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A collection of games for a friendly company

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WolframWolframfrom Skich app
King of Thieves

Join a guild of thieves, steal gems and build your fortress to protect your treasure. Use ancient spells to defeat other guilds in the arena!

King of ThievesZeptoLab
AFK Football:Soccer Game

AFK Football is an immersive soccer RPG that allows you to master strategic combos, compete in PvP, and customize your club while exploring intriguing backstories.

AFK Football:Soccer GameWildlife Studios
⚽️ READY TO START THE ULTIMATE SOCCER RPG ADVENTURE? ⚽️ Experience the thrilling AFK Football world, a unique blend of soccer strategy and RPG! Participate in challenging competition with players globally, master strategic combos, and uncover interesting backstories of our specially designed stars. AFK Football is not just any sport game, it's an epic journey to dominate the world of soccer! ⚽ Strategic Idle Football Play ⚽ Get into the soccer action with our fast-paced and emerging gameplay. Build your team and level up your soccer skills! 🏆 PvP Ladder and Social Competition 🏆 Invite friends or challenge football managers worldwide. Reach the top of the leaderboard and be recognized as the best sports manager globally! 💡 Unique Strategies and Challenges 💡 As a football manager, show off your skills by creating unique strategies and choosing the right players to counter the opposing team and conquer the field. 🥇 Quests and Accomplishments 🥇 Tackle daily, weekly, and campaign quests to unlock new powerful stars and rewards. Winning soccer games is just half the story, conquering every challenge is key! 💪 Build the All-Star Team 💪 Create the most powerful team with soccer stars in the universe of football RPG games. 🤝 Community Involvement 🤝 Collaborate with your guild members and form alliances to ascend to the top of the football world. 🎨 Club Customization 🎨 Show your creativity by personalizing your club and expressing your unique style. 📖 Immersive Story 📖 Unfold the backstory and personalities of each hero as you progress in your journey to dominate the world of football. 🔍 Infinite Hero Combinations 🔍 Comb through countless combinations of stars and discover the key to winning in this dynamic football RPG! In AFK Football, you're not only a soccer manager — you're a master of strategy, an inspiration to others, and the designer of your soccer journey. With every soccer match, quest, and strategic move, you shape your peculiar legacy. It's more than a game, it's a football universe anticipating your domination! Be part of the exciting AFK Football world today and showcase your soccer skills globally. Start your epic football RPG adventure today! Your one tap away to being the ultimate soccer manager. Get AFK Football now and start managing your club today!
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Idle Eleven - Football tycoon

Swipe, recruit, and manage your soccer team to become the ultimate tycoon in Idle Eleven, the addictive sports clicker game.

Idle Eleven - Football tycoonGaminho
Welcome to Idle Eleven, where you can become a millionaire, or even a billionaire, in the world of soccer! Design your very own soccer club, and bring in the most talented players to your team. Through swiping and tapping, you have the ability to accumulate massive amounts of wealth, as you steadily cultivate and manage your dream team. In this casual management clicker, you have the opportunity to become the ultimate sports tycoon, and lead your team to greatness. Whether you’re a fan of idle games, clicker games, tycoon games, or soccer games, this game is sure to satisfy your cravings.
Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense

Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense: a cartonish mobile game where you act as a villain defending your tower against humans, complete with CCG elements and city-building.

Evil Rush - Idle Tower DefenseCrazy Panda FZCO
Are you in search of a tower defense game with a twist? Look no further than "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense"! This addictive, cartoonish game draws on elements of both idle and rogue-like gameplay, providing hours of steady entertainment. In this game, you play as a lovable villain with a strategic mind, determined to take down the human kingdom. From your tower, you will combat incoming waves of pesky enemies, safeguarding your evil interests. One of the most enjoyable aspects of "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense" is the collectible card game (CCG) element. Strategize and use your unique deck of combat perks to optimize your defense. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to build and upgrade your very own city, further increasing your strength and paving the way for chaos and destruction. The fantasy world of "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense" is incredibly immersive. Enjoy the perfect combination of cute villainy and exciting natural elements, such as Ice Hail, Inferno, or Tsunami. Progress through the game in various ways, ensuring that the entertainment never lulls. Experience the rush of being a cute yet feisty villain, flowing through your veins. In "Evil Rush - Idle Tower Defense", you can finally become the one true master of your evil empire. So let those Fireballs fly, let those Beams pierce, and let that Hail rain down on your enemies' heads. After all, your survival depends on their demise!
What The Hen!

