GamelistsApr 8 - 14, 2024 New games

Apr 8 - 14, 2024 New games

11 games
SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Home, Planet & Hunters

Join the elite Ring Hunter squad to protect the shattered planet in real-time combat with a unique elemental system and quirky prey.

Home, Planet & HuntersBlack Pearl Games Ltd.
The Black Pearl Team is calling all brave fighters from "The Ring" to aid in protecting our shattered home planet after the devastating "Cataclysm." We require hunters who have a deep love for our planet and possess the ability to fight in real-time. Agile and precise combat skills are essential, as is acceptance of 3-person squad combat. As a hunter, you must also be able to expertly wield the rich elemental system and display excitement for unusual prey, such as flying octopuses, sandworms that dance, and hooligans. Rest assured that we will provide at least eight elite hunters brimming with stories and growth support from the Hunter Association. Our retro pixel style presentation showcases the most breathtaking landscapes of the planet. Join our team for the chance to explore the entire planet as your hunting ground! The Black Pearl Game Development Team has put forth their heart and soul into Home, Planet, and Hunter. They hope that you will enjoy playing it, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ins, and Threads are available for you to follow them.
The Legend of Jaffa Brownie

Play as Jaffa Brownie in 3D action-adventure game "The Legend of Jaffa Brownie" to explore and uncover mysteries of Jaffa Factory.

The Legend of Jaffa BrownieShosha Games
If you are a fan of magical worlds and sweet treats, then get prepared to discover a world filled with Jaffa cakes and their secrets in the 3D action-adventure game "The Legend of Jaffa Brownie". Take on the role of Jaffa Brownie as you embark on a journey to reveal the truth about your origin and find the Heart of the Factory. Enter the vibrant universe of Jaffa treats, and delve into every part of the factory, including the serene farm, the fast-paced urban cityscape, as well as the more obscure and chilling parts of the factory. The game features challenging platforming that will test your skills as you overcome obstacles and reach various sections of the factory. Be prepared to face off against several types of robots as you fight to safeguard Jaffa cakes in exhilarating combat situations. Solve various puzzles to progress through different worlds and think tactically to defeat obstacles. You can also gather coins along the way to customize your Brownie with unique skins and make it stand out from the crowd. Step into the whimsical world of Jaffa cakes, and become a part of the legend of Brownie's existence.
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Builderment Idle

Builderment Idle: Manage your factory and produce valuable items for sale. Upgrade and expand your operations to explore new environments.

Builderment IdleBuilderment LLC
Get ready to unwind while your factory effortlessly harvests, produces, and markets goods for you! Builderment Idle offers a delightful and relaxed approach to the factory simulation category. In this enjoyable and easy-to-play game, players are entrusted with regulating the procurement of resources and transforming them into profitable goods. The game's user-friendly features enable players to enhance their productivity and efficiency by upgrading their factories with each advancement. As the users advance in the game, they can navigate different settings, acquire new factories, broaden their functions, and create even more valuable wares to sell.

Battle eternal winter in Wildermyth’s Snowdwell, where you’ll build a deck of elemental items and card companions to defeat the Wildfrost.

WildfrostChucklefish Limited
The world is in the grip of eternal winter as the sun has become frozen due to Wildfrost. Snowdwell and its inhabitants are the only ones who have survived this apocalyptic event. In this exciting game, you have to create a powerful deck of cards and elemental items that will help you fight against the Wildfrost and bring back the warmth. With over 160 different cards at your disposal, you can build the perfect deck for your needs. Daily runs and challenges make the game endlessly replayable, so you'll never run out of things to do. Whether you're new to card games or an experienced veteran, this game has something for everyone. With the all-new tutorial and difficulty scaling 'Storm Bell' system, players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. As you progress through the game, you can recruit cute card companions and equip powerful charms and elemental items to help you in your quest. You can choose your leader from various tribes, each with unique skills and stats. The dynamic 'counter' system will put your strategic skills to the test. You'll need to master this system to defeat the Wildfrost and return the world to its normal state. You can expand and develop the hub town of Snowdwell with every run. Unlock new cards, events, and customization options to make the game even more enjoyable. This game is fully updated and includes 'Better Adventures' and 'Storm Bells' content. The updated UI makes mobile play smooth and enjoyable. In conclusion, if you want to experience an exciting game of strategy and adventure while battling the elements, this game is perfect for you.
Empty Space

Survive the void and rescue family from demon spawn & fire monsters in this unforgiving challenge – no room for failure.

