GamelistsApr 22 - 28, 2024 New games

Apr 22 - 28, 2024 New games

11 games
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Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS

Unleash abilities & gear to fight hordes of mutant zombies and uncover post-apocalyptic mysteries in Zombie State: Survival Game.

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPSMY.GAMES B.V.
Get your adrenaline pumping with this thrilling new zombie shooter adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. Enter a world full of zombies and get ready for exciting battles. Dive into a unique blend of first-person shooter and rogue-like gameplay by unleashing each character's individual skills and abilities that perfectly complement their unique skillset. Strategize by using different ability combinations to grow stronger, turn the tide against the zombie hordes and emerge victorious. Unlock a vast collection of powerful weapons and exclusive gear by completing missions. Choose wisely to boost your hero’s strength and remain the ultimate survivor. Explore a world full of horrifying mutated zombies, each with their own weaknesses and unique characteristics. Study their habits and carefully plan your attack to avoid getting struck down by boss monsters. Experience the thrill of traversing various locations plagued by zombies with diverse settings and gameplay modes – each level presents an exciting new challenge to overcome. Uncover the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic world as you battle your way through hordes of zombies. Take on new challenges to reveal the secrets behind the apocalypse. Get social and join the official Facebook page or Discord server to stay updated on the latest news and developments. Visit the official YouTube channel for exciting gameplay trailers and videos. Don't wait – embark on this adventure and fight for your survival in this thrilling game brought to you by MY.GAMES B.V.
Rumble Club

Rumble Club: physics-based massive multiplayer battle with silly gadgets, shrinking battlefield, and tons of cosmetics. Punch your way to victory with friends!

Rumble ClubLightfox Games, Inc.
Welcome to Rumble Club, the first rule of which is never to keep it a secret. It's a physics-based multiplayer game that supports up to 20 players. Through epic battles, you'll punch, push, throw, and outsmart your opponents to be the last one standing in the arena. Board Captain Punch’s Sky Yacht to get into the battlefield. Then, look for useless but funny gadgets to fight with. Survive the falling floors and shrinking arenas to emerge as the ultimate champion! Ready to take on this challenge? Rumble Club is all about fun. You need to knock out opponents in a physics-based tournament. Tap to punch and fight. Don't let anyone escape! Be creative with items and try Magnets, Punch Tank, Magic Donut, and others. There are tons of cosmetic items and skins to unlock and choose from. Customize your character and stand out from the rest. Strategize and master different game modes, arenas and levels. Rumble Club also supports real online multiplayer, allowing you to play with friends, message them, and even compete with them. Rumble Club offers a range of quests that you can complete to earn rewards and unlock exclusive cosmetics. So, jump into this incredible game right now!
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Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is an idle strategy RPG with real-time battles, diverse gameplay, and easy cultivation set in a fantasy-themed continent of Inariel.

Inariel Legend: Dragon HuntHK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited
Are you ready to conquer the chaos power of Nidhogg and lead the heroes of various factions on the Inariel continent in an exciting idle strategy card RPG adventure with Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt? Step into a beautifully designed fantasy world and create your own legend as foretold in the prophecy. Master the art of strategy and dominate your enemies in real-time battles involving ranger heroes, elemental heroes, and minions. Utilize up to seven battle modes to overcome enemy weaknesses and bring peace to the Inariel land. Discover diverse gameplay options such as recruiting companions from different factions, sealing chaos dragons, participating in guild raids, or engaging in arena battles. Step into the shoes of a commander and meet heroic characters from various factions with different personalities. Join forces with the Senlan College, Wilderness Tribe, Shadow Council, and other factions to fight against common enemies. Cultivate and develop your heroes easily with free auto-battle progression and SSR heroes upon logging in. The game is free-to-play, idle-friendly, and easy to navigate. Experience a fun and relaxing idle adventure game by diving into the new adventure world of Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt. Join forces with friends to strategize and explore every corner of the beautifully designed Inariel continent. Step up and lead the heroes to victory against the chaos power of Nidhogg!
Super Dragon Punch Force 3