Collect over 70 wacky heroes, defeat crazy bosses, and battle in Arena duels in the colorful world of WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!

What The Hen!BoomBit Games
Are you a fan of vibrant and quirky heroes? Does the idea of competing with clans, facing off against ferocious bosses, collecting humorous character cards, and engaging in thrilling Arena battles give you a rush? If so, then you are about to embark on the wildest adventure with “WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!” The latest release is a HENormous upgrade in every possible way, providing a visually captivating game with absurdity and humor at its core. As a summoner, you will explore levels with various bosses and hundreds of heroes, all while enjoying thousands of 1on1 battles in the Arena. Take your pick from over 70 hilarious heroes, build your team, create or join clans, and participate in time-based special events. As a player, you will enjoy the following HENSOME game features: 🐔 COLLECT: Gather over 70 wacky heroes from different categories, each ready for battle! 💢 DEFEAT BOSSES: Embark on an adventurous campaign against the craziest bosses ever seen! 🔧 UPGRADE YOUR HEROES: Enhance your heroes' powers, making them more capable of causing mayhem! 🏆 DO BATTLE: Engage in 1on1 battles in the Arena against millions of other players! 🎩 CUSTOMIZE: Create your unique avatar and add impressive gadgets to make it look funky! 💗 CREATE AND JOIN CLANS: Work together with your friends to beat others in all-new clans! ⭐️ TIME EVENTS: Don’t miss out on the eggciting seasonal updates, featuring special events and heroes! The game story revolves around a legendary wizard who was transformed into a chicken, granting this bird immense magical powers. As a summoner, your ultimate goal is to capture the chicken and obtain its powers while navigating through countless 1-on-1 battles. Open up numerous character categories with over 70 heroic characters like the "Ice Queen," "Polly," "Ogg," and "Red Rosie." Create a legendary lineup of your own and compete against your rivals. For customer support, please feel free to contact us at for any issues or queries. We'll be pleased to help. You can also find us on Facebook! Please note: a network connection is necessary to play, and while the game is free to download and play, some in-game items and cards may be purchased for real money. So what are you waiting for? Download this HENtastic game now and jump into the action! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:
It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile

Tap through the hilarious, dysfunctional adventures of The Gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to build businesses and launder Frank's money in this idle clicker game.

It's Always Sunny: The Gang Goes MobileEast Side Games Studio
Join the hilarious and dysfunctional characters of The Gang from the Emmy® nominated TV show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," as you tap your way through the worst bar in the city! Embark on comical adventures with Frank, Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Mac, as they attempt to transform Paddy's Pub into the best bar in town, while secretly laundering Frank's money. Relive some of the classic storylines of the TV show, like scamming foolish customers, collecting cards and cash, and building idle businesses that hide lucrative schemes. Upgrade your favorite characters to increase cash flow that Charlie will inevitably stash in his "safe places," including the infamous back-alley dumpster that always seems to catch fire. Collect characters from the show, including the couch potato Frank, wildcard Charlie, erotic memoirs Dennis, fight milk loving Mac, and Pink Eye Dee, and help them turn their terrible ideas into profitable ventures. Build an army of supporting characters, including The Waitress, Rickety Cricket, and The McPoyles, and more, to help expedite your money-making schemes. Transform all of The Gang's knuckle-headed businesses into idle cash machines, and become a true idle tycoon. Addictively fun and engaging, this idle clicker game is perfect to play at your leisure. Let characters generate money for you, even when you're not logged in. Upgrade businesses by collecting cards that help boost your income stream and turn the worst bar in Philadelphia into a profitable venture. Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile TM & © 2018 Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved. Download and play this free game now, but be aware that some in-game items require real money. A network connection is also necessary to play. Contact us at for user support. By downloading the app, you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. Get ready for hours of idle fun as you join The Gang in their crazy adventures!
Idle Humans: Robotopia

Idle Humans: manage and upgrade your mining operation, teach lazy humans how to work, and become the wealthiest miner in town. Free and offline.

