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Sep 18 - Sep 24 New Games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Explore Adenthia and assemble a team of 200+ heroes to fight the darkness. Roll dice, strategically battle and make choices to shape your story in this open-world, seasonal RPG.

Dragonheir: Silent GodsNuverse Games
Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an engaging RPG set in a vast high-fantasy open-world environment, where you command a team of more than 200 heroes. The game offers an unparalleled tactical combat system that counts every move and decision, making each choice critical to achieving victory. With frequently updated seasonal content and elements of chance, Dragonheir keeps the gameplay fresh and stimulating, offering a world full of adventure and exploration opportunities. ◉ Game Features ◉ 〓 Adventure In An Open World 〓 Discover the vast open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, where adventure awaits around every corner. Hunt for hidden treasures, solve challenging puzzles, compete in cooking and drinking contests, and mold your hero's story in your own unique way to create an unforgettable experience. 〓 Roll The Dice 〓 Dice rolls play a crucial role in combat, adding an element of randomness to every situation, from stealing to negotiation, drinking contests, and more. 〓 Assemble A Heroic Team 〓 With more than 200 unique heroes and their individual abilities and attributes, the world of Adenthia is full of allies waiting to join you in the fight against the dark forces. Cooperate with your friends to complete PvE mode, conquer challenging enemies and create legendary stories together. 〓 Strategic Combat 〓 Experience thrilling chess-like tactics, utilizing different character abilities, and a bit of luck as you roll the dice to see who will come out on top. Every hero placement and the environment play a pivotal role in combat, making your choices critical to your success. 〓 Make Choice Shape Your Story 〓 Immerse yourself in the magical high-fantasy world of Adenthia as the chosen one, fighting against the three-headed dragon oppressor with your team. Exploring ancient caverns and uncovering secrets, every decision you make will alter your journey. Create your own legend and forge a unique story to be told. 〓 Seasonal Update 〓 Seasonal updates bring new locations, enemies, characters, and even refresh options for your build. 〓 Infinite Hero Builds 〓 With diverse builds and customization options for every character, the possibilities for creating a standout team are endless. Chose wisely as each member of the team possesses unique abilities, strengths, and recruiting tactics. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and experience the multiverse in Dragonheir: Silent Gods!
Dere Vengeance

Dive into a fourth-wall-breaking pixelated horror adventure, face nightmarish challenges, and embrace the surreal meta-horror story of DERE Vengeance.

Dere VengeanceAppSir Games
Indulge your fears in an innovative platformer that shatters the fourth wall, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. UNIQUE GRIM PIXEL UNIVERSE Let the eerie soundscape and meticulously crafted pixelated art immerse you in ghastly situations, inexplicable glitches, psychological horror, and warm memories of antique scrolling games. AMICAL COHORTS Benefit from the mentorship of A.I.D.E. and the benevolent and morally upright "Dev," who will accompany and support players every stride of the way. The fellow travelers will also add a strange allure to the surreal adventure of participating in this exclusive game. Endure peculiar characters, frightening monsters, and disturbing anomalies during your odyssey. STRENUOUS YET EQUITABLE Experience intense fear as you maneuver through horrendous but just platforming challenges with exactitude and agitation. The hardcore tough gameplay is redolent of vintage games that are difficult to put down, stimulating your mind for the type of scares that make most of the horror genre highly effective. PLOT THAT SMASHES THE FOURTH WALL Dive into an electrifying meta-horror that transgresses the limits of the empirical digital horror classification, integrating terror and anxiety into a genuinely surreal experience. In DERE Vengeance, the player is an active participant in the plotline. SPOOKY EXPEDITION Embrace the perfect amalgam of terror and excitement in this plot-rich platformer that guarantees authentic terror and delightful gameplay. You can begin DERE Vengeance without playing our other games, a course of action not recommended, as this spine-chilling adventure has its own unique and captivating episode. Untangle the engrossing tale of DERE Vengeance, the gripping new chapter in the critically acclaimed fright series DERE EXE and DERE EVIL EXE!
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Who Let The Chickens Out?

