GamelistsApr 15 - 21, 2024 New games

Apr 15 - 21, 2024 New games

10 games
SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians: Enter the ultimate arena of real-time PVP battles, PVE challenges, tournaments, and multidimensional warfare. Choose your race, strength, and character progression to rise in the leaderboard.

Battle of GuardiansMiracle Gates Entertainment
Explore the ultimate battleground of Battle of Guardians, a universe full of live PVP battles, tactical PVE challenges, and heart-racing tournaments. Engage in dynamic and intense 1v1 fights and prove your abilities by earning a spot in the leaderboard. Get ready to participate in exhilarating knockout brackets with 4-player battles that lead up to massive 32-player duels. Additionally, you can go beyond the mass and enjoy multi-realm warfare across various realms in a multidimensional arena, offering an unmatched and exceptional gaming experience. Experience the three races and their strengths: the Guardians, domineering damage dealers, the Humans, combo masters with unmatched intelligence, and the Demons, titans of resilience with peak health. Each race boasts of unique abilities that cater to diverse gaming styles. Jump into the game with character progression that begins with the Elite Fighter race suitable for beginners, grasp the basic game mechanics, and step up your game level with Legendary Warrior, which unlocks the power of intricate combos. Preferably, you can become a God of War where you unlock extraordinary abilities and mind-blowing skills. So, come and join the Battle of Guardians now and be part of the ultimate battle experience, get lost in the world full of strategical gameplays and exceptional gaming mechanics.
Skate Fish

Unleash your skateboarding skills on the coolest fishing game ever! Impress unique fish in seven environments. Customize your character, board, and fishing rod to become a skate-fishing legend.

Skate FishWhitethorn Games
Get hooked on a new adventure with SkateFish, the latest game from the creators of BOMBFEST. In this game, you'll need to impress your fish in order to catch them. With customizable options for your character, skateboard, and fishing rod, you can explore seven unique environments filled with various species of fish and exciting obstacles to skate through. Utilize two-finger touch controls to flip your board, grind ledges, and perform aerials and cool stunts as you aim to become a skate-fishing legend. Catch dozens of carp, bass, trout, and other fish to populate the local aquarium and showcase your skills. SkateFish includes a number of key features that make it a must-play for any gamer looking to try their hand at being a skate-fishing pro. The game emulates the nostalgic finger-deck skateboarding experience with intuitive two-finger touch controls, allowing you to effortlessly flip, grind, and slide yourself to fishdom fame. Explore seven different locations, each with unique marine creatures to impress and challenging obstacles to overcome. Customize your deck, tracks, tape, and fishing gear to look fresh and stylish as you cast your line. Don't forget to meet up with other fishers and learn about the hottest fishing tips to improve your chances of catching those elusive fish. Are you ready to become the ultimate skate-fishing master? Download SkateFish and find out today!
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Formula Bwoah: Online Racing

Formula Bwoah - free, cross-platform racing game with strategic tire and weather choices, cross-progression and online competition. Download now!

Formula Bwoah: Online RacingHarthlabs
Formula Bwoah is an exhilarating racing game that elevates the player's skill and daringness while maneuvering through a spectrum of racing tracks worldwide. The concept of the game involves strategic decision-making to achieve triumph, including choosing the ideal tire compound and adjusting engine modes as necessary. Your response time and intuition will be critical, as precise timing on pit stops and predicting weather changes could sway the difference between a win or loss. It's up to you to determine your unique racing style and achieve victory in this cross-platform, multiplayer racing game. Formula Bwoah is available for free on multiple platforms, such as Steam, iOS, and Android, with cross-progression compatibility. You can progress through the game on any of your devices while competing with players from different platforms. Show off your skills by racing against ten other contenders and emerge victorious. Download now and experience the excitement of Formula racing! Please be aware that while the game is free to download and play, some in-game items may be purchased with real money. Additionally, you must be at least 16 years of age to play under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A stable network connection is also required to play. Enter the racing arena and take on the challenge with Formula Bwoah, the ultimate racing game that rewards those who dare to push their limits. Don't miss out on this thrilling experience!
Dark and Light Mobile

Survive, tame magical creatures, master magic and craft weapons in the vast world of Dark and Light Mobile. Collaborate with players or confront them in cross-server battles.