Choose your champion and battle in style with epic visuals and adrenaline-boosting soundtrack in Super Dragon Punch Force 3, the go-to mobile fighter game.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3Talent Digital Art
Prepare for an exhilarating free-to-play brawl that will leave you awestruck with jaw-dropping visuals and a flair comparable to console-quality games. SQUARE OFF WITH UNIQUE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS Choose from an array of combatants, each possessing their own fighting style and impressive abilities, to discover your preferred champion and reign supreme in the arena! BATTLE IN SPECTACULAR STYLE Fight your way through impeccably designed arenas with breathtaking visuals that transform every confrontation into a stunning display. The high-quality graphics, coupled with dynamic effects, make each bout an exciting and visually enthralling experience that is planned and executed to perfection. IMMERSIVE SOUNDTRACK AND IMPRESSIVE PRESENTATION The adrenaline-pumped soundtrack elevates the intensity of your fights, delivering the perfect mood for every match. Super Dragon Punch Force 3 also offers a polished, sleek presentation, providing a sensory experience that will appeal to both your eyes and ears. IMPRESSIVE REVIEWS ASUS_X00T_2 shared their excitement for finally finding a good fighting game for mobile devices that met their expectations. Join the excitement and discover why Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is rapidly becoming the go-to fighter for fans everywhere. UNINTERRUPTED PURE ACTION Get ready to engage in non-stop, ad-free action anytime and anywhere, making it the ideal game for those who want nothing but intense action. Download Super Dragon Punch Force 3 now and experience the overwhelming sensation of victory as you take down opponent after opponent. Are you ready to fight?

Create the ultimate striker and lead your team to victory in this original soccer game. Communicate with players and build your dream team.

As an assistant, you worked on Blue Lock project, but now you are fired and need to transform yourself into a coach, capable of creating the innovative "chemical reaction" that Ego desires. In this game, you have the opportunity to develop the striker of your dreams by coaching your favorite player in any way you see fit. Your decisions as a coach, such as which stats to enhance and which skills to teach, will determine the player's success on the field. The ultimate striker that you create will bear your mark, making it truly unique. A completely original storyline is also waiting for you in the "Training" mode. Establish solid communication with the players during training sessions to support their growth. This will help you to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to win. Even those new to soccer will find enjoyment in the game's "Auto system" during matches. You will witness extraordinary performances by the players as you strive to conquer victory on the pitch. To challenge your skills further, compete against rival teams with your own all-star lineup. You have control over which players to choose and the type of team you want to build. Use your ego and vision to find a winning formula! Become the coach and create your own path to soccer glory in Blue Lock. © Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, KODANSHA/BLUELOCK Production Committee.
Aurora Hills: Chapter 1

Solve the mystery of the Aurora Hills disappearances as ranger Ethan Hill. Venture deep into the national park to uncover clues and solve puzzles in this point-and-click adventure game.

Aurora Hills: Chapter 1NovaSoft Interactive
Step into the stunning natural surroundings of the Appalachian Mountains, where Aurora Hills, a charming town blessed with local resources, was on the cusp of becoming a thriving community. Despite the breathtaking landscape, the idyllic town has fallen prey to a spate of abductions, residents and tourists alike vanishing into thin air over the past few years. Facing an unsettlingly deserted town, you take on the role of a vigilant park ranger. Your mission is to tackle the ever-growing mystery surrounding the missing people. What is happening in this small town? Could it be the work of an outside force or something more sinister lurking within? It’s up to you to reveal the truth. Aurora Hills: Chapter 1 is the latest point-and-click puzzle game series from the team behind Meridian 157, offering a thrilling adventure game set in the year of 1981 in a small region of West Virginia. Embark on Ethan Hill’s journey, a park ranger who has been assigned the task of investigating the sinister disappearances in the town. Explore the mesmerizing hills of West Virginia, delve into the enigmatic clues, and solve perplexing puzzles to unravel the secrets behind Aurora Hills. As Ethan Hill, you must delve deep into the town and the surrounding natural park to uncover the mysteries of the haunting disappearances of Aurora Hills. Discover the clues and solve the puzzles in this intriguing, point-and-click, hidden object game. The game features a custom soundtrack with breath-taking sound effects to create the right eerie environment for this creepy puzzle adventure game. You get to challenge yourself to solve complex and clever puzzles, as a logical hint system guides you through the most challenging riddles. The game comes with a broad language base, including English, French, Russian, German, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. Besides, the game introduces a color-blind mode option, enabling even more players to experience the spine-chilling mystery of Aurora Hills. So, step into the exciting world of Ethan Hill, and uncover the dark secrets of Aurora Hills that are waiting for you to reveal them.
Dadish 3D

Help Dadish reunite with his missing kids by facing fast-food enemies in 50 tricky levels filled with hidden stars.

