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Best adventure mobile games 2023

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Strange Hill

Strange Hill City: Unravel the mysteries of Dr. Wood & Gloria using your puzzle-solving skills. Make friends with unique creatures and explore the open world environment.

Strange HillPAGA GAMES
Embark on an exciting adventure in Strange Hill City, a distinctive universe filled with unique creatures and enigmatic characters. This third-person adventure thriller offers an open world for exploration and interactive elements to keep you engaged throughout the game. As you venture through Strange Hill City, you'll uncover a multitude of secrets and mysteries waiting to be solved. The suspicious Dr. Wood and his assistant, Gloria, are two major figures whose secrets you'll need to unlock to progress in the game. But to do so, you'll need to complete quests and solve puzzles scattered throughout the environment. You'll meet and befriend a robot called Ben, and Howard the hopper will become your loyal companion on this thrilling quest. As you traverse the city, you'll encounter many intriguing denizens ready to offer exciting tasks, each with their unique history and destiny. But that's not all. The game is filled with a myriad of puzzles and easter eggs, each bringing immense pleasure and rewarding surprises when you discover them. Delve deep into the universe and unlock the mystery of Dr. Wood while resolving conflicts and exploring new worlds. The game receives regular updates and extensions that introduce new enhancements, refine your interactions, and add fresh levels and mysteries to keep you engaged. While the game is free to play, you can acquire items and skills with real money purchases to facilitate your journey and introduce exhilarating elements. Get lost in Strange Hill City and experience an unforgettable adventure filled with intrigue, secrets, and unexpected discoveries.
Lost in Play

Journey through imaginative worlds in Lost in Play, a point-and-click game with unique puzzles and colorful characters. A perfect family adventure.

Lost in PlaySnapbreak
Enter the imaginative world of Lost in Play, a game filled with vibrant landscapes and brain-teasing puzzles. Take on the role of a brother and sister duo as they navigate through a whimsical realm in pursuit of their homecoming. Travel through the enchanted forest of a horned creature, spark a revolution in a goblin village, and aid a team of frogs to extract a sword from a rocky prison. Lost in Play presents a world that is mysterious, dreamlike, and riddled with intriguing mini-games and perplexing puzzles. Engage in activities such as challenging a pirate bird to a crab-clicking competition, serving enchanted tea to royalty, and snagging components to build a flying contraption. It's a modern point-and-click game that piques your curiosity and leaves you yearning for more. The game sets off with a typical day that quickly transforms into a fantastic adventure with your trusty sibling by your side. From sneaking into a goblin fortress to venturing into ancient ruins and riding on a colossal stork, Lost in Play is a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia and charm. With a touch of authenticity akin to classic animated shows from childhood, Lost in Play is an interactive cartoon that the whole family can enjoy. It is designed to be a universal experience with no dialogue, instead relying on visual cues. The game boasts a bevy of engaging elements with over 30 unique mini-games and puzzles. Play cards with goblins, assist in building a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly. You might also catch a sight of an amusing-looking derpy chicken. With a game that is whimsical, mysterious, captivating, immersive, and enjoyable all at once, Lost in Play is a fantastic puzzle adventure created with families in mind. We're hoping you'll enjoy playing it just as much as we enjoyed developing it.
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Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Investigate your sinister neighbor's house to uncover his secrets. Solve puzzles, sneak past cameras, and equip yourself to uncover the truth.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's DiariestinyBuild
Are you ready to unravel the dark secrets of your enigmatic Neighbor? Rumors circulate that he is a heartless murderer. Enter his home and conduct a dangerous investigation to uncover the truth. This psychopath's house is ever-changing and growing, posing a formidable challenge for you to conquer! Can you uncover the spine-tingling secret in town and reveal the fate of Mr. Peterson's missing son? Only one way to find out! Welcome to the world of Hello Neighbor: Nicky's Diaries! Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure of stealth, horror, and puzzle-solving, all wrapped up in a lively and familiar setting. This first-person adventure will take you to a suburban neighborhood like no other. Your Neighbor, Mr. Peterson, is still lurking around. Meet your unpredictable neighbor, whose behavior changes based on your every move. He is always watching, learning, and waiting to obstruct your progress. Numerous perplexing puzzles are waiting to be solved. To uncover Nicky's dark past, you must crack complex puzzles and ingeniously utilize hidden objects scattered throughout the setting. Sneak past the CCTV cameras, deactivate the motion sensors around doors, and use all the tools at your disposal. The HOW is entirely up to you. Equip yourself with essential tools. Utilize JUMP BOOTS to reach high vantage points, X-RAY GLASSES to locate the Neighbor and slip past him unseen, EMP devices to disable traps, or even GLUE to neutralize the infamous Neighbor's threat. Brace yourself for the dreaded BASEMENT. Take a deep breath before entering the basement because more challenges await than initially meets the eye. That's correct; you'll face more than one challenge. Achieve mission success. Master each mission, earn a 3-star rating, and unlock all rewards. Expect side missions to unveil even more than you bargained for. Daily login rewards. Claim your consecutive login rewards daily, from rewards like Scraps to EMPs, Goggles, or Glue, and use them all to outsmart the Neighbor! Jump into side missions. Have you completed all the missions with 3 stars? The adventure isn't over yet! Dive into the side missions and delve deeper into the lore to uncover what the sinister Neighbor has done!
SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake

SpongeBob & Patrick catch a Mermaid's tear. They warp into different Wishworlds. Travel with Patrick through 7 worlds.

SpongeBob - The Cosmic ShakeHandyGames
Join SpongeBob and his partner in crime, Patrick, as they embark on a wild adventure in search of the coveted Mermaid's Tears, which are said to grant wishes. However, this seemingly harmless quest may have dire consequences, as the very fabric of the universe could unravel and create portals leading to various Wishworlds. Luckily, SpongeBob is up for the challenge and, with the right cosmic costume, can handle anything that comes his way. Get ready to shake those hips and do the Cosmic Shake! As you traverse through different worlds, you'll unlock classic and new platforming moves such as the Fishhook Swing and Karate Kick. With over thirty F.U.N.tastic costumes to choose from, including SnailBob and SpongeGar, you'll be able to customize your character and explore the vivid landscapes of seven unique Wishworlds. Travel to Wild West Jellyfish Fields or any of the other distinct locations while enjoying the comical banter between SpongeBob and his sidekick, Balloon-Patrick. You'll encounter all your favorite characters from the Bikini Bottom series, voiced by their original actors, during your journey. Plus, the game features a brand-new soundtrack composed by the same team behind Battle for Bikini Bottom, along with classic tunes from the series. Are you ready to help SpongeBob and Patrick on their wacky mission while experiencing a whole new world of adventure and laughter? The fate of the universe rests in your hands!

Build a boat, care for spirits & forge relationships in a game about dying. Enjoy hand-drawn art, explore a fantastic world & customize your boat.

SpiritfarerNetflix, Inc.
Exclusively available for Netflix members, Spiritfarer is a touching game that puts you in the shoes of a ferrymaster taking care of spirits before releasing them into the afterlife. You start by building your boat to explore the afterlife, and then your job is to ensure your spirit passengers are comfortable. The game's protagonist, Stella, is a Spiritfarer who helps forge lasting relationships with the passengers on the ferry before bidding them farewell. A management game that's all about dying, the game guarantees hours of cozy, relaxing gameplay that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Spiritfarer's most prominent feature is the cast of memorable characters you get to meet, care for, and develop relationships with. As you travel through the imaginative world, you'll have the chance to work on your ferry, improving it and managing it to the best of your ability. The game is designed with elegant hand-drawn art and animation that is sure to captivate you. There are plenty of activities to explore in the game, from farming and mining to fishing, cooking, weaving, and crafting. The more you play, the more upgrades you can add to your ship, which comes in handy when you need resources or gifts for your passengers. The platforming levels are beautifully constructed, allowing you to run, jump, and glide seamlessly through them. Customization options abound, giving you the power to create a customized adventure all your own. You can customize your boat, character, and even your cat! Unwind with Spiritfarer's cozy and relaxing gameplay, crafted by Thunder Lotus and Playdigious. You will undoubtedly cherish the memories you make with every spiritual passenger you guide towards the afterlife that lies ahead.
Tsuki Adventure 2

Embark on a new adventure in Tsuki Adventure 2 traveling the world, making animal friends, discovering hidden wonders and building your cozy home.