Idle Humans: RobotopiaGame Veterans
Idle Humans is an enchanting tycoon simulator game that places the responsibility of managing a thriving mining city on your shoulders. Embark on an adventure as a wealthy capitalist billionaire and live a life that most can only dream of. With a unique idle clicker mechanic, this game allows you to earn idle money and keep your business running even when you're not playing. A true money mining simulator, Idle Humans provides a continuous balancing act between expenses and investments to maximize your profits. Welcome to the pilot project in Brainjolt, an effort to rehabilitate humanity! You will meet friendly but irritable robots who will help humans become productive members of society once again. This idle miner tycoon game requires you to craft resources and manage them effectively to build and improve your factory. Grow your business to increase production and revenue, and become the richest magnate in town. If you love idle clicker tycoon games and earning money simulators, this game is for you. In Idle Humans, the robots are responsible for teaching idle citizens how to work hard, and the game incorporates a variety of exciting mechanics. You will be able to hire more robots and upgrade your machines as you progress through the mining simulator game to increase your mining output. Idle Humans provides a unique blend of gaming genres, including idle games, online clicker simulators, mining games, and resource management games that will keep you entertained for hours. As a mining tycoon, you must build an empire by extracting valuable resources such as coal, copper, and gold. The goal of the game is to expand your mining operation and become the wealthiest miner in the city. Upgrade your mines, buildings, and technology to increase efficiency and productivity in this classic idle mining game. Use the warehouse to store resources and sell them at the right time to increase profits. Idle Humans offers a simple yet challenging experience with an automated mine collection system that makes extracting resources easy. This game also features stunning graphics and environmental design that keeps you engaged for hours. Multitasking and prioritizing workflow are crucial to succeeding in the game and maintaining a constant flow of idle revenue. The crafting and smelting features allow you to transform raw resources into valuable bars. The best part about Idle Humans is that it's a free game that can be played offline, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy tycoon and idle games. Download the simulator game now and start building your mining empire from scratch to become the ultimate magnate!
Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Help Koko Kornelius defend his forest home from lumberjacks using an army of animals in this thrilling action-defense game with over 380 levels.

Lumberwhack: Defend the WildDigital Exception
Join the thrilling adventure of a brave and crazy monkey, Koko Kornelius, in this exciting defense game where you must help him protect his homeland against nefarious lumberjacks. Explore, release, advance and evolve your minions to create the toughest animal army ever seen! With over 380 levels of challenge, this survivor defense game allows you to pave your own way and become the ruler of the jungle. With more than 200 unique levels, this addictive game will keep you entertained for hours, not to mention the endless forest mode! You will be in charge of commanding the most extraordinary animal army ever, with fierce beasts such as Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Backattack Alligator, Kickaroo kangaroo, and many other animals with unique special abilities and elite skills. But it won't be easy, as your enemies are formidable and include chainsawers, gunslingers, fierce rangers, and giant axe-wielding lumberjacks. Each enemy will present you with a new challenge, and the fight will be far from a walk in the park. To help you out, you can collect free bonus items by completing achievements and daily missions. You'll also gain access to the free Stage Bonus as you progress through the challenging levels. Other cool features include the ultimate strategy and action-defense game combination, Google Play Leaderboards to compete with your friends, and an endless survival mode where you can achieve the ultimate score. With more than 60 achievements to collect and a zootopia of colorful graphics and amusing animations, you'll be entertained as you defend the forest kingdom with your powerful animal minions. Use Koko to swing through the jungle or fight on the ground, record your gameplays, and share it with your friends. This game is sure to leave you entertained for hours on end!
Metropolis Tycoon: Mining Game

Metropolis Tycoon is an idle game where players manage a mining empire, collect resources, upgrade buildings and become the richest tycoon.