Take aim and turn pesky chickens into delicious chicken leg pieces in "Who Let the Chickens Out?" featuring challenging levels, global leaderboard, and family-friendly fun.

Who Let The Chickens Out?Vikas Pawar
Step into the wild and wacky world of "Who Let the Chickens Out?" - a captivating game that presents a fresh and amusing approach to tackling a chicken infestation! Experience a comical adventure where your swift reflexes and unmatched accuracy will be tested as you take on these persistent birds. It's time to turn these clucking creatures into succulent chicken drumsticks! 1. Sharpen your shooting skills with expert precision: Tap into your inner sharpshooter and pick up your trusty sniper rifle to take down the troublesome chickens. Remember to proceed with caution, as every shot counts towards breaching their defenses! 2. Explore a plethora of challenging levels and peculiar environments: Stride into various locations and engage in an array of exciting levels. From your peaceful backyard to the animated farms, each level promises to be an enthralling hurdle to be overcome. 3. Score achievements and unlock mind-blowing rewards: Are you up for the challenge? see if you can unlock every one of them! 4. Clash with players from across the world and your friends using leaderboard (Game Services): Race to the top and showcase your chicken-eliminating prowess to players globally. Challenge your friends and relish the bragging rights that come with claiming the top spot - become the ultimate chicken guru! 5. Enjoy wholesome family-friendly entertainment: "Who Let the Chickens Out" embodies amusing gameplay that's appropriate for all ages, making it an excellent bonding opportunity that all family members can enjoy together. With hours of laughter and exciting challenges, this game promises to be a hit with everyone!
Country Star

Tap and Swipe your way to stardom with Real Music in Country Star. Hundreds of original licensed songs in various genres including Country and Americana. Play with friends and climb the leaderboard.

Country StarSpace Ape
Experience the sensation of playing genuine country music for free! Immerse yourself in the rhythm of each song as you tap and swipe your way through instruments, vocals, and beats, discovering a whole new way of enjoying your favorite tunes. Country Star offers a vast collection of licensed, fully original songs spanning across various genres, including country, Americana, folk, bluegrass, alt-country, honky-tonk, and southern rock. Feel every beat pulsing through your fingers as you master each song through tapping, swiping, and holding to the music, unlocking new tunes along the way. Challenge your friends to beat your score and share new music with them. Or climb your way up the leaderboard by playing fun challenges. Please note that this game requires a network connection. Country Star also requests storage permissions to allow players to capture and send support screenshots as necessary. Need some help navigating the game? Visit for assistance. Alternatively, you can contact the support team via email at
Game of Honor

Join Game of Honor's online multiplayer RPG to battle monsters & join guilds, with a transparent and realistic art-style & personal story.

Game of HonorIGG.COM
Looking for a thrilling adventure? Join [Game of Honor], the online multiplayer, idle RPG that will take you on an epic journey through a fantasy world. As a mortal, you will encounter legendary monsters and team up with allies to defeat other players and earn accolades. But it doesn't end there - when you ascend to the rank of the gods, you will uncover the truth of this fascinating world! Create a unique Hero from one of the four different Classes available. The game's world will immerse you in a personal story that will challenge you at every turn. Discover the intricate ties between mortals and gods, and become an essential part of the history of this world. Explore the vast realm and let your Hero take center stage in an unpredictable adventure filled with enemies, conspiracies, and plot twists. Your journey will be difficult, but the fantastic rewards you collect along the way will aid you in your quest. As you progress, join a Guild and participate in thrilling cross-server battles on the astral ship. Only the strongest, smartest, and most tenacious Guilds will claim the throne destined for the gods. The world of [Game of Honor] boasts exquisite and realistic art. Every location, from snow-capped mountains to dense forests filled with spirits, is unique and adds to the immersive experience. Fight wild beasts and conspirators in elegant attire and make even the gods fear your presence. Join our Discord for the latest news and guides!
WW2 Frontline 1942

Frontline 1942 offers an exciting online World War II shooter experience with a vast arsenal of weapons, unique maps, and diverse characters for endless shooting action.

