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Elderand is a retro-inspired metroidvania filled with terrifying creatures, RPG elements, and brutal combat. Collect loot, customize your character, and slay bosses.

ElderandPID Games
Elderand is an exciting metroidvania game that will put your determination and skill to the test. Prepare to see heads roll in this gore-filled, retro-inspired platformer, where only the strongest can survive in ruthless, combat against fearsome monsters. Throughout the game, players will venture into a dark and eerie Lovecraftian world that promises glory and rewards for those who endure its madness and terror. With a range of weapons and abilities, players can take on towering bosses and explore the twisted world at their own pace. The game also offers RPG elements, so players can tailor their character's appearance, as well as skills, stats, and weapons, to suit their preferences. As you battle through the game, collect treasure and glory to upgrade your weapons and craft new equipment. Elderand offers a range of locations for players to explore, including a village full of traders, a forest, a temple prison, floating islands, a cursed Cathedral, and the hellish world of Elderand itself. Each area holds numerous monsters and bosses to conquer, with over 60 enemy types and around a dozen different bosses to defeat. As you play, you will collect letters and other pieces of correspondence from those who have come before you, discovering the dark history of the land. With its hand-drawn pixel art and gothic aesthetics, Elderand offers a thrilling and challenging adventure for players who enjoy the metroidvania genre. So, take up your weapons and prove your worth in this unforgettable journey through the twisted and terrifying world of Elderand.
Soul Crusade

Embark on a RPG journey filled with magic, monsters, and epic quests in Soul Crusade. Customize your skills, craft weapons, and become the ultimate hero.

Soul CrusadeColdTeam
In “Soul Crusade,” players can partake in an expansive RPG journey. The game showcases a realm saturated in sorcery and creatures, along with significant quests. Players become a daring protagonist where they will venture through a stunning and extensive landscape, battle strong enemies, and uncover secrets from a corrupt cult. The engaging combat system will challenge players' ability to strategize with customizable magical spells and skills. Using either long-range attacks, close-combat-encounters, or potent spells, all players will discover a play-style that suits their preference. Similarly, the crafting system enables players to customize and create their personalized weapons and equipment, providing a unique experience for each player. Exploring the vivid world in the "Soul Crusade" will reveal secret treasures and other potent artifacts. Personalizing characters with an array of equipment and weapons will transform players into the ultimate RPG legends. As players challenge foes, pass through quests, and level-up, acquiring new abilities, they become an unstoppable force. With fantastic graphics, an exuberant storyline, and immersive gameplay, the player will experience an adventure without compare. Seasoned RPG veterans, as well as newcomers, may discover something to cherish in the epic adventure "Soul Crusade." Download "Soul Crusade" and commence your journey towards accomplishing your dreams of becoming the greatest hero of all time!
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Embark on an epic adventure in Draconian, a retro pixel art action platformer. Explore different regions, defeat bosses, upgrade skills, and uncover secret chests.

Draconian is an action-packed game filled with exciting platformer gameplay, with beautifully crafted retro-style pixelated art. Take a dive into a stunning fantasy realm, where you'll face a horde of enemies like orcs, trolls, and wizards, with several challenges to overcome. Journey through dungeons, wild lands, orc prisons, and beat mighty bosses to succeed in your adventure. This game can be played anytime, and you have the option to play offline or online. Special features of this game include retro pixelated graphics with stunning animations, with four unique regions filled with various foes to fight. There are five epic bosses, each of whom challenges you in different ways. The gameplay experience is story-driven, which immerses you into the adventure. Upgrade your combat abilities by improving your special skills. An awe-inspiring fantasy world is in store for you, with an epic main storyline and various side stories to explore. Secret chests lurking in multiple corners of the realm add to the excitement. The touch controls are simple yet functional, and the game is Gamepad/Controller compatible. So, prepare for an enthralling adventure, full of challenges, and conquer the world of Draconian.
Apple Knight

Apple Knight offers precise touch controls, endless adventure mode, customization of skins, weapons, and abilities, hordes of enemies, and support for gamepads and keyboards.

Apple KnightLimitless, LLC
In Apple Knight, the latest action platformer, you will experience unparalleled touch controls, seamless movement, and fluid animation. The game features vast levels filled with hidden treasures, side quests, and loot. Get ready to take on challenging bosses and battle your way through hordes of evil knights, wizards, and monsters. Alternatively, use traps to deal with them from a safe distance. ๐ŸŒž Apple Knight comes packed with impressive features such as the new Endless Adventure game mode that features randomly generated levels where you can achieve high scores and make it on the leaderboard. Players can customize their character's skins, weapons, and abilities, and even choose different pets to accompany them on their journey. Additionally, each level contains two secret areas that you can explore. You can choose from six customizable touch screen control layouts or use gamepad support. If you're using Chromebooks, there is keyboard support, and it supports Samsung DeX. Finally, Apple Knight supports cloud saves for your progress, and you can compete for achievements and leaderboard positions. There are also many apples in the game! Get ready for an action-packed adventure made with love, care, and attention to detail! Join their Discord on
Yokai Hunter Shintaro

Play as two heroes on a mission to restore balance between humans and Yokai in non-linear stages, defeating bosses and unlocking skills. Based on Japanese folklore.

