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Escape an island after years of shelter, fight, explore, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters, puzzles, and secrets.

Dysmantle10tons Ltd

Emerging from your underground shelter that kept you alive for countless years, a new yet familiar world stands before you. This earth is now home to wicked and repugnant creatures, where all traces of humanity have vanished. The wilderness has taken over, and it's about to get even more inhospitable. The ultimate goal is to find your way off the wretched island, but for now, embrace the bittersweet apocalypse that surrounds you. Key Features:

Gangster Mafia City of Crime

Join the gangster world in Mafia City of Crime, complete missions and survive against the fighting mafia, crime lord, and godfather.

Gangster Mafia City of CrimeCoolscape Games

Get ready to delve deep into the dark, gritty world of Gangster Mafia City of Crime where the streets never sleep and danger lurks around every corner. Experience the life of a gangster who must navigate through a web of violent crime including robberies, car thefts, gunfights, cop pursuits, and other dangerous missions.

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Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a heartwarming adventure where words hold immense power in a young girl's diary, with immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay.

Lost Words: Beyond the PagePID Games

Embark on an enchanting story-driven adventure where you'll maneuver through stunning 2D landscapes featuring captivating 3D graphics to conquer an assortment of intricate puzzles. Implement language to manipulate your surroundings and experience an unparalleled platforming encounter.

Brotato: Premium

Play as Brotato and wield up to 6 weapons to fight hordes of aliens. Customize runs with characters, items, and survival tactics.

Brotato: PremiumErabit Studios

In this top-down arena shooter roguelite game, you take on the role of Brotato, the last surviving potato who must fend off waves of alien attackers using up to six weapons at once. The game offers a variety of traits and items to choose from, which allows players to create unique builds and increase their chances of survival until they are rescued. Brotato's world is a perilous environment, and players must be alert and strategic to overcome the incoming threats. The game features a default auto-firing mode for weapons, but also has a manual aiming option for those looking for more precision. Runs are designed to be fast (under 30 minutes), and there are dozens of characters available to customize your gameplay experience, such as one-handed, crazy, lucky mage and more. Additionally, there are over hundreds of items and weapons to choose from, including flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, and even basic weapons like sticks and stones. To survive, players must defeat alien waves lasting between 20 to 90 seconds, and kill off as many enemies as possible within that limited timeframe. The game also incorporates a collecting system where players receive materials that offer experience points. These points can be used to buy items from the in-game shop between waves. Please note that although you can play offline, cloud storage is only available while playing online. Any progress made offline will not be uploaded to the cloud. Get in touch with the game's developers on their Discord channel @Erabit or via their Twitter @erabit_studios, Facebook @Brotato, or through email at support@erabitstudios.com.

Nuke Em All 2

Kill enemies, drop nukes, and save VIPs to become an accurate bomber in this ultimate nuke simulation game. Make strategic decisions and enjoy the huge explosion in this game for peace!

Nuke Em All 2Distinct Media Games

Welcome to the ultimate bombing simulation game where your mission is to destroy Everything scattered across the landscape. You will be on a TOP SECRET hit-list updated monthly, where you need to kill everyone. Become an accurate bomber and execute your targets with precision. You can drop Nukes to wipe out larger areas or use army and special forces to collect ammo. Your strategic skills will be put to the test as you decide which weapons to use for each task. This game challenges your memory skills as you use classified spy intelligence to remember which target locations you have already bombed. Navigate through the real-time strategy landscape map using landmarks and roads to locate your enemies. You will need to hunt down your enemies in the desert, industrial zones, cities, wastelands, and no man's land. Bombs and Nukes are armed and ready for you to destroy cities for high kill numbers. The government will give you credits for your high kill numbers to order more weapons, super weapons, space weapons, and supplies for your atomic bomber. Enjoy the massive explosions and inferno fireballs from nuclear tests! Be careful because this game also has enemies. There are airfields, WW1 and WW2 tanks, AA anti-aircraft guns, drones, helicopters, ICBM missiles, and other military units and targets that want to blow you out of the sky. You are not invincible on the battlefield, and you need to earn medals and awards to progress. Download the game now, and start your mission with free weapons supplied for you. Remember, this game is just a game! We support peace and not war!

Toy Rider: Racing Game

Toy Rider is an offline mobile car racing game with miniature home environments & unique power-ups. It offers sports cars, F1 racers, monster trucks, planes & more.