WW2 Frontline 1942XDEVS LTD
Get ready for a thrilling adventure with the World War II Shooter, a fantastic game that seamlessly blends action and military gameplay. Choose your faction and prepare to join other players from different countries in online shooting games that will leave you breathless. Equip yourself with an array of weaponry and delve into realistic battles featuring stunning graphics that will transport you back to the war years. Step onto the battlefield and experience the heart-pumping action that never stops in this thrilling game. Explore legendary locations, such as tanks, ships, and other iconic settings that provide diverse tactical opportunities in captivating battlegrounds. Play as a hero from different countries, including the United States, Russia, Germany, and Japan, and relive epic battles in true cinematic style. Each character offers a unique appearance and playstyle, bringing unparalleled diversity and excitement to the gameplay. Equip yourself with a vast arsenal of 23 different weapons, from powerful Thompson submachine guns to legendary Mosin and Mauser sniper rifles. Choose your favorite weapon and upgrade its characteristics to increase its firepower. Unleash your inner fighter and become an unstoppable force in this dynamic action shooter. Experience the unique skills possessed by each soldier that come into play during the most intense combat engagements. These skills automatically influence gameplay to make your soldier more effective in battle, ensuring that your team emerges victorious in online shooters dedicated to World War II. Join forces with like-minded players and collaborate in team battles to crush your enemies on the battlefield. With strategic thinking, coordination, and collaborative efforts, victory is within reach, and you can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Become part of history and relive epic moments in this gripping shooter that offers an unforgettable experience. With exciting maps, diverse characters, team battles, and weapon upgrades, players can feel the true intensity and strategic depth of military action. Join the World War II Shooter community on Facebook and Discord and get ready for the ultimate gaming experience.
Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

Create a hero, explore a rich world, and master combat in Dragon Blade Online's medieval fantasy world of Thomere.

Dragon Blade: Wrath of FireHelen Game
Immerse yourself in the medieval realm of Thomere and embark on a grand adventure in Dragon Blade Online. Choose from six unique classes, such as the gallant Knight, enigmatic Druid, or lethal Assassin, and forge your hero. Navigate through vast landscapes, lay siege on ominous fortress walls, and brave perilous dungeons on your own or in the company of your comrades. Dragon Blade presents a spellbinding world infused with enchantment and folklore. Wander across pastoral farmlands, traipse through misty foliage, occupied by fantastical creatures, and weather treacherous peaks in your trek. The land is riddled with feuding territories and looming shadows that threaten the land and its people. Take it upon yourself to tip the balance in this endless warfare and help protect the vulnerable. In this fast-paced realm, combat is a thrilling mix of strategy and swiftness, with active blocking and nimble dodging. Master the art of wielding class-specific abilities and refine your combat technique to vanquish the most menacing foes. Enhance your strength and potential by equipping formidable gear and acquiring powerful artifacts. Bond with a guild, create alliances, and become an integral part of the Thomere legend. Enlist yourself now and etch your name on the throne of the Dragon Blade Online.
Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA

In this dragon-raising RPG, rebuild BlockTown and form your dream team from over 300 unique Toy Dragons to embark on a journey to recover lost treasures.