Dark and Light MobileSnail Games Japan,Inc.
Experience the thrill of survival and magic in Dark and Light Mobile, a sandbox game that runs on Unreal Engine 4. Immerse in the vast, seamless world where players can encounter different types of landforms and mythical creatures. This magical sandbox lets you explore, learn different magic technologies, build a house, tame creatures and collaborate with other players or confront them. With a variety of magical creatures ranging from the mythical Wyverns, Griffins, and Unicorns to exotic ones, such as the Lava Tigers and Moon-Tailed Beasts, you can tame creatures to become your partners or mounts. Use hunting spears armed with anesthesia to catch any magical creature in the wild. Build your home with the resources you’ve collected from the vast world, starting with a foundation. Each stage of your construction allows you to create more powerful structures, from magic guard towers protected by your dragons to robust strongholds. Change the world with your constructions. Unlock blueprints by studying Knowledge and master magic technologies to craft your weapons. From the Drying Shelf to the Enchantment Table and weapons such as the Dagger and Ice wand, use steel and magic technology to design, reform, and assemble your weapons and armor. Use them in combat against elite creatures and unknown enemies to become a legend. Collaborate with your friends to fight across the servers or fight solo against other players. Ride multi-passenger mounts like War Elephants with your teammates to fight enemies. Build your team with diverse weapons, creatures, and magic technology to win the battle. Come to Gnarris and dive into its endless possibilities. Start building, taming creatures, and exploring the vast world of Dark and Light Mobile now.
Aftermagic - Roguelike RPG

Experience epic journey through mystical world full of unique cards, intense PvE battles, and endless challenges. Master deckbuilding and conquer foes!

Aftermagic - Roguelike RPGGolden Dragon Games LLC
Get ready to immerse yourself in an ultimate experience of a card battler game with a twist of roguelike mechanics. You'll embark on a magical journey through a mystical world where deckbuilding, distinct cards, and intense PvE battles are at the core of your adventure. The game offers a vast, ever-evolving environment, brimming with captivating lore, diverse landscapes, and enigmatic characters, making it an epic adventure. 🃏 Master Your Deckbuilding: Unleash your strategic tactics as you design a powerful deck filled with a wide variety of unique cards. Create the perfect combination to gain the upper hand in every encounter. Try different approaches, adapt to the situation, and refine your deck as you progress. Mastering the art of card selection is the key to your victory. 🗺️ Embark in an Epic Adventure: Venture into a rich world full of surprises, secrets, and choices that shape your destiny. Encounter allies and adversaries and make choices that may affect your journey in unexpected ways. The game offers various landscapes to uncover and enigmatic characters to meet that make the journey even more exciting. Are you ready to take on this epic adventure? 🌟 Discover Unique Cards: Collect a vast collection of rare and extraordinary cards, with each having a unique ability and synergy. These cards are your tools in battle, and their careful selection can turn the tide of any conflict. As you progress through the game, discover new cards and try out different combinations. ⚔️ Face Off in Intense PvE Battles: Challenge your skills and tactics in exhilarating player-versus-environment battles. Face off against relentless enemies, each with their tactics and challenges. With your custom deck, engage in strategic combat, adapt to different enemy strategies, and emerge victorious. 🔥 Unlock Upgrades and Power-Ups: Unlock power-ups, enhance your cards, and level up your character as you journey through the game. With your growing strength, you'll better prepare yourself to face increasingly formidable adversaries and unforeseen trials. 🏆 Earn Rewards and Achievements: Complete exciting quests, defeat powerful enemies, and uncover hidden treasures to earn rewards and achievements. Showcase your skills as a card battler and leave your legacy marked in the annals of this mystical world. 🤝 Join the Community and Competitions: Connect with other passionate players, share strategies, and participate in thrilling competitions. Test your skills against others in competitive gameplay modes and prove that you are the ultimate card battler. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey where your deckbuilding skills and unique cards will be put to the ultimate test. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and become a true master of this captivating card battler roguelike game? Dive into a world filled with mysteries, danger, and the promise of glory. Download now and start your adventure today!
Atomic Escape

Unravel a conspiracy in a mid century atomic ranch with beautiful graphics, well-designed puzzles, and an engaging storyline in this point-and-click adventure game.

Atomic EscapeMediaCity Games
Embark on a thrilling journey of deciphering codes and cracking puzzles to uncover a deep-rooted and mysterious conspiracy. This first-person adventure game set in a stunning mid-century atomic age ranch features classic point-and-click fun with contemporary mechanics. Step inside the underground secret facility and explore the magnificent atomic ranch with its retro-futuristic world rendered in 3D fast real-time graphics. Get ready to solve cleverly designed puzzles, taking full advantage of 3D puzzle design, responsive controls, and visually stunning gameplay. The well-balanced and brilliantly conceptualized puzzles are sure to provide hours of challenging yet fun gameplay experience to both novice players and experienced puzzle solvers. As the plot thickens, you'll unravel an intriguing storyline with an atomic space travel conundrum at its core. Deep within the atomic ranch lies a secret that is beyond this world; a profound conspiracy to be unmasked, one code at a time. Get your thinking caps on and let the adventure begin!
Demolition Derby - CrashOut

CrashOut- race, crash and explore an open world with 15+ car types, unique skins, and 50+ tracks. Enjoy Demolition, Quarry, and Free Mode with multiplayer battles.