Toy Rider: Racing GameOmnaya Studios

Toy Rider offers a thrilling and unique mobile gaming experience that sets it apart from regular car racing games. While speed is crucial, the game is also about precision and strategy in terms of one's balancing, timing, and smart use of the ten exciting power-ups and proper speed. The game draws inspiration from the Table Top Racing game but with significant upgrades and enhancements for players to enjoy. With over a hundred different cars to choose from, Toy Rider gives gamers plenty of variety and options when it comes to racing vehicles. Additionally, players can customize and upgrade their cars to make them stand out and further enhance their performance. From sports cars to F1 racers, monster trucks to planes and more, the game boasts an impressive variety of vehicles for players to choose from. Toy Rider has over 24 different race tracks available, including off-road racing, where players can put their racing skills to the test on various terrains. What's more, the game can be played offline, making it accessible anywhere and at any time. Players can also expect to earn plenty of rewards and gifts as they progress through the game's many levels. The game's miniature home environment graphics add an exciting visual element to Toy Rider, making the game fun, playful, and different from what players might typically expect from a racing game. There are various themes available for players to choose from like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and beach tracks for endless entertainment and varied gameplay! The game's power-ups are another significant feature that sets Toy Rider apart. Players need strategic thinking and timing to master the use of these ten power-ups, including Nitro boost, fireball, freeze ball, and more. They can also upgrade their vehicles and use incredible power-ups such as "Summon Tank" and "Summon Horse" to stay ahead in the race. Toy Rider is the best free car racing kart game of 2022. Download it now to experience the next level of off-road racing with lots of cars and crazy upgrades. The creators of the game aimed to deliver a fantastic gaming experience. And if you love Toy Rider, be sure to leave a comment to help the developers continue creating more exciting and engaging games.

Drive.RS : Open World Racing

Drive.RS: an enormous, immersive driving game with free-roaming, racing, and car customization options. Features realistic physics and stunning landscapes.

Drive.RS : Open World RacingRumblesushi

Experience the Drive.RS public beta, an incredible open world racing game with unparalleled realism and limitless potential for fun. The game boasts a vast 64km2 open world map featuring an incredible 256km of roads, allowing you to freely drift, drive, and race to your heart's content. Whether you fancy racing, drift zones, or free roam exploration, Drive.RS has something to satisfy your racing appetite. Get behind the wheel of an impressive variety of supercars, hypercars, JDM cars, SUVs, trucks, and 4x4 offroad vehicles, each fully customizable with a top-of-the-line upgrade system. This comprehensive upgrade feature allows you to tweak and adjust your vehicle's performance and handling to your liking, providing a unique and immersive experience. Drive.RS also brings the game's world to life with a cutting-edge AI traffic system, complete with realistic auto overtaking behavior and physics. Experience the thrill of a day to night cycle across diverse terrains, each with their own road type, from asphalt and dirt roads to highway and touge style mountain roads. Immerse yourself in stunning, realistic landscapes, from towering mountains and rolling hills to a rugged coastal area, complete with a variety of animals to encounter on your journey. The visuals of the game are truly exceptional, complete with high-end lighting and shadows, real-time reflections, and highly realistic trees and vegetation that bring the game world to life. Drive.RS features console-standard car physics, engineered to deliver a fun yet realistic simcade experience. The game's drift dynamics are true to life, complete with realistic inertia and friction. This detailed and convincing physics model requires skillful countersteering and throttle control, resulting in a satisfying and fun experience. Enjoy a seamless, cinematic-quality gameplay experience with 60fps support for flagship devices, as well as controller support. Lastly, Drive.RS also offers a livery system coming soon, allowing you to customize your vehicle with unique designs and colors. In conclusion, Drive.RS is an unparalleled open-world racing experience that successfully brings the feel and experience of real racing to mobile games. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned racing enthusiast, Drive.RS is a game that you can really sink your teeth into.

Nas Estradas do Brasil - 2023

Drive Brazilian trucks, earn money, buy new vehicles, and complete deliveries with a realistic traffic system on a full Brazilian map in Nas Estradas do Brasil - 2023.

Nas Estradas do Brasil - 2023Direction Games

Nas Estradas do Brasil - 2023" é um jogo de simulação de caminhões brasileiros, criado com foco no Android.

Horror Tale 2

Solve the mysteries of Lakewitch and discover the secrets of the kidnapper in Horror Tale 2, an icey horror adventure with puzzles, scary twists, and unexpected turns.

