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Robin de GrootRobin de Grootfrom Skich app
Evoland 2

Jump through game genres and time periods in the 20-hour adventure of Evoland 2, complete with funny game references and different art styles, now on Android.

Evoland 2Playdigious
Embark on an epic RPG journey that spans over 20 hours of gameplay through the history of video games, packed with delightful nods to classic games. Venture from 2D RPGs to 3D vs fighting games, from shooters to trading card games, and beyond. The game jumps from one genre to another so you will never get bored. Evoland 2 contains many games in one, with a storyline that takes you through different art styles and gaming technologies across time. Evoland 2 originally launched on PC, shipping 500,000 copies. We are thrilled to offer you this experience on Android devices, with the same level of care and attention to detail. Here are some additional details: *Evoland 2 is a one-time payment game with Absolutely NO ads and NO in-app payments. *The game supports most Bluetooth external controllers. *The game is optimized for NVIDIA Shield and NVIDIA devices. If you encounter any issues with Evoland 2, please get in touch with our customer support team at, and provide us with as much information as possible, so we can help you.
Go Rally

Go Rally: the ultimate rally game with a track creator, career mode, multiplayer mode, and cross-play. Compete with friends, family, and gamers around the world!

Go RallyInputwish
Go Rally is the ultimate rally game that offers multiple tracks, cars, a career mode, and multiplayer time challenges. It’s a must-play game that promises thrilling excitement. The track creator feature is user-friendly, and players can design an imaginative circuit by adding landmarks like hills, bridges, and checkpoints. Moreover, they can share it online with friends and take up the challenge of beating each other's time. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, which provides a broad user base. The pre-made tracks on the game are stunning in different landscapes like deserts, arctic snowscapes, forests, and outback landscapes. Each track offers a unique challenge that requires skill and strategy to conquer. As players advance in the game, new tracks are regularly added, which adds to the excitement. The game's multiplayer time challenges allow players to compete with rivals globally, and this fosters a spirit of friendly competition. Players can race through each course as fast as possible to emerge as the ultimate champion. This is where rivals are made! Go Rally's career mode allows players to climb up the ranks from rookie to master on over 100 tracks worldwide. Players can choose their dream cars from a range of rally vehicles such as muscle cars and powerful SUVs. The paint job customizing option is available, allowing the player to personalize their car's look. The game provides an immersive playing experience on Apple TV, with user-friendly pass-and-play gameplay and easy-to-pick-up Siri Remote controls. Also, Go Rally has amazing visuals that look fascinating on widescreen, making it the perfect family entertainment game that everyone can enjoy. However, the car-creation feature is only available on iPhone and iPad. In conclusion, Go Rally is an adrenaline-packed game that offers various features for players of all ages to enjoy. With its exciting gameplay, impressive graphics, and immersive career mode, Go Rally is a game that you'll never get enough of.
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Final Freeway 2R

Arcade racing with 14 stages, retro pixel art, and catchy tunes. Choose your path and beat the clock with 3 characters.

Final Freeway 2RNEWTYPE K.K.
Embark on a thrilling ride through various thrilling stages. Choose your preferred character and select the best path that suits your style of driving. Get ready to be transported back to the 80s with the impressive sensation of velocity, captivating melodies, and a super old-school appearance. Race against the clock to reach the next checkpoint and leave the contender behind. Immerse yourself in the authentic retro experience this game promises. With 14 old-school arcade racing stages, real-time road splits, and fast-paced driving action, you will feel as if you stepped into a time machine. The stunning pixel art is a delightful sight to the eyes, evoking nostalgic feelings. The game boasts of three amazing pop-rock tracks that will keep you focused throughout the game. Pick from 3 different selectable characters, each with unique abilities that will come in handy during the game. Track your progress and compete with friends and other players on the Game Center Leaderboards while unlocking achievements. Play the game using touch, accelerometer, and MFI Game Controllers. The game has 3 difficulty levels, so you can either take it slow or push yourself to the limit. If you desire an immersive arcade racing game, this game is perfect for you. Don't take our word for it! According to Touch Arcade, "I just can’t believe how hooked I’ve been on it since it came out." Pocket Gamer describes it as "A pitch-perfect blend of retro nostalgia and blistering, hair-flapping arcade racing." Check out the promo video here:
Cat Quest II

CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action-RPG where cats and dogs come together to stop a war and reclaim their thrones. Play solo or co-op, explore kingdoms and embark on a furry adventure!