Tsuki Adventure 2HyperBeard
Get ready to explore a whole new world alongside your favorite bunny, Tsuki, in the long-awaited sequel of Pocket Bunny's Adventure! Discover the mesmerizing beauty of the kawaii universe as you journey from the Mushroom Village deep into the mysterious forests. Indulge in a charming aesthetic where you will encounter mystical friends, tackle thrilling puzzles and make fulfilling choices throughout your incredible adventure. Delve into Enchanting Realms - Embrace the beauty of lush groves as you unveil hidden wonders that await you. - This latest episode of the game brings plenty of new discoveries that will excite and leave you intrigued. - With Tsuki Adventure 2, you will surprise yourself as you take exciting trips to different countries and uncover the secrets of the world. Build and Improve Your Dream Abode - Customize your cozy home by decorating it with adorable furniture. - Upgrade your residence to unlock new areas and features. - Enjoy creating your picture-perfect home in Tsuki Adventure 2! Experience the Pleasure of Animal Friendship - With a plethora of furry friends to meet, from precocious pets to wise elders, get ready to expand your circle. - Get immersed in heartwarming relationships with your new animal friends as you hang out on the beach or have a peaceful picnic. - Discover the stories of animal people from different parts of the globe and create delightful memories. Bask in the Beauty of a Pocket Paradise - Enjoy the picturesque perfection of Tsuki's pocket world beautifully remodeled with splendid vistas from globally acclaimed hotspots. - Take delight as you relax on the sandy beach, take restorative strolls through the bamboo forests, feel the breeze on a biplane ride, and find peace in Tsuki's enthralling realm. - Even when you step away, Tsuki's fascinating world will keep on moving! Rekindle Past Friendships - Immerse yourself in heartwarming found-family dynamics as Tsuki refreshes old friendships with characters such as Chi, the giraffe, and Moca, the tea-obsessed turtle. - Enjoy the joys of building new friendships, exploring love and support as Tsuki's furry family expands. Welcome to Tsuki Adventure 2, where every step will lead you to new discoveries, exciting animal encounters, and the blissful pleasures of Tsuki's relaxed lifestyle. Escape to a serene pocket paradise and explore the cutest sim game you will ever encounter! Follow Tsuki all around the world, as you enjoy the small yet incredible experiences life has to offer.
DOMINO: The Little One

Embark on Domino's eco-odyssey to tackle environmental challenges in a hand-drawn world. Experience personal growth and inspire change.

DOMINO: The Little OneArcelik A.S.
INTRO In a world where climate change and environmental destruction are a constant threat, a young hero named Domino embarks on an eco-odyssey into their own mind. DOMINO: The Little One is an immersive narrative experience that takes you on a journey through a world where the effects of global warming and ecological challenges present themselves in challenging ways. DESCRIPTION Immerse yourself in Dominoโ€™s introspective adventure and explore the hand-drawn world where dreams meet reality, uncovering more about themselves and the world around them with each step. As you navigate the twists and turns of Domino's subconscious, you'll unravel the threads of their self-discovery, and witness the power within them to bring about change. This is a journey of empowerment and self-awareness, a powerful call to action that extends beyond the digital realm. KEY FEATURES Heartfelt Journey Experience Domino's emotional journey through a hand-crafted world where reality blends with the surreal, revealing the innermost turmoil of the protagonist. Growing Companion Watch Lilac Domino evolve and explore the idea of hope, resilience, and the cycle of life as the symbol stands tall against the titular character's growing fears. Environmental Undertones Tackle puzzles and challenges that mirror Domino's internal struggles, while also highlighting the ecological concerns that our planet is facing today. Poetic Depth Engage with a narrative that's both poetic and thought-provoking, drawing comparisons between nature's rhythm and humanity's journey, emphasizing the bond between the two. Inspiring Change Through captivating storytelling, understand the impact of one small decision, and embody the philosophy that taking the first step can cause a chain reaction leading to substantial changes. A Message for All Ages Domino delivers a universal message that reminds us that change starts from within. The game emphasizes that we all hold the power to make a difference, inspiring players to take that first step and start making a change regardless of their age.
Rumble Heroes

Rescue the kidnapped princess by recruiting legendary heroes, rebuilding your village, battling monsters, and collecting treasure in this fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG.

