GamelistsApr 1 - 7, 2024 New games

Apr 1 - 7, 2024 New games

11 games
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Speed Demons

Race on endless procedurally-generated highways with 50+ vehicles, 11 game modes, and up to 100 vehicles on-screen at once. Welcome to Speed Demons.

Speed DemonsRadiangames
Get ready to hit the accelerator with Speed Demons, the ultimate highway racing simulator that will take you on a wild ride! This physics-based racing game will have you racing through endless highways at breakneck speeds, with the most intense traffic ever seen in a video game. With over 50 upgradeable vehicles to choose from, ranging from tiny hatchbacks to supercars and massive semi-trucks, you'll have everything you need to customize your ride and take on the challenges that await. With 11 heart-pumping gameplay modes to choose from, including RACE, CHECKPOINT, ESCAPE, PURSUIT, RAMPAGE, and more, there's never a dull moment in Speed Demons. Take on over 500 unique events, each tailored to the featured vehicle(s) and mode, and experience the thrill of high-speed racing with up to 100 vehicles on-screen at the same time. One of the most exciting aspects of Speed Demons is its procedural generation of 30 different environments, meaning you'll never run out of new highways to explore. The game's modern-retro visuals and spectacular special effects are enhanced by an electrifying soundtrack by Auvic, truly elevating the gaming experience. With seamless iCloud saving across multiple devices, simple but deep controls, and MFi controller support, this game is accessible to beginners and experts alike. Previously seen exclusively on Apple Arcade, the joy of endless traffic awaits. Download Speed Demons today and join the revolution in highway racing games!
Sword Storm: Horse and Slay

Saddle up and fight in epic medieval battles in SwordStorm. Master swordplay, explore vast territories and customize your gear in this immersive world.

Sword Storm: Horse and SlayFuntopia Studio
Step into a world of chivalry and battle with "SwordStorm", a game that blends the thrilling elements of horseback riding, swordplay, and grand battles set in medieval times! Become a brave knight, conquer vast territories, gallop across battlefields, and engage in intense sword duels with enemy warriors. Experience the thrill of fast-paced battlefield action while riding powerful war horses. Strategize and change the course of battle with astonishing speed and strength, and witness the charm of these magnificent animals. Engage in combat on expansive, detailed battlefields, utilize various sword skills, and engage in fierce battles with your enemies. Stay alert and react quickly, as every move could be the difference between life and death. Delve into a rich and detailed world of medieval castles, ancient ruins, and mystical forests as you explore territories and uncover relics of ancient civilizations and legendary treasures. Personalize your knight with unique gear and weapons that suit your combat style, and craft a unique legendary image. "SwordStorm" is a perfect fusion of horseback riding and swordsmanship. Experience the authentic thrill of medieval horseback riding and swordplay with exceptional equestrian and sword skills. Roam through magnificently detailed castles, mystical forests, and perilous battlefields, immersing yourself in a mythical world full of wonder and adventure. Take on other players in intense multiplayer battles and prove that you are the most powerful medieval knight around! Showcase your duel skills and stake your claim as the ultimate champion. Join our knightly order now, ride war horses, wield your blade, and create your own legend! "SwordStorm" awaits you!
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Lost Potato

Lost Potato is a fast-paced, minimalistic roguelite game where you must use your environment to defeat enemies, with randomly generated levels and 14 unlockable hats.

Lost PotatoErabit Studios
Lost Potato is a simplistic roguelite game with a top-down view. This game empowers players by offering unconventional gameplay where they are unable to inflict direct damage on enemies. Instead, they can push their foes into spikes, reflect bullets and assist a young potato to discover its way out of a jungle overflowing with cannibalistic tribes. The game features randomly generated levels and upgrades that players can select. Additionally, it encourages players to strategize by manipulating the environment to defeat their enemies. The game also boasts a diverse collection of headwear allowing players to unlock 14 distinct hats, each equipped with different starting statistics or traps. Lost Potato is a fast-paced game, with an average playthrough lasting only three to five minutes. To contact the Erabit Studios team, players can join the discord channel @Erabit or send an email to
Infinity Empires

Conquer cities and defend your realm against invaders in the vibrant and fantastical world of Infinity Empires. Rise to power and prove your strategic superiority.

