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Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Build barricades or lure monsters into a maze, each tower defense game starts differently; explore multiple paths and strategies.

Broken Universe: Tower DefenseJinthree Studio
Prepare yourself to reconsider all of your defense tactics! Establish obstructions to prevent creatures, or tempt them into a maze and then attack them. Diverse stages that alter every time based on the way you play them. ■ Smart Tower Defense Develop your very own unique and innovative tactics in this tower defense game that involves a twist. Play however you prefer and however you can imagine it. You also have the power to choose where to land and determine how each game begins! ■ Uncommon Gameplay Experiment with a plethora of diverse tactics, from preventing every route and hiding securely behind your walls, to guiding monsters down a great line of fire. Utilize the rare towers and obstructions to develop your very own one-of-a-kind game style. Attempt to blast monsters so hard they are unable to approach, confuse and mix the monsters until they can no longer function properly, or concentrate on safeguarding and recuperating to construct an impenetrable fortress. You can even try getting a bunch of monsters to back into a corner and wiping them all out at once, or arranging them in a line and taking them out one by one. ■ An Array of Contents *Vibrant Planets *Upgrades and Technology *Various modules and fusion towers *Powerful skills and useful items □ User Permissions Guidance [Required] 1. Allow access to device pictures, media, and files - Necessary to store additional files and gameplay data required to run the game. - Necessary for storing game files and data on external SD cards. [Optional] - This application does not require optional access. ※ In the instance of the option, you can still play the game even if you don't accept it. ※ Following the approval of these permissions, you can reset and withdraw the money by the following method. [How to Set Access Rights] * Android version 6.0 or higher: Settings > Application > Privilege > Privilege List > Retract Access Settings * Android version less than 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, the access authority can only be revoked if the application is deleted. We suggest upgrading the Android version to use it more efficiently. ※ For additional information, make reference to the application's terms and conditions. ---- Jinthree Studio Assistance: Terms: Privacy Policy:
Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense

Overrun - a free-to-play zombie tower defense game with epic rewards. Build your base, arm your survivors and fight off relentless hordes of the infected.

Overrun: Zombie Tower DefenseWildfire Games Ltd
Step into a world of thrilling zombie mayhem with Overrun. This free-to-play tower defense game will put your strategic skills to the test. Assemble your armory, construct your stronghold and lead your survivors to victory against the infected. This isn't your average zombie shooter – it's a battle for survival! You'll lead a brave group of survivors against hordes of ravenous zombies in a world where 99% of the population has been infected. Equip your group with powerful weapons and outsmart the undead menace. With every zombie you take down, you'll earn Z-Bucks to spend in the apocalypse shop.  But the rewards don't stop there. Scavenge the battlefield for first aid kits, grenades, and special strikes, all while maintaining your stronghold. Construct and upgrade your defenses and strategically manage your resources to stay one step ahead of the zombie apocalypse.  As your team of survivors grows, so does your legend. Each new member brings weapons and experience to the fight, but choose wisely – you can only take on a certain number of survivors.  If you think you're ready for the ultimate zombie-battling challenge, take on Overrun and become the ultimate survivor! With epic rewards and thrilling gameplay, this is one zombie apocalypse you won't forget. Download now and fight for survival!
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I am City Hero

I am City Hero combines strategy, action, and role-playing elements in a tower defense game. Defend the city against evil ghost attacks with traps and powerful heroes.

I am City HeroRedFish Game Studio
I am City Hero is an extraordinary Tower Defense game that combines elements of Strategy, Action and Role Playing. The city has been under attack by wicked spirits and it’s about time to take action and protect the citizens from these evil enemies. Arm yourself with weapons to shoot down your foes, build towers to defend and use special skills to eliminate enemies. Create a base to resist attacks and recruit heroes to join the fight. Becoming a hero has never been easier! *****How to Play***** You can select various turrets and traps with distinct features to fight against these malevolent spirits. The key character in this game is Sam. You can control the little warrior Sam to shoot and use powerful skills to exterminate the spirits. However, these enemies are not to be underestimated. Each boss is unique and is equipped with special skills which require strategic decision-making and a tactical approach while forming combinations to defeat these dangerous spirits. *****Features***** - Experience a fantastic combination of Tower Defense (TD), Strategy, Action and Role Playing all in one game. - Use a visual joystick to control Sam’s movements and fights. - Play multiple game modes to get endless fun in this tower defense extravaganza. - Customise your strategies with 12 unique traps and defense towers. - Gain strength with a Talent and Rune System. - Conquer 33 boss fights, each with their own distinct skills and powers. - Unlock over 8 different abilities and use them wisely to achieve victory. - Find hidden items and helping hands to help turn the tide of battle. Build a defensive line with your powerful towers and defend your city. Strategy is key when making the perfect combination of moves to overcome your opponents. Enjoy an exhilarating clash fight in the world of I am City Hero!
Dungeon Overlord

A tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and rogue-like game with stylized monster portraits. Upgrade and enhance your towers to defeat waves of enemies and guard the core crystal.

Dungeon OverlordAvalonGames
This unique game seamlessly mixes tower defense, strategy, auto-chess, and a hint of roguelike. Every tower built in the dungeon must be positioned with strategic foresight, much like a game of auto-chess. Clear each wave of enemy attacks to earn a new card and upgrade your tower with three identical cards. Furthermore, you may acquire several weapons to amplify your tower's strength (known as monsters in this game). The game features stylized monster portraits that could be considered works of art. Dozens of monsters with formidable abilities await to be commanded by you. It's recommended to focus on upgrading one monster per game. Random events will arise during challenging gameplay. Don't overlook enhancing your monsters outside of combat. Protect the core crystal successfully to achieve victory. Stay connected through Discord: and follow the game on Facebook: Do you have the confidence to complete the challenge?
Steampunk Tower 2

Command and defend the Steampunk Tower with unique turrets, dynamic battles, and a team of specialist agents in this tower defense game set in an alternative universe.

Steampunk Tower 2TOO DreamGate
Steampunk Tower 2 is an extraordinary tower defense game available for free, which takes place in an alternative and captivating Steampunk universe. The player is faced with a never-ending world war against an unknown enemy and Lord Bingham requires a highly competent commander. The game is set in a secret base located in the mountains of Spain, where you have control over a Battle Tower transported by a giant aircraft carrier and operated by a group of experts who carry out special missions. The game offers various features like the previous edition, Steampunk Tower, including more enemies, more turrets, a gigantic map of Europe, an aircraft carrier, and dynamic battles. Each turret includes unique specifications and a super shot to complement your gameplay, while the enemies have developed additional armor with weak spots that appear. Players can also access special bonuses and super weapons to improve their chances of winning, while the game challenges them with colossal bosses that cannot be defeated on the first try. You can also construct scientific research laboratories, warehouses, and factories to create new turrets and upgrade towers inside the game's secret Steampunk city. You need to own factories producing component parts for your turrets to win the war for territories, while your team of professionals can be sent on special missions to obtain extra resources. With a host of storyline missions across Europe, find a way to defeat the enemy and penetrate enemy territory for the final strike. Finally, you can develop railway networks to transport agents and resources across the territory. And since it is Steampunk, trains are, of course, an indispensable part of the game. In conclusion, if you desire a thrilling steampunk experience for free, with dynamic battles, colossal challenges, stimulating bonuses, and powerful weapons, Steampunk Tower 2 is the game to play.
Maze Defenders - Tower Defense

Maze Defenders is a 3D fantasy tower defense game where mazing and tower customizations play a crucial role.

Maze Defenders - Tower DefenseJohan Lindberg
Immerse yourself in a world of tower defense fantasy with Maze Defenders, a 3D game that prioritizes mazing and tower customizations. This indie tower defense strategy adventure lets you craft complex mazes for your enemies to navigate, while giving you access to over 17 unique Towers and Builder spells to aid your defence. Your primary objective is to protect your kingdom from the attack of the evil forces ready to invade it. Plan your base defence, upgrade your towers with talent-trees, and combine different tower effects to create the best possible firepower for your tower clash. Mazing is the most powerful strategy tool at your disposal. Create intricate, snaking mazes for your enemies to travel and leave them lost and confused while you launch a counter-attack. Maze Defenders comes with a 3D fantasy world and enemies that will put your td skills to the test on every map. Build your maze the way you want to, because Maze Defenders is all about free tower placement. With over 20 unique Towers to deploy, craft specialised runes, and access to unique builders with their own powers and spells, the game offers endless possibilities for defence strategy and customisation. Experience the thrill of Boss rush tower defense levels and endless td levels in this offline TD game. Challenge your td skills against other td players in the Ranked maps and get a chance to win big rewards as the best players in the royale game. Maze Defenders is an epic journey into multiple fantasy worlds, allowing you to put your td skills to test and free your kingdom from the invaders. The game is perfect for any true tower defense fan, with strategic decision-making at every turn. This 3D RPG tower defense game is inspired by the classics and has been developed by Johan. You can play offline, without the need for an internet connection, so you can enjoy endless hours of tower defence madness whenever you want.
Auto Defense