Empty SpaceSurin Studio
In the aftermath of The Fire, you must embark on a harrowing journey through the vast, empty expanse of space in order to save your beloved family members from certain peril. Along the way, you will come face to face with all manner of terrifying demons and fiery monsters who will stop at nothing to thwart your mission. However, failure is not an option - you must have unwavering courage and fortitude if you hope to emerge victorious in this epic struggle for survival. With every step you take and every obstacle you overcome, you will grow stronger and become ever more skilled in the art of combat. So ready your wits and sharpen your reflexes, for the fate of your loved ones and the entire galaxy rests upon your shoulders. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge as a true hero, or will you succumb to the flames of defeat? The choice is yours.
PolyGuns FPS - Shooter Strike

Dive into the world of PolyGuns FPS - Shooter Strike and engage in multiple playing modes like TDM, Gun Race, Free for All, Capture the Flag, and Domination with resources and beautiful environments.

PolyGuns FPS - Shooter StrikeBravoo Rays LLC
Are you excited about the thrills of action-packed PvP FPS games? Are you eager to put your shooter skills to the ultimate test in stylized gameplay? Look no further than PolyGuns Fps - Shooter Strike for a heart-pounding first-person shooter experience where every shot counts. Enter the warzone and make your mark in the polyguns world war 3d. With diverse maps and polygon characters, weapon customization options, and a variety of gun game modes, PolyGuns has everything you need for the ultimate battle. Polyguns offers exclusive features such as a vast range of weapons and upgrades, a premium battle pass to unlock online multiplayer mode, daily gun shooting missions, and different achievements rewards. Plus, various first-person shooter game modes in beautiful environments, an online leaderboard of polygon players, campaign battles, a team death match arena, offline and online epic wars of first-person shooters, and advanced polygon graphics with easy fps shooting game controls. Join forces with your teammates to engage in relentless combat in the TDM mode of the fps polyguns arena. Communication, coordination, and teamwork are essential to competing with the polygon shooters on the battlefield of the polyguns world war 3d. Get ready for an intense race to arm yourself with the most powerful arsenal in the Gun Race mode of PolyGuns Fps - Shooter Strike. Compete against other players to be the first to reach a series of weapon pickups and increase your firepower, but beware! The intensity of battle also increases. Engage in intense firefights and showcase your sniper shooting skills in Free For All mode. There are no teams or allies as you fight to be the last one standing in this polygon shooting game where only the strongest will survive. In Capture the Flag mode, teamwork and strategy are of vital importance. Divide into teams and embark on a mission to seize the enemy's flag while defending your own. Protect your flag and claim victory for your team in the fps polyguns arena. In Domination mode, work with your team to capture occupied points and face enemy attacks. Control the battlefield, dominate the competition, and lead your team to victory in this online multiplayer PvP of Polyguns shooter strike. Download PolyGuns - Multiplayer Shooting Game for free today. Your honest feedback is valuable to help us improve the quality of game.
Afterimage Mobile

Explore Engardin, once protected by Goliaths until humans' war destroyed everything. Determine the world's fate with deep RPG mechanics, over 50 NPCs, and 170 enemies.

Afterimage MobileTANG (HK) Network
In the world of Engardin, four great beings called Goliaths were left by a deity to maintain the balance and order of the world. These Goliaths had distinct and divine callings to ensure the reincarnation and multiplication of life in Engardin. Humans were created last, and their lust for power led to a long and devastating war with the Goliaths. Flames engulfed Engardin until a massive explosion called "The Razing" put an end to the conflict. However, this broke the divine order, and lives started to fade away, marking the end of the age of mankind. After the conflict, the survivors were scattered across Engardin, cut-off from the Well of Mankind and unable to reincarnate. Those who remained joined together and formed settlements. Years passed, and suddenly, strange and mystical forces attacked the remaining human settlements. Renee, a young amnesiac girl and Aros' student, was the sole survivor of the attack on her village. Determined to recover her memories and find her mentor, she sets out on a journey that will trigger a series of events, effectively determining the fate of this new world. Explore the ruins of Engardin, revealing hidden secrets in a vast and interconnected nonlinear world. Get to interact with more than 50 NPCs who each have their own stories and purposes in Engardin through side quests. Combat over 170 enemies, including 30 tough bosses, using deep RPG mechanics that enable you to create diverse character builds. You will have access to over 200 different kinds of equipment, comprising six classes of main weapon, sub-weapon, armor, and accessories. Invest talent points into various stat upgrades and unique weapon skills for each class of weapon. Ultimately, you will determine the future of Engardin through the choices you make, which will lead to different endings. The game's stunning 2D art style and animations, hand-drawn frame-by-frame, will keep you captivated, and you'll discover new abilities and Afterimages that you can use in combat and exploration. Experience over 40 original orchestral tracks composed by the Aurogon Sound Team featuring music fully recorded by the International Master Philharmonic Orchestra with various musicians. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will keep you engaged to the very end!
Crime Scene Evidence Cleaner

Become an organized crime scene evidence cleaner to save your grandma's life in this immersive murder mystery RPG.