Cat Quest IIThe Gentlebros
Step into a fantasy world full of cats and dogs with CAT QUEST II - a 2D open-world action-RPG where you embark on a thrilling journey of discovery to reclaim the thrones of two kings. The furry realm of Felingard is in danger due to the ongoing war between the feline denizens and the dogs of Lupus Empire, and it’s up to you to help save the day. Explore the kingdoms either solo or with a friend and face a plethora of magical challenges as you embark on the ultimutt catventure. Create your own cat and dog to fight for their rightful place as ruler and team up using the new character switch mechanic and local co-op gameplay. There are new weapon types to choose from, such as master swords, staves, and more to become the ultimate fur-midable fighter. More spells and passive abilities have been added to the sequel, giving you even more paw-sibilities to take down your foes with furry judgement. Exciting, varied dungeons filled with fresh traps and obstacles ensure that each pounce into the unknown is a new experience. By completing exciting side quests, you can expand the lore and universe of CAT QUEST. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and explore every nook and cranny of the magical world of Felingard? Download CAT QUEST II today and start your journey towards becoming the ultimate cat hero!
Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a retro arcade racing game with 16-bit graphics and tracks from around the world. Includes expansion pack with Ayrton Senna inspired features and soundtrack by Barry Leitch.

Horizon ChaseAquiris Game Studio S.A
Horizon Chase is a game that pays tribute to classic arcade racing games of the past. This addictive racing game is heavily influenced by popular hits from the 80s and 90s. Every twist, turn, and lap in the game is reminiscent of the classic arcade gameplay experience, providing players a limitless amount of speed and fun. Step on the gas and prepare for an exhilarating ride! This visually stunning game features reimagined 16-bit graphics that blend classic retro style with modern charm. Polygonal shapes, vibrant hues, and secondary colors come together to create a breathtaking, harmonious atmosphere that immerses you in the thrilling gameplay. While the aesthetic may feel like a nod to the past, it maintains a contemporary feel that appeals to gamers of all ages. Get ready to race around the world! Each new cup offers exciting races that take place in various breath-taking landscapes, from sunsets to rain, snow, volcanic ashes, and even sandstorms. Experience postcard-worthy scenery from different corners of the globe, whether it's night or day. Experience the legendary career of one of the most iconic racing drivers of all time in Senna Forever Expansion Pack. Pay tribute to Ayrton Senna with an entirely new set of cars, tracks, and features that reflect his life and career. Barry Leitch, an iconic composer of soundtracks for classic arcade racing games, brings his talents to Horizon Chase. Barry's mesmerizing tunes complement the game's stunning graphics, delivering a complete sensory experience. Stay connected on social media and get the latest updates from the game's official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages. You can also join the Discord community to stay connected with other players and find out about exciting new features as they're released.
LEGO Bricktales

Design puzzles from your imagination in LEGO Bricktales. Help your grandfather save his amusement park by exploring beautiful dioramas and solving puzzles.

LEGO BricktalesThunderful
LEGO® Bricktales introduces an innovative approach to building puzzles where you can use your creativity to come up with your own solutions. You can bring your creations to life in a stunning LEGO world where each puzzle has a constructive resolution. Follow a fascinating journey to save your grandfather's failing amusement park by exploring a variety of LEGO diorama biomes, ranging from bustling city corners to towering medieval castles, and tropical Caribbean islands, all made brick by brick. Accompanied by your little robot friend, solve puzzles and earn new skills to further delve into the secrets and mysteries of the worlds you encounter. From aesthetic designs such as market stands and music boxes to functional physics-based puzzles like cranes and gyrocopters, each diorama offers multiple construction spots that let you unleash your intuitive brick-by-brick building. In addition to completing specific quests and puzzles, you can customize the amusement park rides to your liking. Your grandfather has called for assistance as the park is on the verge of closure and the mayor is threatening to shut it down if the necessary repairs are not made, leading to the family losing the land. Hence, your goal is to use an alien technology-based device powered by happy crystals to revitalize the park. Harvest happiness crystals by making people happy and resolving their issues, all while travelling to different locations worldwide using a portal. Save the day and be part of an exciting building adventure. LEGO Bricktales presents a globetrotting adventure filled with fun secrets to uncover and lively dialogue to enjoy. You can explore five distinct story world biomes and the amusement park hub, all crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. You will discover the most intuitive brick-by-brick building in a LEGO video game that lets you see your creations come to life in a three-dimensional world. Different types of puzzles will put your building skills to the test, providing varying challenges, such as using your engineering genius to build a bridge for a digger or designing a new throne for the King. Complete a construction spot to unlock Sandbox Mode, where you can perfect your building skills using a vast selection of additional bricks from various themes. You can collect numerous items and unlock new options for your wardrobe or sandbox mode, allowing you to make a unique character of your own design.