Yokai Hunter ShintaroRival3RD
Embark on a thrilling journey through the magical Yokai kingdom and the human world with Yokai Hunter Shintaro. This game takes you on an epic quest to restore harmony between the two worlds by following the adventures of two valiant heroes. Your ultimate goal is to defeat each boss in every stage to bring balance and order to the universe. Prepare yourself for a challenging and non-linear gameplay experience. You will encounter numerous obstacles and bosses on your journey, each more difficult than the last. With your wits, skills, and determination, you will triumph over every challenge. Choose between two distinct characters, each with their unique style and approach to combat. You can switch between them at any point during the game, depending on your preference or the situation at hand. As you progress through the game, you can unlock and develop new skills that will assist you on your quest. Experiment with different abilities and techniques to find the perfect combination that suits your gaming style. Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant world of Japanese folklore, where myths and legends come to life. Explore the picturesque landscapes and engage with the colorful characters inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Japan. In conclusion, Yokai Hunter Shintaro packs a punch with its challenging gameplay and intriguing plot, making it a must-play for all adventure-game enthusiasts out there. Get ready to journey into a magical world infused with the mystic creatures and fascinating characters from Japanese folklore.
Dark Rage

Dark Rage: action-packed RPG featuring undead enemies, perilous dungeons, and 22 fierce bosses with unique abilities. Upgrade skills, collect gold, and fight for survival.

Dark RageColdTeam
Dark Rage is an action-packed RPG game designed in an eerie dark fantasy style. The game follows the journey of a brave hero who refuses to bow down to death, and instead, embarks on a perilous expedition amidst bloodthirsty zombies, resurrected skeletons and other ferocious monsters. Take charge of the situation and annihilate your foes, absorbing their souls along the way. Traverse through treacherous dungeons riddled with deadly traps and hidden treasures. Amplify your chances of survival by equipping yourself with sturdy armor and deadly weaponry. Enhance your combat skills and engage in fierce battles as you progress through challenging levels. With a whopping 22 bosses equipped with varying abilities and battle tactics, the game is sure to keep you on your toes. Follow the game's plot, leading you through breathtaking locations. Amass riches in the form of gold, thereby affording you the luxury of purchasing strategic items and augmenting abilities. Customize the game controls to suit your preferences by tweaking their size and position. The game is complete with pixel graphics and offers compatibility with joysticks and controllers. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to reach out to us at
Mortal Crusade: Sword of Knight

Mortal Crusade: immersive action RPG world awaits knights equipped with weapons and magic. Fast-paced combat, gorgeous pixel graphics, bosses, and new abilities.

Mortal Crusade: Sword of KnightColdTeam
Looking for an enchanting quest full of risky ventures and adrenaline rush? Discover the alluring world of Mortal Crusade, an extraordinary action-packed RPG that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. Explore this mystical world consisting of treasures, creatures, and gripping storylines. Playing the role of a bold knight, you have access to a plethora of weapons and skills that will aid you in taking down your enemies. Be it a sword or shield technique, a magical spell that would wreak havoc on your opponents, the game pledges to cater to every player's playstyle. Its splendid pixel graphics, of the highest quality, create a visually enticing world, brimming with intricate details and unique ambiance. As you traverse through various terrains, right from the exuberant forests to the menacing dungeons, you shall behold a mesmerizing experience. Amass experience, defeat robust bosses and earn yourself new gear and abilities to survive in this challenging world. If you're a fan of immerse-rich-gaming that endows you with a new challenges every time, you have come to the right place. Mortal Crusade is the ultimate action RPG that caters to your innermost desires towards gaming. Get it at the earliest and take control of the brave knight to embark on this irresistible journey.
Unbroken Soul

Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game where you must defeat Elaniof and save humanity. Explore 9 regions, face 9 unique bosses, and upgrade your character with different abilities.