Rumble HeroesPlayHard.Lab
Embark on an adventure to save the only princess of the kingdom who has been taken captive by the dark knights. The fate of the princess lies in your hands! Begin by reconstructing the village from scratch. Gather wood, mine ore, and construct buildings to make the village better. You have the opportunity to enlist new heroes from the pub. Hire and train legendary heroes who have a variety of fighting skills, and prepare for the task ahead. In vast open areas, uncover treasure, resources and different monsters. The dungeon is home to numerous monsters, but with the help of your trained heroes, you can wipe them out. Say goodbye to RPGs that are time-consuming and complicated to navigate. You can easily move several heroes at once with just one hand. Join in on the fun, quick-paced hack-and-slash battles with simple controls! - Perform all actions with just one hand! - Discover various resources such as wood, ore, and meat out in the open field. - Raise adorable and uncommon characters. - Attempt to complete the dungeon and earn legendary equipment. - Set up camp anywhere you please and start your adventure!
Ivandoe: Quest On

Embark on quests with Prince Ivandoe and squire Bert in the Five Kingdoms, battling beasts, discovering secrets, and collecting rewards. Quest On!

Ivandoe: Quest OnCartoon Network
Embark on an epic journey through the treacherous Five Kingdoms with Prince Ivandoe and his trusty squire Bert in Ivandoe: Quest On! Encounter creatures like venomous plants, flying snakes, and wicked beasties as you trek through lush forests, murky swamps, and majestic castles. Complete challenging quests, from finding the Royal Socks and Golden Turnips to retrieving the Royal Cloak. Unleash your sense of wonder as you meet whimsical characters and explore secret caves filled with treasure chests. Remember, every nook and cranny might hold clues and objects that can aid you on your ventures. With main quests, side quests, and stunning scenery to boot, you'll have a world filled with epic things to do - all with your trusty map and squire Bert! Unlock new adventures and talk to everyone you meet. Defeat creepy creatures like spiders, snapper trapper plants, and flying snakes. Collect coins and use them to upgrade your gear and health potions. Take on beasts and monsters in thrilling boss battles and customize Prince Ivandoe with an array of dashing new hats. Complete mini-games and earn more coins to spend in Winky's Shop, where you can unlock amazing rewards. Ivandoe: Quest On is available in a variety of languages, including English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Brazilian Portuguese. If you're having any issues, just let us know at and we'll help you out! Remember that Ivandoe: Quest On contains analytics so we can better understand how to improve the game, and non-targeted advertisements from our partners at Turner. Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy before downloading. And don't forget to search Cartoon Network for even more free games and your favorite cartoons, like Teen Titans Go, Gumball, and Craig of the Creek!
Little Nightmares

Escape The Maw by solving puzzles & running from its inhabitants. Rediscover childhood fears in Little Nightmares' eerie vessel, now on mobile!

Little NightmaresPlaydigious
Little Nightmares, the spine-chilling adventure game, popular on PC and consoles, now available on mobile! Step into a world of darkness and fantasy that will encounter you with the deepest and most haunting of your childhood terrors. Help the young protagonist Six get out of The Maw, a large, mysterious vessel housing sinistrous souls seeking to devour their next meal. Embark on a journey through the twisted and grotesque world of Little Nightmares. Explore the disturbing dollhouse where you will find a prison that keeps you captive and a playground that holds many secrets to uncover. Your mission is to reconnect with your inner child to rediscover your imagination and, most importantly, find your way out. In Little Nightmares, you will experience a perfect blend of action and puzzle-platformer mechanics which are rooted in a spine-tinglingly creepy art style and chilling sound design. Use all your wit and stealth to sneak your way out of the Maw's labyrinthine maze and evade the abominable monsters that lurk in the shadows. Can you escape your childhood fears? FEATURES: - Sneak your way through a dark and exhilarating adventure - Confront your childhood nightmares inside a forbidding vessel and escape from its menacing inhabitants - Climb, crawl, and hide through nightmare-inducing environments to solve challenging platform puzzles - Fully immerse yourself in The Maw's eerie environment with spine-chilling sound design. Make sure your device is linked to Wifi to download the game for the first time. If you come across any issue, please contact us at, and we will look into it at the earliest.

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