Crime Scene Evidence CleanerPeri Games
Grandma's life is on the brink, and only your specialized skills can save her in Crime Scene Murder Mystery, a thrilling offline 3D game that puts you in the role of a crime cleaner. With a call from the Crime City Tycoon Real Gangster Murder Mafia, you're thrust into a dangerous world of organized crime. As you navigate the crime zones full of small-time crooks and free criminals, you'll face mounting pressure to solve the case. Equipped with various tools, including high-powered vacuum cleaners and industrial-grade disinfectants, you'll clean up grisly evidence and dispose of bodies, erasing any traces of the wrongdoing. Upgrading your arsenal is crucial, but making deals with rival factions and staying ahead of the game can have deadly consequences. Your choices ultimately affect not only your destiny but also the fate of those you love. In this immersive story of organized crime, every detail counts, and your actions have a real impact. Fans of time shift thriller detective stories, investigative crime games, and murder clean up games will love the unique gameplay and thrilling story. Can you rise above the darkness and become the hero Grandma needs?
Slash Quest!

Wield a talking sword through 12 levels in a faraway land. Slash Quest's unfamiliar controls make for an unlikely adventure.

Slash Quest!Big Green Pillow Studio
ATTENTION - TRY THE BEGINNING FOR FREE - Purchase the full game once to enjoy the complete adventure with no ads. The magnificent sword that talks, belonging to the Queen, is missing and can be found only in a distant land. Fortunately, you have arrived and are capable of wielding it and returning it to its rightful place in the castle. Are you skilled enough to use a sword effectively? Forget about the idea of being invincible. Slash Quest's uncomplicated and unfamiliar rules will enable you to embody a most unusual knight who is inexperienced, yet compassionate, has a colossal weapon, and no aptitude whatsoever. But take heart! You will adapt quickly, just like Shep and Swordie's friendship and will soon assume the mantle of the savior of the Queendom. Features: - A distinctive sword quality that advances with every use! - Adjustable Controls - 12 Exquisite Levels - Exceptional Boss Battles - 8 Endearing Characters and a gripping Backstory - Numerous side quests and challenges - 12 Skills upgradable to suit your gameplay style - 20+ Attractive Costume Collectibles - Engrossing Mini Games- Game Center Leaderboards Integration - Breakmaster Cylinder's original soundtrack.
Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter

Bro Royale: a topdown shooter game with unique survivor and PvP elements, dynamic battles, diverse characters, strategic combat, and non-stop action. Join forces with clans in co-op or solo competition and become the ultimate bro force.

Bro Royale: Mayhem ShooterDonut Lab
Bro Royale offers a new twist on topdown shooter games, combining survivor and PvP elements to create an unparalleled experience. Players are plunged into a world of arena battles where every shot counts, with strategic combat and intense brawls at the forefront. The game introduces dynamic "1 vs All" and "2vs2" modes, challenging players to make use of their bro force and strategic skills in thrilling shooting multiplayer engagements and teamfight tactics, aiming to liberate the arena from chaos. With adrenaline-pumping shootouts and relentless action, players must arm themselves with an extensive arsenal of diverse weapons and unique characters. They must employ cunning strategies, weapon mastery, and outwit opponents in battle royale and survivor games to emerge victorious and craft a path to liberation. Players can stand alone or ally with clans, experiencing the thrill of teamwork in cooperative modes or the rush of solo competition, showcasing the strength of bro force. Ranked battles and hardcore challenges push players to test their mettle, leading the bro force to victory. Each round is a symphony of strategy and precision, where only the sharpest shooters survive the chaos and emerge victorious. Bro Royale sets the stage for the ultimate multiplayer shooter experience, offering fierce battles, strategic gameplay, and competitive shootouts. Players can rally their comrades, gear up, and step into Bro Royale, ready for action-packed challenges that push their limits in survivor and battle royale modes. Whether teaming up or facing off solo, they can immerse themselves in the definitive blend of action and competition. This game redefines the shooting game genre, inviting players into a battleground where tactics and timing are key. Overall, Bro Royale promises to revolutionize third-person shooter games. It offers a unique mix of survivor and PvP elements, breathtaking battles, and compelling gameplay, all centered around the power of bro force. Get a taste of the action and join the battle today.
Boxes: Lost Fragments

Explore a lavish mansion as a legendary thief, solve 20 original puzzle boxes, and uncover a mysterious and compelling storyline.

Boxes: Lost FragmentsSnapbreak
As a renowned thief, your next mission beckons you to a luxurious and magnificent mansion. Inside, a series of intricate puzzle boxes await you, created for an undisclosed purpose. Before long, it becomes apparent that you are no longer in command of the situation, and possibly never were. Disbelief begins to consume you as you ponder whether this estate is simply a lavish residence or a place of confinement. What should have been a simple in-and-out job, slowly becomes a daunting fight for freedom and answers. Enthused by the enigmatic ambiance, complex machinery, and flawlessly responsive controls of the most impressive escape room games, we have crafted twenty exclusive puzzle boxes that will put your endurance and skill to the test, allowing you to explore and decipher this captivating and perplexing quest. Each puzzle box is a pleasure to behold, unique, and aesthetically pleasing— a mystery to unravel.

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