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TuanTuanfrom Skich app

Pre-register to save 33%. Explore, fight monsters, unlock abilities, and customize your character in this procedurally generated, colorful world.

BibotsPID Games
Don't miss out on the limited-edition 33% discount at launch by pre-registering for the game now! This exclusive offer will only be available for the first day after the game's release. Embark on an epic adventure filled with monstrous creatures, as you traverse dangerous territories and unlock new abilities along the way. With the fate of the world at stake, play as Tayar, a crob explorer and the unlikely hero of Takaful. Select from a range of weapons to arm yourself with the courage to face off against the plans of an evil mastermind who is threatening to destroy the world. Fortunately, Tayar unexpectedly stumbled upon a Bibot who gives him the ability to transform into an ancient mechanical creature. Choose your Bibot wisely, as each one has unique strengths that cater to your individual playstyle. Explore the mysterious temples of Takaful and encounter various characters along the way, but beware of the dangerous monsters that lurk in the shadows. Takaful is divided into multiple regions, each with its own atmosphere to explore. With procedurally generated regions containing hand-crafted battle rooms, treasures, merchants and secret items that change each time you play, every experience will be different. Protect your homeland from the corrupting forces of vile enemies that threaten the very existence of Takaful. Choose the Bibot that will accompany Tayar on his epic journey and accumulate energy as you battle your foes. Use this energy to summon the devastating power of your mechanical companions. Each Bibot has its unique playstyle and abilities, so mastering them all is key to overcoming even the toughest enemies. The synergy between Tayar and his Bibots grows with each battle, unlocking new variants of their attacks that can be customised before heading into fights. Customise Tayar's weapons with chips that can be found throughout the game. Experiment with different combinations of chips to create your dream weapon and maximise your playstyle for powerful effects and synergies. With each fight, Tayar's skills will improve, and you can tailor his abilities to suit your own preferences as a survivalist, soldier or scientist, or mix it all up. Test your skills and strive for success as you die, try and repeat – all to save the precious world of Takaful!
Sands of Salzaar

Unleash chaos in an open-world strategy-action RPG set in a sprawling desert; customize your hero with skills and talents, build and manage armies and conquer factions.

Sands of SalzaarX.D. Network
Embark on a thrilling adventure in an enigmatic realm where the Old Empire has tumbled, leaving competing clans to vie for power over the vast desert. However, unbeknownst to them, malevolent forces lurk in the shadows, multiplying in strength by the day. Set in a sprawling desert, Sands of Salzaar is a strategy-action RPG with an open-world concept that puts you in charge of managing your forces, which can range from a single unit to a formidable army. As you lead your troops in epic battles against adversaries, you get to choose your path, deciding on your hero's abilities and talents, selecting factions to align with, and devising tactics to establish yourself as a solitary seeker, prosperous trader, regional governor, or tactical mastermind.
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Baldo: The Guardian Owls

Solve puzzles, explore dungeons and meet quirky characters to unveil the secrets of this magical land in Baldo: the Guardian Owls.

Baldo: The Guardian OwlsNa.p.s. Team s.n.c.
Get ready for an enchanting adventure as you embark upon a journey through a mesmerizing magical world filled with intriguing secrets and puzzles to unravel in Baldo: the Guardian Owls game! Immerse yourself in a captivating open-world environment as you play the character of Baldo, and challenge yourself to explore intricate dungeons, fight some ferocious foes, and encounter a variety of quirky and unforgettable personalities. Your ultimate pursuit in this game is to decipher the cryptic prophecy that looms over this magical land and glean a way to outsmart destiny. From the delightful whimsy to the thrilling adventures, this open world is full of surprises waiting to be discovered. Make your journey through the distinct towns and get to know the people and creatures that make up this mystical universe. Collect objects that look mundane yet possess magical qualities, or uncover hidden temples to build your arsenal of powerful weapons that will aid you in overcoming the obstacles thrown your way. Are you ready to get lost in this captivating world, uncover the myriad of secrets that it holds, and become the Guardian Owl that saves it from the impending doom? Play Baldo and find out!
Battleheart Legacy+

Battle through hordes of enemies, unlock 150+ unique skills, and customize your character with dynamic visuals in Battleheart Legacy.