Build synergies, merge and upgrade turrets to protect your castle from roguelite enemy waves in Auto Defense's real-time strategy game.

Auto DefenseGameloft
Embark on a thrilling adventure to protect your castle from the ravenous alien hordes. Equipped with a variety of turrets, you must strategically merge and upgrade them to create a formidable army and eliminate your enemies. Experience the excitement of real-time strategy as you construct an array of towers that automatically fire at the invaders. Face off against enemies utilizing their best tactics and devise a winning strategy to emerge victorious. The game offers an infinite number of combinations as you mix and merge your turrets on the fly to unlock new abilities and unleash invincible powers that decimate your enemies. With exhilarating battles, there's never a dull moment in Auto Defense! Complete missions and earn rewards, including powerful Turret cards, gear, and gems to fortify your stronghold against all odds. Upgrade and craft new defenses between battles to stay ahead of the curve and become an unstoppable force. Explore an ever-expanding universe that features diverse landscapes, from frozen tundra to sand-swept deserts, and beyond. Challenge yourself with new and compelling obstacles as you strive to become the ultimate defender. Join the Auto Defense community on Discord to connect directly with the developers and stay up to date on the latest news. Don't miss out on limited-time events with exclusive prizes and always be ready for the next exciting challenge! _____________________________________________ Stay in touch with Gameloft on their official site and social media channels. The app allows you to purchase virtual items and may contain third-party advertisements that direct you to external sites. The terms of use, privacy policy, and end-user license agreement are all available on the official Gameloft website.
Isle of Arrows

Build a strategic fortress in Isle of Arrows, a puzzle tower defense game with tile-placement, roguelike structure, and a variety of modes and modifiers.

Isle of ArrowsStudio Gridpop Inc
Isle of Arrows is an intriguing Puzzle Tower Defense game that challenges players to construct a fortress in the sky. With an extraordinary blend of tile-placement and tower defense mechanics, this game offers a unique strategy experience that adds a new dimension to the Tower Defense genre. Your task is to find the perfect location for each tile to confront waves of invaders. The game adopts a Roguelike structure with different tiles, enemies, prizes, and special events, ensuring that each playthrough is entirely different. True to form, you will unlock more elements in campaigns, making it even more intense and exciting. Isle of Arrows offers a diverse range of game modes, allowing for endless hours of entertainment. With varying game modifiers, guilds, and challenges, each playthrough is filled with suspense and excitement. During each round, you place a tile free of cost, however, splurging coins allows you to progress to the next tile immediately. You call the next enemy wave and watch your placed defenses in action. This makes for a truly exhilarating experience that keeps you on your toes. The game includes over 50 tiles, each encompassing different features. Depending on the tile, towers will attack invaders, gardens reward you with coins, and taverns enhance adjacent archery towers. Isle of Arrows offers three distinct gaming modes: Campaign, Gauntlet, and Daily Defense, each having its own set of tiles to make gameplay exciting. An excess of 70 tiles and more than 75 bonus cards are available, as well as 10+ events that can impact your progress positively or negatively. Isle of Arrows, however, does not offer cloud save functionality temporarily. But this small caveat isn't stopping us from experiencing thrilling gameplay.

Defend your territory against waves of enemies with 7 weapons in Fieldrunners HD's addictive gameplay featuring over 400 levels.