In Feist, a little fur creature embarks on a perilous journey to save its mate from predators. Fight for survival in a mesmerizing, dangerous forest.

Feist is a captivating action game that has won multiple awards for its exceptional design. The game revolves around a fragile little creature's battle to save its mate from a pack of malicious predators. With a dark and dangerous environment, the journey to the centre of the mysterious forest turns into a ruthless and barbaric fight for survival where every creature wants to devour you. This thrilling game has received numerous awards such as the Best Overall Design and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards, Fantastic Arcade Spotlight, Fantastic Arcade Audience Award 2nd Place, and many more. The game is a finalist for the Excellence in Visual Arts at IGF. The game's striking visual style and vivid world filled with strange beasts, make for an immersive experience. The gameplay is highly dynamic with all the game's elements intertwining and working in harmony to create a seamless gaming experience. The enemies have a complex artificial intelligence and a set of versatile abilities, resulting in some surprising emergent interactions. The game boasts beautiful natural environments and a spooky atmosphere set to enchant the players. With its exceptional attention to detail, Feist is a true labour of love. The haunting soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski sets the mood of the game and immerses players deeper into the world of Feist. The game supports full gamepad compatibility, making it easy for players to jump right into the action. The game also features achievements and has been fully translated into different languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified & Traditional Chinese. Join the journey of the little creature and its battle for survival in the wild and dangerous world of Feist.
Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a retro-style soccer game with simplified controls, great pixel art graphics, and various play modes, including party mode.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16BATOVI Games Studio
Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a soccer game with a vintage casual style, an excellent improvement from its predecessor. With quick-paced gameplay, it is an arcade-style game catering to people who just want to have fun! Like the classic games of the 90s, it exudes nostalgia with its marvelous pixel art graphics. You can choose from three play modes - Friendly matches, Competitions, or Penalty Kicks. Play solo against the computer or challenge a friend in a player vs. player match. Alternatively, you can enjoy Party Mode with friends incompetitive play. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 features numerous tournaments to keep soccer fans entertained for hours. These include the World Cup, European Cup, Women's World Cup, and Pixel Leagues. It also includes various Pixel Cups (men and women) and Pixel Tournaments. The game provides universal purchase options for iOS and Apple TV. Play using your preferred MFi game controller. With simplified controls, you can delve into the gameplay with ease. The gameplay is challenging yet simplistic, and there are no fouls, free kicks or serious tackles, just good, clean fun. The game has a unique retro-style pixel art that resembles old games for that classic vibe. With party modes, you can play against friends in different game modes for enhanced competition. You have deeper gameplay options, with moves like short pass, long pass, shooting, lobs, etc. Pixel Cup Soccer 16 offers over 18 stadiums wrapped with animated fans where you can play women's soccer. The game uses revamped AI that helps in creating teams with different playing styles, recreating popular tactics like Catenaccio from Italy or Tiki-Taka like Barcelona FC. Equipped with tons of effects of retro-style games, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is different from other soccer games. It offers an exciting variation of animations, including overhead kicks, scorpion kicks, scissors kicks, diving headers, etc. Experience the thrill of penalties and indulge in several leagues and playing modes. In conclusion, if you love soccer or have no interest in it, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 will keep you entertained for hours. With constant updates and feedback from players, it is one of the best retro soccer games on the market. So, put your skills to the test and answer this question: do you have what it takes to become a champion?
Grand Mountain Adventure

Explore mountains and ski resorts in an open-world adventure. Enjoy racing, freeriding, and casual turns. Master challenges with flips, spins, and combos.