Battleheart Legacy+Mika Mobile
Battleheart Legacy is a renowned mobile RPG from 2014 which has been featured as an App Store Editor's Choice, and it has now arrived at Apple Arcade! Prepare yourself to discover an intricate and immersive fantasy realm, where you can personalize your very own hero with dozens of robust abilities and items, confront daunting hordes of foes, come across peculiar individuals and explore the stories of an unstable kingdom. Will you transform into an influential magician, or a notorious trickster? A virtuous knight, or a primitive savage? What mark will you leave in this world? ••• Characteristics ••• • An evolved real-time battle system, established on the award-winning "Battleheart". With easy taps, you can either make your character move or attack your enemies, while you can also unleash impactful special moves at the right juncture to overturn the conflict's outcome! • Dynamic graphics and visual effects that enliven each combat experience in the most gratifying way possible! • Over 150 exceptional abilities that are scattered throughout 12 different classes, in order to personalize your character accordingly. Whether you seek to harm your foes with venom, overpower them with massive two-handed weapons, lull them into a state of slumber with a song, or simply obliterate them with a meteor strike, it's all possible. Additionally, the game's exceptional multi-classing system enables you to merge classes together and create an overwhelming amount of combinations. • More than 200 distinctive pieces of equipment that will craft your preferred play style even more precisely. • An impressive collection of boss battles that will thoroughly challenge and test your hero's skills! • Systematically synchronizes your progress across several devices via iCloud. • Compatible with all devices. • Awards and acknowledgments that you can unlock and earn via Game Center.
Monster Hunter Stories

Join the adventure as a Rider and explore vast environments to recruit and hatch countless Monsties in the world of Monster Hunter Stories!

Monster Hunter StoriesCAPCOM
Before you purchase or use this app, make sure to read the important notes. There will be no returns or credit granted after purchase, so it's important to be aware of this before you dive into the game. One important feature of this game is the ability to recruit numerous Monsties, which are the backbone of your adventure. Your goal is to explore vast environments and dungeons to find monster dens and bring back the eggs you find to hatch new Monsties. The smartphone version of this game comes with several new features, such as beautiful high-resolution graphics, improved user interface, and a new auto-save feature. The story begins in a forest near the village of Riders, where the three young friends of the hero, Lilia, and Cheval stumble upon a shiny egg. To their surprise, a playful imitation of the Rite of Kinship actually succeeds in hatching the egg which reveals a baby Rathalos. This wyvern is also known as the "King of the Skies," and the trio affectionately names him "Ratha," taking him back to the village. However, days later, the village is beset upon by a monster infected with "the Black Blight." The trio manages to drive it away, but not before it claims the lives of many villagers and devastates the town. One year later, the hero receives a Kinship Stone from the Village Chief and officially becomes a Rider. Cheval and Lilia leave the village, each on their own path, leaving the hero to partner up with the cheerful Navirou on a new adventure into the world of hunters. You'll be transported into a tale of friendship and triumph as you ride through the world of Monster Hunter Stories. It's important to note that for information about compatible devices and the free space required to download the latest version, players should refer to a link provided by the game. Additionally, a change in Google Play Games has resulted in the Network Battle function being no longer available since March 31, 2020. However, after updating to Ver.1.0.2, you'll be able to access all of the Titles obtained from Battle Ranks. Furthermore, there is a reward in the game that players can get only through Network Battle, and the creators have created a method so that players will still be able to claim it. Overall, this game does come with some additional notes that players should be advised on, including the fact that certain handheld console features, amiibo features, local Network Battles, and StreetPass are not available in this version. It's also important to be aware that deleting the app will erase any saved data, so players should save their progress before deleting and ensure they are connected to Wi-Fi for downloading.
The Swords of Ditto

Create your own legend in The Swords of Ditto, fight against the evil Mormo, and explore a charming but dangerous overworld in this action RPG adventure.