Horror Tale 2Euphoria Horror Games

Embark on a terrifying and hair-raising adventure into the latest icy horror game co-developed by Death Park and Mimicry! Prepare to be fully immersed in a spine-chilling and gripping story with a cast of engaging characters. In Lakewitch, children have been missing for an extended period, and it's up to you to unravel the chilling mystery. Who is the abductor, and what is their motive? Where are the children being taken, and how can you save them? Can you solve the puzzles and uncover the truth without waking up your neighborhood with your terrified screams? The game continues with Samantha's story as you help her escape from prison. Along the way, you'll uncover more secrets about the terrifying kidnapper, leading you deeper into a world of bone-chilling discoveries. Brace yourself for a heart-stopping adventure filled with puzzles, jump scares, unexpected twists, and plenty of excitement. The story unfolds rapidly, taking unpredictable directions, and offering a fun and scary adventure set in a 90s American neighborhood. Horror Tale 2 offers an array of features that will keep you engaged for hours. Enjoy a thrilling and mysterious storyline with a scary antagonist that will push you to your limits. Meet interesting neighbors, solve puzzles, riddles, and go on scavenger hunts in five diverse locations. The stylized graphics and original author's soundtrack will enhance your experience further. Horror Tale 2 is similar to Ice Scream, Evil Nun, and Hello Neighbor, but with an added element of intrigue arising from the gripping storyline. Immerse yourself in a thrilling and entertaining adventure with your friends and neighbors. Get ready to scream your way through this multi-part horror series!


Explore with only 6 actions, solving puzzles and saving your village from a sentient storm as Pep, the newcomer mammal.

SixitStar Garden Games

You play as Pep, a furry creature who just arrived at a new village. The town is currently in peril due to a sentient storm, and the whole community is counting on you to save the day. However, don't despair because you have what it takes to defeat this enemy. ​ The game provides you with six actions per run, which users must carefully choose while exploring the forest and solving puzzles to save their friends from the Great Storm. Your goal is to progress to the next level by selecting the correct order of actions that lead to the solution. ​ Through your exploration, you will unravel the menacing puzzle of the Storm and save the village while making new friends along the way. Be sure to collect all six hidden trophies to unlock the game's final secret and complete the challenge on an exciting note. ​ The game is free to play entirely, with the option to remove ads via the payment model. Peel through the fantastic graphics and immerse yourself in the world of Pep, where you can use your wit and intelligence to save the day.

The Walking Zombie 2

Survive the zombie apocalypse while completing story quests and leveling up skills in this offline FPS/RPG, with crafting, vehicles, and a karma system.

The Walking Zombie 2Alda Games

The world that you'll be entering in Walking Zombie 2 is a bleak one where a zombie apocalypse has occurred. Born into this post-apocalyptic world, survival will be your number one priority as you fight against different types of zombies, bandits, and boss monsters. Take on story and side quests, level up your abilities and strengths, buy and sell equipment, and interact with survivors in this mobile FPS/RPG game that can be played offline. Combining survival RPG and first person shooter elements, the game offers numerous quests and various weapons with different ammo as you battle against the zombies who rule the world. You can use melee weapons, grenades, and guns to take them out, all while healing yourself with food and medkits. Each completed quest will earn you better equipments, improved skills, and perks that make your character even stronger. You have the choice to increase the number of hit points, improve your lockpicking skills, or reduce fuel consumption and limit the influence of the undead on the planet. The game boasts features such as a single player post-apocalyptic FPS set in a polygonal graphics style, a karma system where your moral choices affect the gameplay, a variety of stories and side missions, and numerous weapons, protective gear, and other equipment to suit your survivalist needs. Enjoy optional crafts and building in the game's open-world part, weapon skins, traders in settlements, car and truck rides, and humorous mini-games. You play as the chosen one, blessed with the gift of immunity to the zombie virus, and destined to save the world. However, your story starts on a tragic note. Team up with allies and uncover the truth about your birth, while searching for a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. The game keeps expanding, with new content being added to introduce new mechanics of crafting tables and other tools to ensure your survival. Your actions in the game can also lead to hostility from certain survivors such as bandits, corrupt politicians, cultists, and gangs, on top of the zombie enemies. With these challenges, you'll need to keep on fighting and enduring. Are you ready to take on the challenge of survival against the zombie apocalypse? Play Walking Zombie 2 on your mobile device today!

Endling: Extinction is Forever

Survive as the last fox on Earth, guide and defend your cubs through a ravaged world, protect them from predators, and experience the destructive force of man.

Endling: Extinction is ForeverHandyGames

Will a mother fox be able to protect its vulnerable cubs from harm?

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

Fly a paper plane through different terrains and collect quantum to unlock new planes in this physics-driven adventure game.