Infinity Empiresi-Fun Games
Step into the colossal world of Infinity Empires, where you can live out your wildest dream as a visionary leader in a vibrant and magical universe. Your mission is to embark on an epic journey to conquer cities and unlock the limitless potential of the Infinity. To achieve this goal, you'll need to call upon your prodigious strategic skills to defend your realm from the evil forces and establish an empire that will endure the test of time. The land is beset by turmoil, and humanity's destiny hangs in the balance, due to the invasion of wicked forces. Your destiny is to bring order to the world and restore balance to the realm. As the chosen one, assemble a legion of legendary heroes, and forge alliances to combat the darkness that threatens the world. To succeed, you'll need to rise above your rivals and conquer their territory through your astute strategy. The malicious gnomes have dispatched their mechanical armies, causing destruction wherever they go. It's your job to rebuild the cities that have fallen, restore them to their former splendor, and rally your forces to drive back the gnome threat. You'll need to work alongside alchemists and architects to create formidable defenses, deploy your powerful troops, and expand your dominion. However, fellow ambitious lords are eyeing the throne, and they'll stop at nothing to claim dominion over the shattered land. Engage in intense battles against them, form alliances with like-minded rulers, and demonstrate your strategic superiority on the battlefield. The ultimate victory will go to the smartest and most resourceful leaders in this epic clash of empires. Are you prepared to conquer the cities, seize the throne, and unveil the true power of the Infinity, Lord? The fate of the realm is now in your hands. Lead your armies, command your heroes, and shape the destiny of the Infinity Empires! Let the conquest begin!

Solve the puzzle-solving mystery adventure with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Get the HD remastered version with a limited-time sale.

For a limited time only until April 3rd, we are having a sale to commemorate the release of the game. However, we advise you to carefully read the "Purchasing the Game" and "Supported Devices" notices before purchasing or using our app. Get ready to experience the highly acclaimed puzzle-solving mystery adventure game like never before with Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Created by the same genius behind the Ace Attorney series, Shu Takumi, the game is back in a stunning HD remastered version of the original 2010 release that was long-awaited by fans. Yasumasa Kitagawa, the renowned composer who created the music for "The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles," has created a remastered 1-to-1 soundtrack for the entire game allowing players to seamlessly switch between the original and the enhanced versions. Ghost Trick takes players on an enthralling journey filled with suspense and mystery, with a story centered around a protagonist who is killed by a gunshot on a dark night, and then awakens as a spirit with no memory of what happened to him. Players will join the protagonist on his quest to find answers to the following questions- Who am I? Why was I killed? Who killed me? And what is the meaning of "Powers of the Dead" I've been given? With Tomorrow morning being the point at which his spirit will disappear, the protagonist embarks on a unique investigative tale. The only clue the protagonist has is a female detective who witnessed the murder. It's great to know that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is available for numerous devices with different OS. For details about compatibility and list of supported devices, please visit the official website at . Please note that even though this app can be purchased on unsupported devices, its functionality may be affected. In this regard, it is essential to keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the app's performance or offer refunds if the app is used on an unsupported device. So, please be cautious before purchasing or using the game. For the latest Terms of Use information, please visit the website below- We recommend backing up save data before proceeding with app updates. Failure to do so after installation may result in loss of data. The storage space required for the update will depend on the version of the OS, ranging from 2.5GB to 5GB. Finally, we want to inform you that deleting the app from your device will also delete the save data. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective app supports Family Library and for certain features, you must be signed in to Google Drive. If you need further assistance, please contact us using the form on our website or via the following link So, what are you waiting for? Join the world of Ghost Trick, explore the mystery, solve the puzzles, and enjoy the experience! If you like Ghost Trick, search for "Capcom" or any of our other apps for more fun games to play!
Blue Wednesday

Explore Evans with jazz pianist Morris, interact with a colorful cast, collect rare albums, and play rich mini-games in Blue Wednesday.

