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Endless Nightmare 5: Curse

Explore Eventide village, collect resources, learn spells, and slay ghosts as a Taoist priest to find your missing sister in Endless Nightmare 5: Curse.

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Endless Nightmare horror game series, where scares and chills await you! Prepare yourself to enter the desolate Eventide village, a place filled with malevolent spirits and eerie gravestones that clang mournfully with each gust of the autumnal wind. Once a peaceful town, it is now a shadow of its former self. As a Taoist priest practicing in the Xuanqing Temple, your life of solitude is shattered when your sister vanishes and malevolent demons terrorize the town. To succeed in rescuing your sister and vanquishing the evil spirits, you must explore every nook and cranny of the village and uncover clues to unravel the truth behind the tragic past that has been buried for far too long.

Kitty Death Room

Navigate traps and enemies as a daring kitten in Towers of Everland. Solve puzzles, face bosses, and uncover secrets.

Kitty Death RoomRaiyumi

In this thrilling game, a fearless feline ventures into a perilous tower fraught with perilous snares and foes. Get acquainted with the tired denizens of the tower and aspire to ascend to the summit of this gut-wrenching odyssey. Confront intimidating bosses that will ignite your fury!

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Torchlight: Infinite

Craft your heroes and embark on an epic ARPG quest to fight darkness; grind for loot, and build unlimited playstyles in a tradeable, free-to-play Torchlight adventure.

Torchlight: InfiniteXD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating action role-playing game experience like no other! In this adventure, you have complete control over crafting your own heroic character with an endless supply of build options. Explore the vast expanse of this breathtaking world filled with a massive variety of loot to discover and boss battles that will leave you awe-stricken! Witness the epic tale of "The Journey to Restore Light and Brilliance," where the Ember Tech submerged every corner of a land called Leptis two centuries after Torchlight II. The inhabitants of Leptis prospered, enjoying the countless benefits the Ember power offered. However, the constant threat of darkness continued to plague the land, corrupting lives at every turn. It is up to a team of brave heroes with elite powers to confront the evil threatening their existence and embark on an epic quest to defeat the corrupted Aemberons. Get ready to experience endless loot drops at your disposal! Upgrade your character's build style and establish a legendary catalogue filled with sparkling treasures. With unfathomable gear drops from each battle, your selection of items holds true value that can enhance your hero's build and elevate your gameplay to new heights. Build unlimited playstyles with the help of five unique heroes, each containing 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, and 230+ powerful skills. The infinite possibilities provide the flexibility needed to create hero builds that compliment any playstyle. Whether you prefer to blast foes with fields of fire and ice or hack and slash through waves of Aemberons, the choice is yours! Become part of a booming economy offering the Trade house to unleash your true potential. Utilize the unique loot to help other Torchlight Hunters accomplish their build goals. One man's trash could be another man's treasure, making it essential to determine the true value of your loot. Enjoy fast and furious battles with no stamina or cooldowns that restrict your power. Grind anytime and anywhere to smash through incoming waves with melee attacks, blast off magical explosions and draining pools, or snipe down ranged enemies. You have complete control over your playstyle. Experience the seamless "pick up & play" gameplay for free with all essential loot based on drops. Discover unique gear, affixes, crafting material, and attribute upgrades that will help accomplish your build style. Microtransactions are available to further customize your personal vision of your character's appearance. Unleash your inner heroic spirit and discover the faded light that awaits in Torchlight Frontiers!

Summoners War: Chronicles

Challenge the new raid boss and summon powerful creatures in Summoners War: Chronicle's latest update.

Summoners War: ChroniclesCom2uS

▣ Summoners War: Chronicle ▣ Rise of the Lava Incarnate update

Endless Wander

Reopen the Portal to save your sister and rebuild the Wanderer's Guild in Endless Wander – an action roguelike with satisfying combat and infinite replayability.