Paperly: Paper Plane AdventureAbhiTechGames

Embark on an exhilarating adventure and take flight with a paper plane while mastering various flight mechanics in PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE. Hovering towards a successful journey is key in this physics-based game that aims to improve your flying skills by learning from previous mistakes. Discover exciting new worlds that offer endless learning opportunities, embrace nature as your ally and defy the laws of gravity as you move closer to your goal. Get ready for pure fun as you explore the captivating world of paper airplanes that challenge you to surpass different landscapes. The game's sound effects and physics make it feel as though you are in control of the paper airplane, gliding through the world with ease. You can feel the wind pushing you forward, especially when you use it to your advantage, while descending takes you a step closer to achieving max momentum. Pay attention to each chapter's environment and adapt accordingly to progress successfully through the game. PAPERLY: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE boasts several features, including the chance to explore exciting adventures while in control of a paper plane. Revel in the opportunity to travel through different terrains, from dry deserts to tropical forests and even ice caves in the arctic. Collect Quantum as you fly and unlock new and exciting paper planes to enhance your flying experience even more. Don't forget to dash on air like crazy with a wind boost to keep your gameplay momentum high. Set your sights on keeping each journey alive by navigating the game's interactive menu and avoiding crashes. Colliding with anything in your environment will result in a crash landing of your paper plane, so it's up to you to keep it skillfully afloat as long as possible. The game also contains 11 different landscapes, 11 unlockable paper planes, seven exciting paper plane skins, and a very relaxing journey that will keep you hooked. Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is available for playing offline, meaning you can take your paper plane flying experience wherever you go without requiring an internet connection. The game is highly optimized to run on most devices, ensuring that your gameplay experience remains smooth. Among the featured top best offline games of 2022, Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure, proves to be one of the best flying games available on Playstore. The feeling of soaring the paper plane through the air like a kite will leave you feeling adventurous, bringing an experience akin to the best airplane games online. So what are you waiting for? Download Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure and experience the thrill for yourself. Fly free, fly high with one of the best pilot games and have the best flight ever. Developed in India, the game's support team is available through atgstudiosinfo@gmail.com, and you can learn more about it at https://abhitechgames.github.io.

Dragon Sails: Ship Battle

Upgrade and customize your pirate ship in Dragon Sails, an action-packed naval warfare game where players battle for domination in the Caribbean.

Dragon Sails: Ship BattleAzur Interactive Games Limited

Hoist your sails, captain! Are you prepared for epic sea battles? Embark on a thrilling voyage to the Caribbean and engage in fierce naval warfare with rival ships on the vast open sea! Discover a mysterious new world full of uncharted waters, advance the weaponry of your fleet, and claim the title of King of the high seas! Engage in action-packed boat games of unparalleled excitement! Navigate your vessel towards your foes and defeat them with overwhelming firepower while maneuvering skillfully to avoid your ship collapsing. Outsmart and overpower tough opponents in battleship games using incredible strategies! Become the most skilled pirate in this action game and dominate all ship battles with your masterful sea fighting tactics! Choose your very own pirate ship and immerse yourself in the heart of naval warfare! Take customisation to another level and upgrade your vessel, then let her conquer the enemy ships in explosive action games! Become an unstoppable pirate king and dominate the seven seas! Dragon Sails, a critically acclaimed pirate ship game, provides players with the opportunity to capture the Pirate World just like Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean did! Will you dare to face bloodthirsty pirates and sail through the treacherous waters of the Dragon Sails action-packed pirate ship battle game? Download this exciting pirate battleship game and start your legendary sea captain adventure today!

MMA - Fighting Clash 23

MMA Fighting Clash 23: Choose from 50 fighters, including legends, with various combat styles, realistic graphics, and action-packed gameplay.

MMA - Fighting Clash 23Imperium Multimedia Games

MMA Fighting Clash 23 is an exciting new Sports Game that will provide a thrilling experience for all players who enjoy engaging and dynamic fighting games. The latest update has brought an array of new features, including new game mechanics, moves, and a practice mode. The improved AI and next-gen graphics give an immersion like never before. The game features over 40 new moves, styles, such as Kung Fu and brutal finishers that can take out your opponents' techniques with ease. In MMA Fighting Clash 23, you get the opportunity to select from 50 legendary fighters and take on players from all corners around the globe. You must use all your skills like kicking, punching, blocking and take downs to defeat your opponents. However, you must remain cautious and wait for the right moment to strike, as you may get cut or overwhelmed. The objective is to use your rage to overpower everyone standing in your way and showcase your skills in winning the Belt in Grand Arena. You can customize your fighter to be a part of his career in multiple weight classes and compete in different challenges like Quick Fights and Tournaments. The game has over 60+ player characters to choose from, with different strengths and weaknesses, including MMA Legends like Bruce Lee, John Jones, and Jets Lee, among others. The game's realistic sounds, graphics, and animations provide an immersive experience with action-packed gameplay for numerous combat styles like BJJ, Muay Thai, Box, Kickbox, Sambo, among others. You can feel the adrenaline rush and the excitement from participating in big arenas with gripping kickboxing atmosphere. Showcasing plenty of customization options to make yourself stand apart from the rest, you can create a library of over 100 moves for your fighter. The store features clothing, abilities, boosts, and much more to aid you in your quest for glory. The game is only a touch away, featuring intuitive touch controls to ease the player into the game. ImperiumMultimedia is working full-time to keep the game updated with new content and features, providing the players with the best possible experience. All problems faced should be sent in the e-mail provided and not through comments. So, what are you waiting for? Join the action-packed journey today and show off your fighting skills!

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