Meta Toy DragonZ SAGASandbox Network, Inc.
★ Toy Dragon-Raising RPG ★ Open Beta launching in September! Get 100,000 Money + 1,000 Gems + 10 Dragon/Pet Gacha Tickets at once! (Offer limited) 《Game Overview》 BlockTown previously was a congenial neighborhood where Toy Dragons lived, but it was suddenly invaded by mechanical toys. The intruders destructed BlockTown, stole valuable Gem Blocks from the treasure depot, and it led to the toy dragons' wrath. The only thing they have in mind is to take back the lost treasures and reconstruct their hometown from the scratch! You are invited to join forces with them, develop an unbeatable dragon exploration crew, and traverse through unimaginable paths. 《Prominent Features》 ▶ Exceptional Pixel-design Toy Dragons You have the opportunity to choose and form an elite squad of more than 300 different dragons. Every dragon is unique in its kind with its attributes and competencies, and you can utilize their specialties to surpass multiple levels. ▶ Re-create BlockTown with Toy Dragons By arranging and upgrading diverse production plants, such as the Block Factory, Block Hardware Store, and Gear Maker, you can remake and enhance your BlockTown. The further you renovate your town, the higher rewards you earn, which ultimately benefit your dragons' development. ▶ Indulge in unlimited synergies with Gem Blocks and Pets The combinational power of Gem Blocks and assistive pets is incomparable! These blocks are enriched with various abilities suitable for different strategic plans. While preparing strategies, you cannot deny the importance of your dragons' classes and attributes. ▶ Demonstrate your strategic tactics in Arena PVP Compulsory PVP with the most powerful dragon exploration teams! Participate in the Arena, conquer with balanced dragon combinations, and adapt your tactics according to the attribute buffs influenced every season! Let your strategic skills and Toy Dragons' potential shine!
Zombie War: Hunter Survival

Fight for survival in the zombie apocalypse with ZOMBIE WAR: Hunter Survival Game. Use 3D fps weapons to battle and eliminate undead.

Zombie War: Hunter SurvivalFortune games studio
Experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure with the Zombie War: Hunter Survival Game, one of the best action-packed zombie shooting games available on Google Play. As a skilled zombie hunter, you must fight your way through hordes of the undead to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Engage in a thrilling FPS tactical combat and enhance your gun-shooting skills as you fight for your survival on the frontline. Your ultimate mission is to end the devastating zombie outbreak and emerge victorious from this mortal battlefield. In order to succeed, you must be willing to take down every single zombie that crosses your path. Explore the immersive 3D apocalypse scenario of the Zombie War shooting game and indulge in the ultimate zombie-killing experience. As a zombie hunter, aim carefully and shoot accurately to wipe out the swarming zombie army. With the constant waves of zombies, you will have to upgrade your weapons to enhance your killing efficiency and stay on top of your game. With realistic FPS engine, the Zombie War: Hunter Survival Game lets you dive deep into a bone-chilling world filled with various kinds of undead zombies. This epic game offers endless hours of entertainment as you fight your way out against your relentless enemies. Get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse with your shooting skills and tactical combat strategies! Key features of the game include renowned 3D fps weaponry, a continual zombie onslaught that forces you to upgrade your weapons, realistic 3D shooting and an array of wicked zombies to battle against. Enter the world of Zombie War: Hunter Survival Game and take on the undead to become the ultimate zombie-slaying champion!

Battle with upgraded ZOIDS WILD cards in the TCG, ZOIDS WILD ARENA, and compete globally with your unique decks.

Introducing ZOIDS WILD ARENA, an exciting trading card game (TCG) that draws inspiration from the popular ZOIDS WILD franchise, transforming the units into collectible cards. The game provides an excellent opportunity for players to create their customized decks using an assortment of 30 cards. Enter a thrilling world of battles where players pit their decks against each other to win the ultimate prize. ZOIDS WILD ARENA opens up a host of possibilities for players as each card can be leveled up to six stars, granting you the ability to maximize your deck's power. Take charge of your deck-building strategy and unlock the full potential of your cards, thus, eliminating any chance of sheer luck in determining the victor. Strategize, plan and implement your moves like a pro to obliterate your opponents and claim ultimate supremacy. In ZOIDS WILD ARENA, players can take on competitors from across the globe, testing your tactics and decision-making against top-notch opponents. Prove your wit and skill against the most prominent names in the game to cement your position in the world of ZOIDS WILD ARENA. Enter a league of talented players and rise to the top of the table as a champion. Get ready to immerse yourself in the action-packed world of ZOIDS WILD ARENA. Build your deck, hone your skills, and take on players worldwide to become the ultimate champion. The adrenaline rush of intense battles awaits!
Five a Side Football 2024

Fast-paced soccer management game. Lead a team of comedy versions of your favorite squad to victory. Simple tactics, upgraded transfer system, and player regens.