Endless WanderFirst Pick Studios

Novu faces his biggest challenge yet in Endless Wander, an Action Roguelike game where a long-abandoned Portal reopens and gives him a chance to rescue his sister and rebuild the Wanderer's Guild. With its pixel art style, immerse yourself in the satisfying and challenging gameplay that provides infinite replayability. This game offers an engaging combat system where Novu must demonstrate his skills against a myriad of enemies. Experience the thrill of creating your optimal character build by combining weapon abilities and magical runes, allowing you to experiment with different strategies. Take a journey through beautiful handcrafted pixel art environments and enjoy an original soundtrack that complements the gameplay. Navigate using intuitive touch controls with an auto-aim mechanism that ensures a delightful experience, even on mobile devices. As you progress, upgrade your character and unlock new weapon skills, and elemental runes, allowing you to become more powerful. Enter a procedurally generated world where each playthrough presents unique levels, loot, and enemies. Endless Wander offers both offline gameplay and cloud saves, enabling you to keep your progress saved and continue playing across multiple devices. It is the ultimate game for both novices exploring their first indie roguelike game and veterans of the genre. First Pick Studios brings you their first game, Endless Wander. Join the Discord community via or follow them on Twitter @EndlessWander_ for more updates and exciting news.

Sand: An Adventure Story

Discover secrets of ancient Egypt in Sand, a puzzle game and adventure with stunning artwork, challenging puzzles, and a rich story.

Sand: An Adventure StoryPixlab

As the renowned archaeologist and explorer, Leo Parker, you are working in Giza excavating treasures for the British authorities in the 1920s. Just before you’re supposed to return home, you hear about a newly discovered tomb, which will lead you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and ancient revelations. Sand is an intriguing combination of adventure, puzzle, and graphic novel genres, set against the enchanting backdrop of Egypt. You will solve puzzles and uncover clues, following the story of the long-dead Pharaoh Anat throughout various Egypt-themed locations, from ancient tombs to stargazing on the desert. Delve deep into hidden mysteries, barter with merchants, traverse complex structures, and journey back in time to experience ancient Egypt yourself. This game features beautiful hand-drawn artwork that brings the world of Sand alive. The narrative is rich and layered, offering an immersive experience that will captivate you from start to finish. With challenging puzzles to solve, detailed hints to keep you on track, and an easy mode for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, the game boasts an intuitive inventory system that makes navigating the game a breeze. Sand is optimized for the latest devices and boasts a unique, alternate-history story that will leave you wanting more. Best of all, you can start Leo’s adventure for free! Whether you’re a seasoned fan of adventure games or new to the genre, Sand is a must-play. Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, uncover hidden truths, and discover the answers you seek in this mesmerizing game.

Rumble Heroes

Rescue the kidnapped princess by recruiting legendary heroes, rebuilding your village, battling monsters, and collecting treasure in this fast-paced hack-and-slash RPG.

Rumble HeroesPlayHard.Lab

Embark on an adventure to save the only princess of the kingdom who has been taken captive by the dark knights. The fate of the princess lies in your hands! Begin by reconstructing the village from scratch. Gather wood, mine ore, and construct buildings to make the village better.

Daily Dadish

Daily Dadish: Retro platformer with 365 handcrafted levels, 10 characters, ticking clock & Dadish's quest to reunite with his kids.

Daily DadishThomas K Young

Embark on a year-long adventure with Daily Dadish! This throwback platformer will take you on a journey through 365 unique levels, one for each day of the year. Get ready to put your skills to the test against challenging enemies and obstacles, all while helping Dadish reunite with his children.

Soul of Hero

Defeat the King of Hell by awakening your power in a war every 100 years. Become the owner of Soul and become the Hero.

Soul of HeroAlpi Games

Soul represents everything you have, while Hero embodies your Soul. The battle between the Kingdom and Hell takes place in wars held every century. The Kingdom discovers a means to cease these assaults, but a fatal error results in its loss to the Hell King. It is essential to unleash the power to prevent the impending war. The proprietors of the "Soul" will confront one another, and the ultimate hero will emerge. The game, Soul, is a remarkable adventure where players must fight for their lives against the forces of evil. The Kingdom and Hell clash every century, and the outcome's tide can only be turned by awakening the power within. Players must discover their "Soul" and use their unique ability to stop this battle before the next 100 years are up. Now, with Hell's King in possession of the once-secure Kingdom's defense mechanism, it falls to the players to step up and become the ultimate hero. Prepare to face off against other "Soul" wielders in a contest to deter the next war between the Kingdom and Hell. Unleashing your true potential means you must fight with all your being, embodying the very essence of your Soul. Your Soul represents everything that makes you who you are, and with its power fully realized, you become the ultimate hero whose actions will determine the fate of the Kingdom. With captivating graphics, intense gameplay, and a gripping storyline, Soul is a game that will draw players in and take them on an unforgettable journey through a fantastical world of magic and mystery. Are you ready to become the Hero and save the Kingdom from impending doom?

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