FieldrunnersSubatomic Studios, LLC
Immerse yourself in the classic mobile Tower Defense game that started it all, "Fieldrunners HD". This game has held the reigning champion spot of Tower Defense games for years. Now, experience it in a whole new way, with gorgeous high definition graphics designed to make your Android phone or tablet look its absolute best. Show off your skills and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense champion by defeating the Fieldrunners. This game offers over 400 waves across 4 unique battlefields, as well as 7 amazing weapons to give you the style you need to defeat all the bad guys. Unleash your inner gaming pro and experience gameplay so addictive that it's practically time travel. Fieldrunners HD provides a tablet support to maximize your gaming experience. With a bunch of super fun game modes and difficulty levels, you're guaranteed endless hours of entertainment. Also, this game holds the best achievements in video game history for all of the true gamers out there to accomplish. The team that created this masterpiece consists of crime-fighting master artists who have put their talents to work to deliver the most stunning HD visuals. You will become entranced and carried away by the game's sheer visual beauty. Fieldrunners HD is not only fun, but it's also engaging. Share your feedback by sending it to Stay connected by stopping by our Facebook fan page at or following us on Twitter at!/Fieldrunners where we will keep you in the know of the latest game updates. Don't hesitate to join the discussion on our forums at As an added bonus, you can play the first level for free right in your Chrome browser at Keep your eyes peeled for DLC COMING SOON! We're excited to announce more levels that are sure to be awesome! Please note that some funkiness is occurring with a few devices; our team is working to solve this problem ASAP and appreciates your patience. In the meantime, we advise that you make sure our game works immediately after purchasing. Our fans mean the world to us, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. We've integrated Google Analytics into Fieldrunners HD, as it will assist us in bettering the game. The only data we're tracking is basic gameplay information, which will help us learn how to make our game even better for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Thank you for playing FIELDRUNNERS HD! We hope that you continue to challenge yourself and have endless fun.
Infinitode 2: Infinite Tower Defense

Endless tower defense with countless enemies, towers, upgrades, miners, and trophies! Complete story mode, dig resources, design maps, and unlock infinite possibilities!

Infinitode 2: Infinite Tower DefensePrineside
Get ready for an ultimate Tower Defense (TD) game that offers a unique experience with an endless gameplay option. Make a stand against an infinite wave of enemy attacks for as much time as you can and unlock amazing rewards by completing the storyline. With 14 distinct kinds of towers, 11 types of foes, and a comprehensive gameplay, this game is packed with features despite its tiny size. Enjoy over 40 different levels that come with leader boards to keep track of your progress, and several quests without the endless grind. Your towers earn experience, abilities and come with different aiming tactics that can be heavily upgraded. Also, miners are available for digging resources to unlock new global upgrades, and a Map editor can be utilized to create any custom map, and you can earn rewards with each unique map created. Music tracks are a great addition to the game experience and are stored in maps and played with a synthesizer, enhancing the gameplay while providing players with the ability to create maps and share them with others. The game also comes with a massive permanent upgrades tree with over 300 unique researches, and many hardcore quests give trophies in 3D. With detailed statistics for each game, you can track your gameplay progress. The game can be synced with your PC, or any other device available, and everything can be unlocked for free without ads. Interestingly, the game can be passed to unlock a Developer mode with infinite possibilities, making it more engaging every time you play!
Core Defense

Core Defense is a tower defense game with roguelike mechanics, deck building, unlockable rewards, and high difficulty. Learn easily, play in short sessions, and unlock dozens of achievements. Upgrade to the premium version for 20+ difficulty levels and an endless mode. Unlock the mastery expansion for bonuses, 10 more difficulty levels, and supercharge modes.

Core Defenseehmprah
Core Defense is an exceptional tower defense game that incorporates the exciting features of roguelike mechanics while also embracing a bit of deckbuilding. It is amazingly designed to offer a simple yet addictive gameplay experience that will keep you glued to your screen as you strive to surpass each wave, grab more rewards and complete one more run. You do not need to go through any tutorial to perfect your gaming skills; it is effortless to learn. However, it is challenging to master the game due to the insanely high difficulty levels. The beauty of Core Defense lies in its short gaming sessions, which you can pause anytime and continue later. With every run, you will unlock and discover new and exciting rewards and explore different strategies and play styles. The game also features dozens of exclusive achievements that you can unlock. If you upgrade to the premium version, you get to experience the game's amplified difficulty levels, which offer a blissful sense of despair. You also get to test your endurance and see how far you can make it in endless mode. Finally, if you opt to unlock the mastery expansion, you will acquire mastery points that you can use for various bonuses and obtain 10 more difficulty levels to defeat. The game also spices things up with 10 supercharge modes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Core Defense is a game that you do not want to miss.

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