Blue WednesdayBuff Studio Co.Ltd.
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing city of Evans and experience the magic of Blue Wednesday, an interactive game that takes you on a musical adventure. You play the character of Morris, a talented jazz pianist, who explores the city, interacts with diverse characters, plays magnificent piano pieces, and much more. Let the music guide you as you venture into this picturesque world and enjoy every moment of the journey! Embark on a musical odyssey through the eyes of Morris and embrace the beauty of failure, love, and jazz. Explore the city of Evans through the melody Slip into Morris’ shoes and explore the vibrant streets of Evans as you engage in mini-games, watch captivating cutscenes, and interact with intriguing characters. Find exclusive albums and collect sheet music Discover hidden gems scattered across the city and interact with the city dwellers to acquire rare music albums. From tango to bossa nova and from cool jazz to modern jazz, enrich your musical collection with a wide range of albums and enhance your rhythm. Encounter a colorful bunch of characters Meet your neighbors, each with their own unique story. The decisions you make shape your journey, determine the storylines, and influence your ability to collect valuable items. Exciting mini-games that will elevate your experience Play thrilling mini-games that will appear intermittently throughout the game, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey. If you adore this game, help us spread the love!
Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Swipe to feed condos to insatiable monsters, match colors, and create combo condos to score high. Compete on a global leaderboard and unlock rewards for quirky monsters.

Super Monsters Ate My CondoPikPok
DISCLAIMER: The trial version of this thrilling game is free of charge. However, to continue enjoying the unmatchable gameplay, you would have to purchase the full version. REMASTERED GAMING EXPERIENCE Super Monsters Ate My Condo has returned with another thrilling adventure! After receiving a BAFTA nomination, this exhilarating action puzzler game promises nothing less than an unforgettable and addictive gaming experience. With updated graphics, brace yourself for an epic return to mobile gaming. OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME Get ready to feed condos to the insatiable monsters by simply swiping the screen. The main objective is to create the right colour matches, generate points, and create combo condos. With each match, earn insane score streaks that will push you to beat your competitors. However, watch out! Feeding the wrong condos to the wrong monster repeatedly will cause the monster to become irate, toppling the tower and ending the game. IN-THE-ZONE GAMEPLAY The game is timed, and your objective is to make quick, strategic moves within two minutes, aiming to get the highest score while keeping your tower from falling. For high scores, feed the monsters as many combo condos as possible, earn crazy multipliers and activate their unique abilities to shake up your gameplay. AWESOME FEATURES Super Monsters Ate My Condo boasts of a global leaderboard where you can compete with other top players across the world. You also have the opportunity to complete daily goals and earn coins, gain star power to unlock rewards, and meet a hilarious cast of quirky monsters. Plus, you can unlock and collect hats for your monsters, making your experience even more exciting. Get ready for a remarkable gaming experience, and play Super Monsters Ate My Condo today!

Rise to Royalty: Kingdom Builder RPG. Build your own kingdom, complete heroic quests, and engage in epic battles in this captivating RPG adventure.

ArtKnightArtur Ismagilov
As a rookie gamer, you can now venture into an immersive RPG adventure that will take you from nothing to unmatchable greatness in Rise to Royalty. In the beginning, you start off a simple boy with a sword and as you journey on, you will find your place as a ruler by defeating evil and building your kingdom! Rise to Royalty is an engaging RPG adventure where you, as the protagonist, will build your kingdom, protect your citizens against menacing goblins and orcs, while also acquiring powerful weapons and leveling up. Your journey will take you from humble beginnings of a small village to a grand fortress that marks your rightful place as ruler. To achieve your goal, you can take on heroic quests, where you'll rescue characters who will aid in building your kingdom, provide resources, and weapons to strengthen your arsenal. As your kingdom expands and defenses are mounted, expect real-time combat to take place as you clash with the enemy leader and his minions. With each milestone, unlock new buildings and fortifications and strategically place them to maximize efficiency and defend against invaders. Engage with merchants, barmaids, and blacksmiths to acquire resources and trade them to acquire powerful weapons and armor pieces. Embark on this epic journey, and take your fate in your hands, unleash the ruler in you and conquer in Rise to Royalty: Kingdom Builder RPG. Even though this game is at its Early Access phase, countless possibilities await that will take you to your destined place.
Teeny Tiny Trains

Design and master your miniature railway empire by strategically connecting tracks from station to station amidst challenges and obstacles.