Demolition Derby - CrashOutCrashTime
Are you up for racing on thrilling tracks and indulging in realistic car collisions? Look no further than CrashOut – a combination of car racing and car crashing games! Get ready for an exhilarating experience as you explore one of the best 3D car crash simulators. Choose from more than 15 car types, including luxury cars, pickups, and SUVs, each with its own unique skin and customization options to personalize your gaming experience. The game features a vast open world, where you can engage in wreckfests and race while admiring the detailed destructible environment and realistic car damages, including car burnouts. CrashOut offers a variety of gameplay modes to keep you engaged, featuring more than 50 race tracks for custom car games. The Quarry mode lets you race against other players, while the Demolition Derby mode allows you to engage in a Car Crash Battle and damage your opponents’ cars. In Free mode, explore the open world and earn bonuses by performing stunts, drifts, and jumps or by smashing cars, all the while honing your driving skills. With online mode, you can join multiplayer battles in racing, free or demolition derby modes. But what adds to the thrill is the super-realistic car demolition you will experience in this car crash simulator! The detailed damage model computes the damage a car will sustain based on the force and point of impact. Watch as the car’s body parts, including windows, get dented, break or fall off. With damaged chassis, handling and steering will be affected, and finally, the engine can catch fire. For a more immersive gaming experience, the game features first-person racing where ragdoll physics is used to simulate serious car accidents, throwing the driver from the windshield. So what are you waiting for? Download CrashOut and tune your car to your liking, just like in classic car customizing games. Explore the large open world, race your heart out, and indulge in car smashing and obstacle wrecking to win the derby!

Pilgrims is a playful adventure game with 45 achievements, unique characters, and multiple solutions. Discover countless humorous outcomes with original music and custom sound effects.

PilgrimsAmanita Design
Pilgrims is a delightful adventure game that allows you to explore the vast land at your own leisure. You have the freedom to move around and make new acquaintances. The game is centered around completing various tasks for your fellow travelers, all while including your own personal touch. The exciting part of the game is discovering how many different ways you can solve a task. If you're a fan of playfulness, Pilgrims is the perfect game for you. Rather than simply solving a task through a designated path, the game offers multiple solutions using an array of items and characters. The replayability of the game is enhanced by the 45 different achievements you can collect. Each time you play, you can explore different solutions and work towards achieving all the achievements. Pilgrims has an undeniably hand-crafted appeal. The game has hundreds of unique animations and custom-made sound effects, which result in countless humorous and surprising outcomes. Every time you play, you have the opportunity to discover something new and unexpected. The original music in Pilgrims is worth mentioning. The mix of live instruments and organic electronics by Floex sets the perfect tone for the game. Accompanied by guests on the guitar or clarinet, the music creates an immersive experience that enhances the gameplay.
Devil Knights Idle

Grow and power up your Devil Knight, use skills to hack and slash, and embrace the dark side in an action-packed RPG.

Devil Knights Idlemobirix
Embark on a thrilling adventure to reclaim the devil's lost power in this action-packed RPG game. You will be in charge of nurturing and growing your very own Devil Knight who will constantly develop into a fierce and powerful warrior. Experience the excitement of easy growth as you engage in the hack and slash gameplay and execute thrilling hits with a multitude of skills at your disposal. Excitingly, the game comes with devil promotion systems which allow you to transform your character into a dominant devil, getting stronger and tougher over time. Challenge yourself with diverse dungeons that are packed with numerous items for level ups. The game's offline system offers endless possibilities for advancement, with rewards that can be accumulated even while offline. Visit the game's homepage on to join the exciting journey of regaining the Devil's lost power and building up an invincible Devil Knight. You can also keep up-to-date with tips, tricks and news through their Facebook page on and watch videos of the game in action on their YouTube channel at
The Bear

The Bear offers a calming, interactive bedtime experience. Unlock 4 chapters with an in-app purchase to accompany the bear and his little friend on their friendship-forming adventure.

The BearMucks Games
The Bear presents an interactive and calming adventure for players of all ages. The game is free to play initially, with no distracting advertisements. The first chapter is available at no cost, while the remaining four are unlockable through an affordable in-app purchase. Join the bear and the little one on a heartwarming journey of friendship in the enchanting world of Gra. As you explore the atmospheric universe, enjoy stargazing and spending time with these adorable characters. Listen as they share their tales of togetherness, letting go, and finding a place to belong. Experience the beauty of The Bear, which features hundreds of hand-drawn animations, an extraordinary musical score, and a touching story. The game is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique and serene gaming experience that feels like a cherished bedtime story told by a beloved family member.

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