Grand Mountain AdventureToppluva AB
Embark on an exciting Grand Mountain Adventure! Get ready to explore vast open-world mountains and ski resorts in a thrilling skiing and snowboarding expedition. Completely freedom is in your hands as you can choose to ski or snowboard on your own terms. You can land a massive cliff drop, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a narrow slalom track, stomp an amazing run in a fun-park, race down the mountain for an adrenaline rush, or simply relax and enjoy a casual turn in the backcountry. Explore 11 expansive open-world mountains, each with its own charm and uniqueness eagerly awaiting your discovery. There are over 200 different challenges to conquer and master, and 14 types of arcade-style challenges, including Super G, Slopestyle, Freeride, and Big Air. You can enjoy over 20 hours of gameplay, and at least 20 more hours to achieve everything. The advanced trick system with flips, spins, corks, rails, and combos is the ultimate challenge in itself. Furthermore, the game also features game controller/joypad support, and local multiplayer over WiFi, and a Zen Mode, where you can immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the mountains. The mountain simulation is breathtakingly beautiful, with avalanches, wild fauna, stunning sunsets, and crowded slopes. You can customize your character's skin and gear to suit your liking. At the start of the game, your journey begins at Hirschalm, a charming Winter Sports center nestled in the Alps. Strap on your skis or snowboard, and make your way to the lift, while learning basic techniques such as turning and jumping. After taking the lift up to Almhütte, you get the chance to try your first Slalom challenge. By completing races, you earn Ski Passes, unlocking ski lifts that take you to new parts of the mountain. As you progress, you will come across various action-packed challenges, like Slopestyle, Ski Cross, Super G, and Big Air. Mastering the more difficult courses requires practice and perfecting carving turns, tricks, rails, and drops. It's not all about speed and challenges though; the backcountry is where you can pause from racing down the mountain, and discover hidden challenges and secret Ski Passes. However, beware of the lurking dangers such as bears, wolves, avalanches, falling trees, and other hazards. Are you ready for the ultimate mountain challenge? See you on the slope!

Use magnetism and electromagnetic powers to uncover secrets in Teslagrad, a hand-drawn puzzle-platformer with no ads or in-app purchases.

The ruler of the Kingdom of Elektropia is an authoritarian leader who's waging a war against a group of technology magicians residing in a massive tower in the center of the city called Teslagrad. Teslagrad presents an engaging 2D puzzle-platformer with action packed gameplay, wherein the manipulation of magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are fundamental in moving throughout the game and discovering the mysterious secrets lying within the abandoned Tesla Tower. Become a young hero equipped with ancient Teslamancer tech and embark on an epic adventure that tests your limits with an exhaustive array of challenges and puzzles. With over 1.6 million copies sold on PC, the mobile version is now available and features this enthralling experience to the palm of your hands. With stunning crafted graphics and unique art style, Teslagrad offers a gameplay never seen before with unique unlocking mechanics, boss battles, and an absence of textual narrative - immerse yourself in the game and discover the truth about the tower. What sets Teslagrad apart from other games is the accessibility of all its features for a one-time payment - absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. It is optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD and Android TV, so you can partake in the action on the big screen. Connect your external controller and stimulate your haptic and FPS senses to heighten your game experience like never before. If you experience any issues, please contact our customer support at and be sure to include as much information as possible regarding the problem. Let's get started on this electrifying adventure!
Virtua Tennis Challenge

Unleash tactical controls and super shots in Virtua Tennis Challenge, with 50 players and 18 stadiums around the world.

