fast-paced gameplay of the most renowned lumberjack game ever!
Takt Op. Symphony

An RPG mobile game, "takt op. Symphony" is about saving the world from monsters that destroy music, using the power of music scores and diverse personalities.

Takt Op. SymphonyProgram Twenty Three
Immerse yourself in the world of "takt op. Symphony", a symphonic RPG mobile game that takes you on an unforgettable adventure to restore harmony to the world. The story begins on a dark day in 2020 when the "Dissonant Meteorite" crashes down alongside vicious monsters known as "D2". These monsters loathe all forms of music, making music nonexistent in the world. But all hope is not lost; enter the "Musicarts" - girls with the power of famous music scores that are crucial to saving the world. As the conductor, the player takes on the responsibility of guiding these girls and leading them into battle against dangerous enemies while trying to uncover the mystery of the Dissonant Meteorite. The game features an array of "Musicarts" inspired by renowned classical pieces, including Beethoven's Symphony No.5 in c minor Op.67 and Mozart's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". Each of these characters has a unique personality and skill set that players can utilize to their advantage, making their battle movements even more striking and impressive. Strategy is key in "takt op." Symphony, and players must use perfect tactics to win battles. To dominate the battle, players must be able to place the players strategically to activate skills and various effects at the right moment. Successful maneuvering and precise instructions are necessary for success, a valuable skill that players will develop and master throughout their journey. The game also includes several playable elements, including puzzle solving and mini-games. There are various dungeon quests and puzzle-solving tasks that players must complete to progress through the game, adding an extra layer of intrigue. These obstacles will challenge their minds and offer a sense of satisfaction upon successful completion, further immersing players into the world of "takt op. Symphony". But "takt op." Symphony is more than just battles and puzzles - it is a story of deep feelings and moving tales. With over 25 "Musicarts" characters, each with their unique story and exclusive plots and missions, players must keep talking with each of them to understand their hearts and deepen their relationship. By understanding their distinct personalities, players will develop emotional connections with them, adding emotional weight to the gameplay. The game offers plenty of opportunities to explore this vast and beautiful world with various spaces to explore and discover. Players can interact with the Musicarts within the stronghold, chat with them, and even take a break in the restaurant to experience the world around them at a leisurely pace. In conclusion, "takt op. Symphony" is an exciting symphonic RPG, offering players a unique and unforgettable adventure, filled with battles, mysteries and, most importantly, exceptional music that serves as a beacon of hope in a dark and dissonant world.
Merge Arena

Merge, clash and conquer in PvP battles in Merge Arena. Collect and level up heroes to unlock new arenas, merge and evolve for ultimate attacks.

Merge ArenaMergegames LTD
Greetings warriors! Welcome to Merge Arena, a dynamic PvP game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to engage in fast-paced battles and defend your army in real time against other players from all over the world. The game's unique gameplay will keep you entertained for hours as you build a deck of heroes and turn it into a tower of strength to defeat your enemies. Collect and upgrade your heroes to unlock even more arenas for further battles. Plan your strategies carefully in order to defeat your opponents and collect even more heroes to become the greatest Merge Arena champion of them all. In order to achieve success and victory, you will need to master the art of merging and strategic planning. Develop a balanced deck, level up your heroes, learn how to summon and use spells and abilities, and play smart. Unlock advanced heroes and discover their unique abilities, such as summoning minions, destroying defenses, and shooting enemies. Don't waste any time, start brawling, winning, and climbing the leaderboard to reach new heights. Unlock the league system to become a legend among other players. Complete legendary quests, climb the battle pass levels, and explore new adventures. Amazing rewards await those who dare to become the champion of the board and unlock chests filled with treasures. Aim for the stars with Merge Arena! Expect to summon heroes, boost them by merging, and watch as they crush the enemy into pieces. Engage in PvP battles to climb to the top and unlock new arenas. Earn gold and rating points to level up your heroes and advance through the arena system. Merge and evolve heroes to unlock new perks, abilities, and attacks or increase their stats for a one-shot kill. Collect hero cards to level up your squad and increase your tactical potential. Participate in battles to win and build your rating to unlock even more cards and enemies to face off against. Stay alert for the upcoming PvE mode, which will be available in future updates. Your courage in battle, strategic planning, and ability to collect and upgrade your heroes will determine your success in this thrilling game. Rush forward, brave fighters, and conquer the Merge Arena!

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