Five a Side Football 2024Swipe Studios Interactive
Step into Five A Side Football 2024 and experience the fastest, most enjoyable five-a-side management game out there! You can now lead hilarious versions of your favourite team or step back in time before the Premier League to face a retro challenge. It's up to you to guide your team to victory, be it as you chase the league trophy with a superstar team, or save a struggling group from the woes of relegation - it's all in your hands! The game features an updated transfer system that will not only put your budget to the test but also will make sure you're not the only one acquiring the best players for your team. Moreover, with the newly added retirements and regens system, you'll have to keep a close eye on the age of your squad while keeping an eye out for the next big star to join the ranks. And don't worry, there won't be any complicated spreadsheets to navigate. All you need to do is choose a fit squad of five players, give them an encouraging speech about attacking or defending, and you're ready to hit the field! You'll also get stylish player portraits for every team and a user-friendly menu that even your grandmother can handle. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a beginner looking to hone your skills in football management, you will revel in the pure bliss of leading your team to the top! With 20 current teams, 20 teams from the early 90s, and 600 players with hilarious names, Five A Side Football 2024 is packed with action and excitement. Prepare to be wowed by the fun and fast gameplay and simple tactics as you dive headfirst into the world of football management!
Gangster Vegas: Street Fighter

Become the ultimate gangster in Gangster Vegas: Street Fighter. Defeat city gangsters, drive vehicles, and engage in criminal activities.

Gangster Vegas: Street FighterSaud Ahmed
Get ready to enter the dark world of Gangster Vegas: Street Fighter, an open-world game that offers intense street fighting and much more. Step into a fictional city that is filled with action and adventure and explore various districts, interact with a variety of characters, and indulge in an array of criminal activities. Your journey is yours to make, with a dynamic and branching storyline that adapts to your choices and actions, allowing you to rise through the ranks of a gang or establish your own criminal empire. With a range of weapons, vehicles, outfits, and gadgets to choose from, customize your gangster persona and seep into the game's rich and immersive simulation. Engage in street fights against city gangsters and drive bikes, cars, and even army tanks to take down anyone in your path. Fly helicopters and explore the city from above, for a unique experience that will thrill you to the core. The soundtrack features a variety of songs from different genres and eras that suit the game's mood and atmosphere, transporting you to the heart of the action. With so many ways to play, Gangster Vegas: Street Fighter brings the excitement of the criminal underworld to life with every move you make. Are you ready to become a gangster and rule the streets of Vegas?
Hungry Hearts Diner: Memories

Hungry Hearts Diner is a restaurant sim set in Showa era Japan. Cook food, make deliveries, and interact with regulars in this narrative-focused game.

Hungry Hearts Diner: MemoriesGAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Welcome, welcome, to the heart of Hungry Hearts Diner! As one of the old-timers, I've seen plenty of fresh faces come through these doors. Take a seat, peruse the menu, and let me know when you're ready to order. But I warn ya, what keeps people coming back here is not just the food, but also the stories. If you stick around, I'm sure I can spin you a few yarns about the good old days. Don't mind me if I get carried away, though. Sit back, relax, and make yourself at home. Hungry Hearts Diner is a nostalgic narrative-driven restaurant simulation game set in Showa era Japan. As a newcomer, you'll help the elderly couple who run the quaint diner by cooking up tasty dishes, making deliveries, and engaging with a diverse array of customers. Granny is always on the go, chatting with customers, taking orders, and running errands left and right. But don't let Grandpa's scowl scare you away from trying his simple yet delectable dishes, which are sure to leave you hankering for seconds. This diner has a regular cast of oddballs, each with their own voracious appetite and life story to share. Once they start devouring their meals, they might open up to a listening ear. As the saying goes, a good meal is the perfect catalyst for conversation. Some dishes might even jog a memory or two, as everyone has that one meal that they can never forget. If you're a fan of restaurant sims, or simply looking for a touching and heartwarming narrative, then Hungry Hearts Diner is the perfect game for you. Join us on a journey back to a simpler time, where the sound of a knife chopping veggies and meat sizzling in a pan evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. So, how do you know if Hungry Hearts Diner is the right game for you? Do you enjoy laid-back, casual games with idle elements? Perhaps, you're into shop management games where you can run your own establishment? Are you yearning for a touching story to unwind after a long day? If you've played and enjoyed Oden Cart, Showa Candy Shop, or The Kids We Were, then you're in for a treat! And, let's be real, who isn't hungry for some good food and heartwarming tales? If you answered yes to any of the above, then give Hungry Hearts Diner a try. And don't worry, it won't cost you a thing! Just be warned, the game isn't edible, so please don't attempt to consume your device. We hope the game provides you with a few smiles, and maybe even a tear or two. Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy your meal!
My Home Planet