Virtua Tennis ChallengeSEGA
Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling and realistic world of Virtua Tennis Challenge, the most advanced tennis game available on your mobile device. With its cutting-edge 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and lifelike gameplay, it's the perfect game for any tennis enthusiast. The game lets you experience the excitement of playing against 50 of the world's best players in 18 different stadiums around the globe. Whether you prefer slicing, lobbing, hitting top spins, or unleashing a super shot, you can fully customize your game play to match your style and take on the competition. You'll need to build your concentration and make smart plays to keep your opponents on their toes. Put your skills to the test and enjoy hours of thrilling game play across multiple modes, shots, and courts. Choose from a variety of game modes, including SPT World Tour, Exhibition Match, Multiplayer, Quick Match Mode, and Training Mode, each designed to take your skills to the next level. With Virtua Tennis Challenge, you get to experience the thrill of playing on different surfaces, including clay, grass, hard or indoor courts. Adjust your shots and strategies to master each stadium and dominate your opponents. Enhance your game play experience with SEGA Forever, a collection of classic SEGA console games brought to life on mobile for the first time! Whether you prefer singles or doubles, Virtua Tennis Challenge lets you compete with friends face to face over Bluetooth connectivity. You can also play Quick Match Mode for a quick exercise session or choose Training Mode to learn from the pros and improve your skills. In addition to being free, Virtua Tennis Challenge supports HID-compatible controllers and offers you the option to save your game progress. You can also download all SEGA Forever classic games and enjoy ad-free play with an in-app purchase. While the game is ad-supported, no in-app purchases are required. Users above 13 may see "Interest Based Ads" and may collect "Precise Location Data" as part of the game, according to the privacy policy. Unleash your inner tennis pro and start playing Virtua Tennis Challenge today! © SEGA. All rights reserved. Virtua Tennis Challenge, SEGA Forever, SEGA, and the SEGA Forever logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA CORPORATION or its affiliates.
Crazy Taxi

Race through traffic, off garages, and pull off crazy combos for fares and cash in SEGA's mobile Crazy Taxi, with original music and 16 mini-games.

Crazy TaxiSEGA
Welcome to Crazy Taxi, the revolutionary driving game from SEGA that lets you explore an open world and have some serious fun. Let's get started! Play for free and earn some serious cash! Race through congested streets, jump off parking garages, and perform crazy combos to earn crazy money in this frantic competition where time is money and only the craziest cabbies win. Crazy Taxi is part of the SEGA Forever Classic Games Collection, a priceless collection of free SEGA console classics that have been brought to mobile devices for the first time. Here are some amazing features included with Crazy Taxi: - A remastered version of the popular Dreamcast classic especially for mobile devices. - Thrill to the original music by The Offspring and Bad Religion. - Enjoy 3, 5, or 10-minute game modes in Arcade or Original mode. - Hone your skills with the 16 mini-games included in Crazy Box. SEGA FOREVER also includes the following stunning features: - PLAY FREE. - Participate in leaderboards and compete against the world to achieve high scores. - Get a new release every month - download them all! - HID-compatible controllers are supported for a more immersive gameplay experience. What are you waiting for? Join the craziest taxi ride ever! Here's what some retro reviews had to say about this amazing game: - "Addictive and fiercely fun!" [94%] - Stuart Taylor, Dreamcast Magazine #5 (January 2000) - "There's enough gameplay depth to make you wonder if you could ever master it all" [9/10] - Tom Guise, The Official Dreamcast Magazine #5 (March 2000) Some interesting trivia about Crazy Taxi: - The arcade game was originally available in both standing and seated cabinet forms. - The Crazy Taxi narrator, Bryan Burton-Lewis, also provides the voices for Axel and various customers throughout the series. - In 2001, Richard Donner, director of Superman (1978) and Lethal Weapon (1987), acquired the rights to make a live-action movie of Crazy Taxi. Some classic game facts that you may find interesting: - The game was first released in arcades in 1999 and ported to the Dreamcast in 2000. - The game had two sequels on Dreamcast and Xbox: Crazy Taxi 2 and Crazy Taxi 3, which were released in 2001 and 2002, respectively. - SEGA AM3 developed Crazy Taxi, which later became Hitmaker. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: This game is ad-supported, and no in-app purchases are required to progress. However, an ad-free play option is available with in-app purchases. For users under 13, this game may include "Interest-Based Ads" and may collect "Precise Location Data". Please refer to our privacy policy for further information. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, and CRAZY TAXI are trade marks, or registered trade marks of SEGA CORPORATION or its affiliates.

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