Dadish 3DThomas K Young
Welcome to the breathtaking world of Dadish! Dadish, a radish who is also a father, needs your help finding his missing kids who were enticed away by sketchy pop-up ads. It's up to you to aid him in his wackiest escapade ever, navigate through unchartered territories, battle with enemies who are fast food themed, and reunite him with his little radishes on this exhilarating 3D platforming experience. This game offers a challenging 3D platformer where you will face difficult levels and five sullen bosses. The dialogues are hilarious and will leave you clutching your stomach. With 50 hand-crafted levels to go through, including collectable stars hidden in every stage, the journey is never ending. You will encounter 49 cheeky baby radishes and one noisy Possum to locate, all while experiencing the highs and lows of being a parent (who happens to be a radish). To top it all off, you can even hitch a ride on the back of a massive hamburger who, unfortunately, is also a criminal, but it's all part of the fun! But be wary, fast-food deviants are out to get you at every turn. You'll have to fight your way through them to ensure Dadish and his adorable kids are brought together once again. This fantastic game includes controlled support, beautiful graphics, a fantastic soundtrack, and an inspiring message to believe in yourself and follow your heart. Whether you're an experienced gamer or new to the platforming genre, Dadish will provide you with hours of fun-filled action and tons of laughter.
SaGa Emerald Beyond

Experience the ultimate SaGa game with Emerald Beyond's unique story that evolves based on your choices, bolstered by strategic Timeline battles and diverse cast of protagonists.

SaGa Emerald BeyondSQUARE ENIX
SaGa Emerald Beyond is a highly anticipated addition to the SaGa franchise that brings together the finest features of the series, to create a thrilling and unique gaming experience for each player. Engage in battles using a combination of glimmers and combos to vanquish your enemies. Meet an array of fascinating races that include mechs, monsters, and vampires, and immerse yourself in a captivating story that evolves according to your choices and actions. The game offers players the chance to visit 17 distinct worlds from the Junction, with the option to follow either the path of destiny or to forge your own course. You will explore diverse cultures and landscapes, ranging from forested areas replete with skyscrapers to lush green habitats covered in vegetation, or worlds ruled by five powerful witches and another controlled by vampires - just to name a few of the incredible locations. Six protagonists from different backgrounds and with unique goals embark on five separate story arcs, each with their own personal reasons. For example, one character is a human assigned to protect the barrier safeguarding his city, another is a witch seeking to recover her lost magic while maintaining a disguise at school, while still another is a vampire lord seeking to regain his crown and restore order to his world. You can choose the same protagonist for multiple playthroughs and still experience entirely different events, storylines, and fresh paths. SaGa Emerald Beyond has an impressive number of branching plots, making it the most versatile game in the SaGa series, with the direction of the story evolving based on your choices and actions. Every time you visit a new world, your adventure will change, providing you with countless storyline options. The unfolding tale becomes uniquely yours, influencing not only the path you walk but also the multiple endings that wait for each protagonist. The Timeline Battles in SaGa Emerald Beyond have been perfected, and the new strategic battle system adds even more excitement than previous iterations. With the Glimmer system, you can acquire abilities spontaneously, Formations allow tactical ally placement, and United Attacks let you chain individual skills together to create devastating attacks. You can support your party members in battle, interrupt enemy actions, and use United Attacks by expertly manipulating the order of ally actions to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Everything in the game, from your character to the weapons they wield, party formation, and battle tactics is under your control. Start your adventure and uncover the unique possibilities that SaGa Emerald Beyond has in store for you.
Last Escape: Wasteland Warzone

Survive and scavenge in the 🌍post-apocalyptic wasteland🌍 of 💣Last Escape💥. Master intuitive controls, craft weapons, and engage in online battles in stunning graphics.