Teeny Tiny TrainsShort Circuit Studio
Welcome to the captivating world of Teeny Tiny Trains, where you can become the conductor and rule an empire of mini railways! Get your hands on this strategy-based puzzle game and steer your way to success on the track. Your quest is to place the rails wisely and adjoin them to escort your mini trains from one station to another. With basic rail pieces initially, you'll design a network that is both efficient and imaginative, making your way through hindrances and marching ahead in the game. Whilst your petite locomotives chug along the railways at full throttle, you'll meet puzzles and riddles that require you to think like a true track superstar. Each level presents a distinct task that will challenge your intellect and insight on the tracks. But be careful as the path may not be a smooth ride or we could say, smooth rails. In your journey, you'll encounter obstacles that could disrupt your objective but stay focused to stay on track. You will unlock new puzzle pieces as you level up, broadening your empire of railways and showcasing your multi-disciplinary flair. Exclusive Features: - Let your creativity run wild with the "level editor" and design custom levels to share with the world. - Discover and participate in engaging puzzles with increasing difficulty to keep your scores soaring. - Dominate your railway empire by attaining achievements and unlocking new track elements. - Experience a relaxing atmosphere with a melodious soundtrack, ambient sounds, and breathtaking visuals. All aboard for this implausible puzzle game that is your ticket to becoming an ultimate conductor!
Witch Cry 2: The red hood

Complete Grettel's requests and avoid becoming food for the witch in "Witch Cry 2: The Red Hood". Solve puzzles, explore and master wand skills to escape.

Witch Cry 2: The red hoodKeplerians Horror Games
In the aftermath of escaping the house of the sobbing enchantress during the previous chapter, Little Timmy's tale remains unfinished. Now, he must fulfill the demands of Grettel to elude becoming a meal for the witch and manage to flee. Discover the enigmas regarding the enchanter and the forest's sprites while cautiously dodging detection. Probe the delightful cottage of an elderly woman residing with her granddaughter in the core of the woods and locate the enchanted ruby cape needed to escape the fabled realm imprisoning you. Continue to expand your wand expertise as you solve conundrums that will test your reasoning and directional abilities to the core. Secure your pre-registration to be the leading player of "Witch Cry 2: The Red Hood" - the fresh episode of the game created by Honi Games and released by Keplerians presenting captivating graphics and thrills appropriate for all ages.
ASTRA: Knights of Veda

Explore Planis, defeat bosses and monsters with your party of Knights, utilize their weapons and skills in a fresh Beat-em-up game with PvP arenas.

ASTRA: Knights of VedaHYBE IM Co., Ltd.
Planis, a once prosperous world, is now on the brink of destruction under the ruthless reign of King Magnus. The uprising army to liberate the citizenry from his tyranny met with a tragic fate as a lethal tree rose up from the ground, causing chaos and mayhem. Some turned into monstrous beasts, while others devoured the flesh of their allies. But, the divine goddess Veda decides to appoint a new champion -you- to combat the curse and restore order to the world with the help of other Knights of Veda. Embark on an adventure through the dark medieval fantasy universe; a place where perilous challenges await around every bend. In the Nightmare, hordes of undead and hostile creatures will come charging at you, while tough bosses patiently wait in Sealed Prisons. Forge ahead alone and subdue these malevolent beasts to receive rewards and make your Knights even stronger. As the Master of the Book, utilize your strategic skills to maximize the potential of the Knights of Veda in battling the perilous but sophisticated bosses and monsters. Each Knight of Veda brandishes several weapons and skills that are crucial in outmaneuvering the enemy, so make the best use of them. Team up with up to 4 Knights of Veda in your party, or venture together in co-op mode to better face the challenges ahead. Experience fluid and stylish 2D combat as you dodge roll and launch powerful attacks. One correctly executed skill can quickly tip the balance in your favor, but one misstep could mean the end of life on Planis. ASTRA: Knights of Veda provides a fresh approach to classic Beat-em-up games. Venture into a real-time PvP arena to prove your wealth in the battlefield. Fight alone in solo combat or rally other Knights to form teams for greater challenges and glory. The fate of Planis is in your hands––so be the hope in this dystopian world and demonstrate your prowess on the battlefield to ascend the ranks and emerge victorious!

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