Step into a retro-style world of action and platforming with Unbroken Soul, where your mission is to run, jump, and slash your way across the vast world of Alaron. Humanity's fate rests with King Tyrion, their last hope against the evil necromancer Elaniof and his terrifying machinations. Get ready for an epic adventure that pits you against countless enemies, regional guardians, and finally Elaniof himself in a bid to save humanity from an unspeakable fate. With dynamic 2D action that demands precision, you'll need to swing, wall jump, double jump, fight off enemies, avoid obstacles, and evade lethal traps with character controls that are super smooth and dynamic enough to rival many console games. Get lost in 9 fantastic regions, including the Insolo desert and Crisul's Fortress, all intricately designed down to the last detail to offer an immersive gaming experience. And with 9 unique bosses, each with their own powers and phases, every encounter is a brand new challenge. Unlock incredible abilities and powers such as a bow and awesome new moves, and upgrade your character to face increasingly powerful enemies that will test your every skill. Personalize your controls further by customizing the Dpad or joystick controls, and resizing all control options for even better gameplay. And for those who prefer to use gamepads, Unbroken Soul has been completely optimized for a true console experience, ensuring that you can enjoy the game to the fullest on your mobile devices. With support for multiple languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, and French, Unbroken Soul is an adventure that you won't want to miss.
Rune Sword

Uncover secret treasures and defeat monsters to restore the kingdom's barrier in this platformer with 36 unique levels, multiple characters & weapons, and magic runes.

Rune SwordPixel Panic
Deep within the forest lies a mysterious rune statue, from which the royal mages source the magical power that maintains a barrier to protect their kingdom against deadly monsters. However, not everyone believes that the barrier is necessary. Strange things happen when one of the mages betrays his brothers and steals the all-important runes, causing the barrier to fall. The kingdom is in peril! Experience thrilling platforming challenges as you run, jump and slash your way through a vast world. Each level is perfectly crafted and comes with distinctive terrain designs and trap schemes to make every adventure fresh and unpredictable. Explore each level thoroughly and discover hidden treasures, new weapons and armour, rare magic runes and unlock their magical properties. Become more powerful as you fight and defeat bosses. FEATURES: - Level design: 36 intricately designed levels, from the simple to the challenging, each with unique designs, obstacles, and enemy AI. - Treasure hunting: Each level has 3-5 hidden treasures to discover and collect, providing an added layer of excitement to the gameplay. - A diverse cast of characters and swords: Choose from 8 different characters and 7 unique swords, each with their unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. - Collect magic runes: Collect the magic runes scattered throughout the game world to empower and enhance your character's abilities. - Face challenging monster AI: Encounter more than 10 different monster types with unique attack styles, strengths, and weaknesses, making each battle more thrilling and unpredictable. STAY CONNECTED Join our social media communities and always stay updated with the latest news and updates for Pixel Panic. THANK YOU We are grateful that you have chosen to play Pixel Panic. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

Darkrise is a hardcore action RPG with 4 unique classes, 50 locations, juicy fighting system, and various possibilities to make your character stronger.

Darkrise is an indelible hardcore game by two independent developers, crafted in a beguiling pixel art style that revolves around action-packed RPG gameplay. In this game, players can dabble in four distinctive character classes - Mage, Warrior, Archer, and Rogue. Each character class encompasses its inherent strengths and weaknesses, with unique game mechanics and skills that bring a touch of diversity to Darkrise's gameplay. The game's storyline unfurls with the protagonist's homeland facing an incursion by goblins, undead creatures, demons, and neighboring countries. With the perilous times demanding unparalleled bravery, the hero must gain in strength and valour to save his country from being wiped off the map. Players can choose from three different difficulites across 50 exciting locations in the game. The enemies are unpredictable and have unique features; some will appear before your eyes, while others are unleashed from the portals that spawn randomly across the location. At times, specifically defective, ultra-powerful foes may be thrown into the mix, adding a layer of difficulty while injecting unpredictability. Darkrise offers a fighting system that's both fluid and immersive. With every strike, the camera shakes, with hit flashes signaling that you're on the right track. When defeated, enemies drop items that fly in all directions. Both the protagonist and opponents are quick, tight-knit and if you stay still, you'll quickly find yourself losing. The game is loaded with features that help enhance your character's strengths and skills, with a staggering 8 types of equipment and 6 rarities available for use. Besides adding gems to the slots on your armor, you can also combine several similar gems to upgrade them. The game also provides the option of enhancing and reforging your armor to make it even better, thanks to the smith in the town.
Total Party Kill

Control 3 heroes in a dungeon to solve puzzles by sacrificing your teammates. Survive with at least one hero to win. Total Party Kill, with new levels and soundtrack.