Last Escape: Wasteland WarzoneForgeGames Mobile
Welcome to the chaotic and mutated world of 💣Last Escape💥! Prepare for the ultimate top-down shooter experience as one of the few survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Your mission is simple - stay alive at any cost. Engage in heart-racing battles against mutants, stalkers, and other threats while scavenging for vital supplies and scraps. With a unique view cone mechanism, every move you make could be the difference between life and death. Stay vigilant and aware since danger is always around the corner. Use your sharp senses to track enemies through sound cues, but be cautious - they can hear you too. Plan your movements carefully, create powerful weapons and equipment using scraps and materials, and fortify your base against relentless assaults. 🤼Online battles Challenge yourself in intense online battles with players worldwide. Test your skills and enhance your survival strategy against a global community of survivors as you compete for dominance in the post-apocalyptic world. 🔫Wide range of weapons and equipment Select from a vast array of weapons and equipment, each with its distinct sets of strengths and capabilities. From makeshift firearms to improvised armor, choose the tools that best suit your playstyle and adapt to the ever-changing threats of the wasteland. 🛠Craft weapons and equipment Utilize the scraps and materials you collect to craft powerful weapons and equipment at your base. Experiment with various combinations to create the ultimate arsenal needed for survival in this unforgiving world. 🌐Stunning battlescapes Experience breathtaking battlescapes carefully crafted to provide diverse and challenging environments for combat. From abandoned urban ruins to overgrown airfields, each location offers its unique set of dangers and opportunities. 👀See and hear danger Remain on high alert at all times with view cone and sound mechanics. Stay aware of your surroundings and listen for any enemy movements, using your sharp senses to detect any impending danger. 🎮Easy Controls Experience intuitive and straightforward controls designed to deliver smooth gameplay on mobile devices. Whether you're a pro or a newbie to the genre, 💣Last Escape💥 offers an accessible and seamless gaming experience suitable for all players. 📺Stunning graphics Immerse yourself in stunning graphics that bring the post-apocalyptic wasteland to life in vivid detail. Every scene is accurately rendered with breathtaking realism, enhancing the immersive experience of survival in a world on the brink of collapse. Are you brave enough to venture into this desolate wasteland and carve out your path to survival? It's time to download 💣Last Escape💥 and embark on an epic journey into the unknown. The fate of humanity rests in your hands. Note: Dear users, we are consistently working on providing updates that offer new content, better graphics, and optimization. Please report any bugs or issues you encounter, and we will do our best to address them.
Ooga Booga: Troubles in Time

Join the adventure in Ooga Booga: Troubles in Time, defeat evil forces in different universes, jump, fight, and beware of traps. Release date: April 24, 2024.

Ooga Booga: Troubles in TimeBanensoft
Scheduled to be released on April 24, 2024, get ready to embark on an exhilarating expedition in "Ooga Booga: Troubles in Time"! Select your character and navigate through various dimensions to defeat the malevolent forces of darkness, as your perilous adversary awaits to pummel you. Experience the optimum game controls for platformers. Overcome hindrances by leaping over them to move on to the next level. Confront a plethora of adversaries in diverse settings. Escape avalanches by running down the mountain at breakneck speed. Employ quick reflexes while riding a wild boar, evading rapscallions. Engage in conversations with characters to vanquish the ultimate nemesis. WARNING: The fiend will attempt to deceive you, so keep your wits about you to avoid falling into their deathly traps. Demonstrate your mettle as the chosen one!

Tactical roguelike, Oaken, challenges players to explore the Great Oak, gather allies and trinkets, and use positioning to defeat enemies.

OakenGoblinz Studio SAS
Welcome to Oaken, an immersive turn-based tactical adventure set in a mystical world filled with spirits. Traverse through the Great Oak and collect valuable allies and trinkets, master the art of strategic positioning, and make informed choices on how to upgrade your card game. Your ultimate goal is to awaken the slumbering spirits and save the Oak from certain doom! In this roguelike game, you will embark on a journey of discovery filled with mystical and magical encounters. Navigate through the Great Oak and discover the secrets that lay hidden within the trees. Along the way, you’ll have to fight through various obstacles, but with the help of your trinkets and allies, you'll be more than capable of facing anything that comes your way. To be successful, you must master the positioning of your deck through your strategic prowess. Plan out your moves carefully, and make sure to consider the positioning of your cards, as this can make or break your success. Tactically plan your moves, and choose how you will go about upgrading your cards to maximize their potential, and guarantee your chances of success. Ultimately, your mission is to wake the spirits that lay dormant and help protect the Great Oak from the many dangers that threaten it. With the fate of the Oak resting on your shoulders, it's up to you to prove yourself as the ultimate protector, rise up to the challenge, and save the day! So, if you're ready to take on the challenge, gear up, and step into this magical world filled with endless possibilities!

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