Metropolis Tycoon: Mining GameGame Veterans
Step into the world of Metropolis Tycoon, a unique 1920's noir idle game and mining simulator that blends aliens and tentacles. With this idle empire and mining simulator, you'll never be bored again. Manage your own factories and mines while testing your management and moneymaking skills. You can become a tycoon and the ruling magnate of the economy by controlling every aspect of your mining inc and digging activities. Build mining stations and upgrade them to produce more resources, building a profitable idle empire. If you are seeking a mining game or a tycoon simulator, Metropolis Tycoon is the perfect offline idle game for you. You will have the opportunity to develop your city to its full potential, collect resources for your factory, and rule with ease. The gameplay of Metropolis Tycoon allows you to create a city abundant in gold and resources. Strategically place your mine, manage buildings and resources, and gain profits from selling your mined goods at the right time. This classic idle mining game enables you to mine 15 different resources, including coal, copper, gold, and much more. The easy yet challenging gameplay of Metropolis Tycoon makes it an exciting game. It's even easier as the mine collection is automated, so you can put your feet up and watch the game generate revenue. Keep your smelting and crafting buildings going to ensure you have enough resources. The graphics and design used in Metropolis Tycoon are outstanding and addictive, making it difficult to put down. Become a pro manager and keep a constant flow of idle revenue by multitasking and prioritizing workflow. Craft recipes, smelt raw resources into bars, and make your way to the top of the leaderboard. This miner and offline tycoon simulator is free and does not require an internet connection. This game is suitable for adults and teens alike, and it's undoubtedly an excellent way to spend your leisure time. Play Metropolis Tycoon to mine valuable goods, manage everything seamlessly, and become the top magnate in the metro!
Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat is a cross-platform war game with colorful graphics and unique heroes battling to claim jungle treasures. Join clans and participate in regular tournaments.

Jungle HeatADVGO42 LTD
Jungle Heat is a game of warfare that can be played on any device or social platform without any charge. The beautiful tropics full of oil and gold have been attacked by General Blood and you need to free these treasures from the hands of these bloodthirsty people. To protect these treasures you need to fortify the walls, hire troops and engage in powerful battles. You will enjoy the beautiful graphics and weapons in the game. You can also transfer your progress to other devices and platforms by going to the settings section of the game and selecting "OTHER DEVICE". Jungle Heat allows you to develop your military base, fight with other players and participate in regular tournaments. The game is playable on any Android smartphone or tablet. The battles are simple but unique, and each battle is different. You have the freedom to upgrade your base, buildings, and troops and set up an effective attack strategy. You can also assemble your army of heroes who possess different capabilities that can change the course of battle. The game features regular tournaments that allow you to compete with other players and clans. The game provides bright, colorful graphics and dynamic music that creates an endless tropical fun atmosphere. If you love Jungle Heat, rate it five stars and recommend it to others. The game requires a steady internet connection, and you need to grant READ_PHONE_STATE permission to save the game's progress. However, the device identifier is only used to save the game's progress, and nothing else. The game follows a strict privacy policy, which you can find here: Also, terms of use are applied to the game, and you can read the terms here: Join our communities on Facebook, Twitter and G+. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will help you. Check the FAQ to learn more about the game. Engage in Jungle Heat today and enjoy the ultimate battle for treasures in the jungle.
Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG

Upgrade your base, get a squad of heroes, defeat unbeatable bosses and explore the past in Olympus Hero's new mode, ARGOS PANOPTES.