Total Party KillAdventure Islands
Immerse yourself in the depths of a sinister dungeon where creative tactics involving your teammates' safety is the only way forward. You'll have to take control of three heroes with distinct abilities to unravel mind-bending puzzles by sacrificing other members of your team. As the Knight, you will hurl your allies, the Mage will freeze them in ice blocks, and with the Ranger, you'll impale them on walls to use them as stepping stones. As long as one hero survives to the goal, you win! Total Party Kill, the victor of the Ludum Dare 43 game development competition with the theme "Sacrifices must be made," allows you to enjoy new and enhanced features, such as updated visuals and animations, a new KungFuFurby-composed soundtrack, and demanding new levels!
Sword of Xolan

Sword of Xolan: action platformer game with 30 levels, 9 challenges, 3 bosses, 30 enemies, 10 skill cards, customizable controls, and an original soundtrack.

Sword of XolanAlper Sarฤฑkaya
Sword of Xolan is a stimulating game that encompasses the pixel art style to create an action-packed platforming experience. Playing as Xolan, a young and intrepid man who dutifully fights for justice, you can aid him in his quest to combat the dark forces that have enveloped the once peaceful land. Embark on a quest of epic proportions as you indulge in 30 captivating hand-designed levels, set against spectacular backdrops. Test your agility in 9 challenging levels, and defeat the "End of Act" bosses that await you. Battle against over 30 different enemies, from zombie hordes to towering giants and hyperactive flying creatures. Boost your gaming experience with the aid of 10 unique game-cards that enable you to enhance Xolan's skillset. Exercise additional control over your gameplay pleasure with adjustable touch controls and the optional advantage of controller support. Collect a total of 19 Game Center achievements and authorize the original soundtrack, created by Burak Karakas, to transport you into the game's realm.
Moonrise Arena

Moonrise Arena: Pixel-style RPG where two characters fight 20 unique arenas filled with random enemies, upgrading and obtaining 8 types of equipment.

Moonrise ArenaRoika
Looking for an old-school action RPG in pixel style endowed with hardcore vibes? Moonrise Arena is a game that blends nostalgia with challenging gameplay elements crafted by two indie developers. With Alice and Godric, get acquainted with unique characters with their own game mechanics and features. The homeland of these heroes has been under attack by undead creatures and demons, making it necessary for them to grow stronger and eliminate these invaders. The game offers 20 different locations to explore, each with their own unique arenas and three levels of difficulty to choose from. The enemies in the game are spawned randomly through portals that appear on the arenas every few seconds. Each enemy has distinct features that are different from one another. The gameplay is not predictable as noteworthy enemies can appear with random stats at any point. Moonrise Arena keeps the players constantly engaged with a fighting system that is quite juicy and animated with flourishing camera shakes, strike flashes, health drop animations, and drops flying in all directions. For the player to avoid getting defeated, they will need to move strategically and continuously. While fighting for survival, players get a chance to earn and create opportunities to strengthen their chosen character with eight types and seven rarities of equipment. Players have the option to acquire new armor and gem slots and can combine gems of one kind to form upgraded gems. By visiting the smith in town, players can even enhance and refine their armory for better protection. In summary, Moonrise Arena is far from being just another game in a saturated market. The visual pixel art and hardcore gameplay elements contribute to an entertaining and engaging game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. If you're looking for an action-packed RPG game with unique character features and gameplay, then Moonrise Arena is the game for you.
Birk's Adventure

Save the kingdom in retro-styled "Nidhogg 2" Metroidvania platformer. Non-linear gameplay, collect weapons, and explore to upgrade your character.

Birk's AdventureDonut Games
EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! 40% price cut!!! ################## Discover a brand new exploration-based platform game in Metroidvania style from the acclaimed makers of 'Traps n' Gemstones' (2014 Gamezebo GAME OF THE YEAR). THE STORYLINE As mysterious forces appear in the thunderous skies over the Kingdom of Nidala during a dark and rainy storm, Birk, a brave townsman, ventures towards the old tower of Merlin, seeking assistance from the elder. Birk discovers that the King has vanished without a trace and the holy stone tablets which have safeguarded the kingdom for centuries have been snatched away. Journey with Birk and embark on an enchanting pixel-retro adventure, to untangle the secrets and bring back harmony to the kingdom. Engage with locals and explore the kingdoms, gathering weapons and upgrading your character along the way. Features: * Non-linear gameplay: Roam freely about the universe * Non-destructive gameplay that's favorable to casual gamers: Should you fail, restart from the last room rather than starting from the beginning * Interact with NPCs, barter items, and receive leads * Accomplish weapons and valuable collectibles * Enhance your character's strengths * Discover concealed treasures spread across the kingdom * Check the overview map to keep track of already visited sites This game is optimized to support joy pads and external keyboards that use Android OS friendly key codes such as KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT, KEYCODE_BUTTON_A and more.

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