Explore the unknown, build planets, and defeat monsters in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer. Collect resources, level up, and become a strategy legend!

My Home PlanetGuru Puzzle Game
🚀Experience a new world of fun and creativity with My Home Planet: Idle Explorer, the best free strategy sandbox game out there! Discover new planets, vanquish your enemies, and build your own universe. Download the game now and bring glory to your home planet! You are the savior of your home planet in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer. Faced with unprecedented challenges, you embark on a mission to explore other worlds and gather resources to save your planet. Now, equip yourself with an axe, pickaxe, and sword, and let the adventure begin! 🧐Unleash Your Inner Explorer My Home Planet offers dozens of new planets to discover, each with unique environmental and resource features, ensuring that you never run out of things to do. The landscapes range from lush green forests to icy wastelands, offering you endless opportunities to explore. 🌎Create My Universe To save your planet, you need to use your strategic prowess and resources to create new planets in My Home Planet. From mining and logging to smelting and construction, you can have your own army to safeguard your empire and protect it from outside threats. 🗡️Fight for Your Survival The thrilling combat system in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer will keep you on the edge of your seat. Fight off deadly monsters and beasts with an upgraded arsenal and armor. Plan your strategies carefully and emerge victorious, immersing yourself in the art of war. 👑Become The Legend The ancient holy sword awaits you to inherit its powers, making you invincible. Follow your heart, conquer numerous planets, and become the ultimate hero and legend in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer. Take advantage of this opportunity to become the ultimate strategy icon! 🌟Exclusive Features🌟 🎉Fully enjoy the game as it's free to play. 🌎A diverse range of planets and beautiful environments in My Home Planet. 🏔️Stunning 2D/3D graphics that come to life through exciting animations. 💪Powerful tools such as an axe, pickaxe, and sword, to help you create your own universe and make your home planet great again! 🕹️Simple gameplay rules that make it fun and addictive for all ages. 😝The joy of exploring uncharted territories and satisfying your curiosity. 📱Relax with the best sandbox game whenever and wherever you want! 🌟How to Play🌟 - Mine, craft, and gather resources to create your universe in My Home Planet. - Upgrade your tools and weapons to make them more powerful and sharpen your combat skills. - Explore new planets to expand your empire and build your Little Universe. With stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, My Home Planet is a must-try for fans of My Little Universe, Minecraft, Art of War, Top War, and other similar games. Embark on an interstellar adventure, conquer new planets, and become the ultimate space tycoon in My Home Planet: Idle Explorer! Download now and make your home planet great again! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:
Retro Bowl College

Manage college teams and players to become the greatest football coach of all time in Retro Bowl's official sequel, College Football Coach.