The Swords of DittoDevolverDigital
The Swords of Ditto is an action-packed RPG that immerses players into an exciting adventure filled with magic and mysticism. Players will battle against the formidable villain, Mormo, while exploring the charming but perilous overworld. Tackle lively dungeons and level up in a picturesque village as you attempt to rid the island of evil. Each playthrough in The Swords of Ditto is unique, offering players their own legendary story that adds to the game's rich history. Discover weapons and loot left behind by past heroes and leave your own mark on the island forever. The game boasts a diverse collection of weapons, such as the vinyl record Frisbee, the enchanted golf club, and the colossal foot from the heavens, in addition to the more traditional sword and bow combo. The game features stickers that players can equip to improve their characters and add extra perks to their gear. The Swords of Ditto, players have the freedom to approach their legend however they prefer. Battle through dungeons in any order, conquer the darkest caverns and deepest wells in side missions, or confront Mormo right away for the ultimate challenge. Embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with fascinating characters, unique weapons, and epic battles when you unleash the mystical Sword of Ditto. Become strong enough to banish the wicked sorceress and restore peace to the island.
Dragon Fang Z

In "The Tree of Time", half-human, half-dragon Rose scavenges for the power to return home with her fairy godmother. With 200 monster abilities, no two quests are the same.

Dragon Fang ZToydea Inc.
The captivating story of Rose, a dragon-human hybrid, and her fairy mentor who stumbled upon a mysterious alternate dimension known only as "The Tree of Time" is just the beginning of your adventure. As legends say, a treasure of unimaginable power sleeps at the core, strong enough to send the unusual duo back to their own universe. Prepare for a demanding expedition through the labyrinthine maze of The Tree of Time to uncover the treasure that will save Rose and her fairy godmother. But be cautious, because defeat will strip Rose of all items and downgrade her level. Each time you enter the ever-changing dungeon, prepare for a new and unparalleled challenge. This game is turn-based, giving you enough time to strategize your attack and defense to make the most of your limited moves, an important aspect that focuses on your character's growth and fearlessness. Victory will come only through your courage and breakthroughs, so make each of your decision wisely. Rose's unique ability to equip and learn from Fangs, the attributes she gained from the monsters she vanquished, is truly groundbreaking. With over 200 different types of monsters to battle, the pairing possibilities are endless, and each combination will lead you on a new trail of discovery. Create your own mixes or combine the elements of your favorite monsters to prepare for the unknown adventure that awaits. One of the game's most striking elements is the "Brave" system, where fighting in open spaces is crucial for success. Unlike the traditional rogue-like strategy of using corridors, The Tree of Time calls for a different kind of gameplay. You may find yourself searching for open spaces, where Rose's attacks gain extra power when there are no obstacles within the eight adjacent spaces. The game's design overturns the conventional rogue-like pattern, delivering a unique and dynamic experience for players. For experienced players, there are a range of additional features to discover: score attack mode, item storehouse, monster manual, achievements, mini puzzle dungeons, and an extended dungeon for expert adventurers. It's time to challenge and test yourself the "The Tree of Time".
Wonder Blade

Unleash spectacular combos and explore various stages in Wonder Blade, a whimsical adventure with collectible outfits and weapons. Join Playond to play the game and many more with no ads or extra payments.

Wonder Blade is an epic mobile game available exclusively on Playond platform. Immerse yourself in an ever-growing collection of amazing games by downloading and subscribing. Winner of various awards including AppStore Game of The Day and Reddit 2018 iOS Game of The Year, Wonder Blade promises an unforgettable adventure. The game has been praised for its polished presentation, distinct personality, and refined gameplay mechanics. Playing as the hero who must rescue the princess from a villainous maniac and his pet golem, you must rely on your trusty weapon and special powers to defeat the bad guys. With a variety of costumes and weapons to collect, you can customize your character and play style. Fight your way through different stages and face off against mini-bosses and major bosses like a true hero. Wonder Blade features high-speed cart chases, fishing competitions, battles against zombie hordes and high-tech soldiers, making for a thrilling and diverse gameplay experience. You can even ride a pig, battlebot or fire-breathing dragon! With so much to discover in this world full of mystery and surprises, you won't be able to put your phone down. Wonder Blade is loaded with features and offers stunning animation, powerful finishing moves, and a lot more action. To access the game, subscribe to Playond and enjoy unlimited access to many amazing games without any interruptions from ads or in-app purchases. Don't miss out on this fantastic adventure - grab your sword, put on your best costume, and get ready to take on the challenge. Are you ready to save the princess and the world? Dare to find out!

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