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPGFatbee Games
Introducing an exciting new game mode: ARGOS PANOPTES. Push your limits by taking on opponents of up to level 75! Olympus Hero is a thrilling comic-style fighter set in a parallel superhero universe. 👍 ENHANCE your New Olympus rebel base: transform the murky slums into a futuristic, neon-lit metropolis filled with cyber marvels. 👍 GATHER A TEAM of heroes that possess the power and skill to take on the colossal, undefeated Titan corporation. 👍 EXPLORE THE PAST through the stunning hand-drawn comic panels, unraveling the stories of brave heroes, heartless assassins, mutated chimeras and synthetic monsters. 👍 IMPOSING BOSSES await those who seek to venture into the treacherous depths of Tartarus. Join our Discord community
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Play as Disney and Pixar heroes, including Wreck-It Ralph, Elsa, and Buzz Lightyear, in a battle-packed multiplayer RPG game. Save the digital world from a wicked virus with epic abilities and gear.

Disney Heroes: Battle ModePerBlue Entertainment
Get ready for an adrenaline-filled strategy RPG game featuring your beloved Disney and Pixar heroes from iconic movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles and more. This action-packed game takes place in a dangerous digital world that is overrun by a deadly virus, and it's up to you and your favourite Disney and Pixar heroes to stop the outbreak. Start your adventure with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweets who have discovered a Beta Key to unlock a mysterious new RPG game in a gigantic digital city, which has fallen into chaos. In the journey ahead, you will run into other Disney and Pixar heroes like Elastigirl from The Incredibles who also need your assistance to fight against the swarming enemy Creeps. As you progress, things get even tougher as you come face-to-face with virus-corrupted Disney and Pixar characters, including Chief Bogo, Mr. Incredible and others. In this multiplayer RPG game, gather your strongest and smartest Disney and Pixar heroes like Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more. Equip them with powerful gear and engage in battles against a range of formidable challenges, from enemy robots, mages, ninjas to skeletons, in the quest to save your fellow heroes from the virus's harmful effects. Join the multiplayer RPG competition, and become a part of cooperative attack missions and strategic campaigns with other Disney and Pixar heroes. Upgrade your characters' abilities and gear and participate in the market where you can trade hero chips and badges. Discover an entirely new digital world as you strive to save your fellow Disney and Pixar heroes. Watch as your heroes team up for an epic battle against all challengers in the Arena and survive in combat using the best fighting skills. Combine speed, strategy, skills, and fighting experience in your team, make alliances with suitable guilds and emerge victorious in multiplayer battles. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a free-to-play game that offers virtual currency as a means of in-game purchase. Take note that third-party advertising is present in this game. Access the official website for more information on the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Join EVE from Wall-E, Baymax from Big Hero 6, Moana, Scar from The Lion King, and Maleficent as you prepare to battle in the digital realm with some of your beloved Disney and Pixar heroes.
Idle Magic Tower: Heroes

Idle Magic Tower - the ultimate idle game where you become a mage, summon heroes, and build your tower to conquer the world.

Idle Magic Tower: HeroesGearage
Enter the magical world of Idle Magic Tower, the ultimate idle game for all the dreamers who desire to become a powerful mage and build their enchanted tower. This game allows you to step into the shoes of a mage who summons heroes of various races and classes for accomplishing tasks in the tower. As a master of the tower, you assign missions to your heroes for collecting rewards and utilize your magic powers to upgrade your tower and unlock new heroes. As your heroes progress, they also level up and augment their power. The game offers the most comfortable idle gaming experience where your tower flourishes even when you're not playing. Witness your heroes training, dutifully working, and planning for their next mission. Besides regular events and rewards that keep the game fresh, you get to create a team of the ultimate heroes who will help you reign supreme in the world. Features: - Summon and elevate heroes of various races and classes - Assign missions to your heroes for collecting rewards - Upgrade your tower and unlock new heroes with your magical abilities - Watch your heroes progress and grow stronger - Keep earning rewards even when you aren't playing the game - Exciting regular events and rewards to keep the game interesting - Progress through the game and become the ultimate mage! Join the club of mighty mages and experience the idle magic of Idle Magic Tower. Become the ultimate mage and create your team of heroes to dominate the world. Don't wait any longer to step into the magical world of Idle Magic Tower. Play now and unveil the best gaming adventure of your life!

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