Retro Bowl CollegeNew Star Games Ltd
Get ready to travel back in time to the classic era of football with RETRO BOWL's official spin-off, where you will face a new set of challenges as a Head Coach for one of the 250 College teams. If you're looking for a real test of your coaching skills, you have come to the right place – managing a Pro Team will seem like a breeze in comparison! As you lead your chosen College team to fame, you'll need to make sure that your players stay focused and dedicated amidst the distractions and temptations of campus life. With a tight budget to manage, you cannot afford to waste time or resources on party animals who will never make it to the Draft; it's up to you to identify the budding superstars and foster their talents to make the dream a reality. Can you spot the difference between a future Pro Football superstar and an undisciplined player who lets their personal life interfere with their sports career? Can you help your team overcome the challenges and obstacles to become the greatest Football College in history? With RETRO BOWL's College spin-off, the fate of your team and its players rests solely on your shoulders – are you ready for the challenge?
Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero

Save Flotia with Ariel, the Magical Girl and her long-distance magic. Customize battles with amazing pixel looks and complete your combo with SSS level magic.

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel HeroSuper Planet
Magic is my weapon to defend the world!" Darklin, a grasping deity, devastated Flotia, a world stripped of any trace of life. As her final gesture, Elysia, the deity of harmony, granted a final attempt to save Flotia. Ariel, a sorceress, has taken up the challenge to rescue this stunning world by leaving on her broomstick to start her adventure. -------------------------------------------------- - #SideScrolling #AutomaticCombat #LongDistanceMagic #TrainingTree ■ Realize super-swift advancement even when you are not playing, with Idle RPG! Do a damage of 10 million within a day; it's natural! Experience quicker levels and zones that evolve in 24 hours idle gratifications! ■ SSS level Beauty and Magic for your own 8-bit damsel! Choose from 16 types of magic and various orbs and outfits to form your very own magic combo! Select from various sensational pixelated looks to fit your liking, be it Maid, Angel, or even Bunny Girl! Show off your potent long-range spells and impress everyone! Enhance your fight plan by parting performance and character; revel in twice the fun with marvelous combats! ■ Establish your heroine's power with uncomplicated one-touch drill! Eliminate concerns about where to invest; obtain all the stats you require with just one tap of a button! Reaching the "Legendary" level has never been so simple before! Savor unadulterated idle playability! ■ Provoke endless growth with four-stage equipment bespelling? Reveal the prowess hidden inside your heroine every day! The more you infuse your equipment with magic, the more commanding your sorcery skills and more destructive your damage output becomes! Experience the sterling growth of a sorceress with stunning abilities and dynamic looks! ■ Ignite your odyssey in a fresh realm! Boss hunts, detailed exploration, Monster's Nest, and much more await you thanks to the 9 battle modes! Break free from limitations and observe the rewards that start to flood in! Say good-bye to puzzling games; clear anything with pleasant idle play!
Wonder Wars Game

Build the ultimate team and battle your way to the top of the leaderboards with Wonder Wars. Collect characters and customize your profile for the ultimate gaming experience.

Wonder Wars GameMetaWorlds
Get ready to step into the world of Mundo Maravilla and embark on a journey to collect over 40 unique HEROES and TROOPS with incredible skills to form the ultimate team and climb to the top of the leaderboards in Wonder Wars! Create up to three teams by selecting the best synergies to dominate in PVP mode or conquer the Dark Tower and Dungeons in PVE mode. Choose your hero, along with six troops, and defeat your enemies in an epic battle. Make your mark in the game by customizing your profile card and showcasing your skills to the rest of the world. Unlock all the arenas and challenge your friends to show off your impressive tactical abilities. Wonder Wars offers a broad range of features to keep players engaged and their strategies fresh. Unlock HEROES and TROOPS with unique abilities, and build your dream team with customizable compositions that suit your playstyle, whether it's aggro, defensive, or strategic. Take your teams on a test run in different PVE modes such as Training Mode, Dark Tower, and Dungeons to prepare for intense battles in PVP mode. Crush your opponents and climb all the way up to the top of the nine leagues present in Wonder Wars. Compete against other players to become a Legend of Mundo Maravilla. Open chests to unveil new characters, level them up, and gather resources such as coins and gems. Collect skins for your heroes, arenas, and pedestals to upgrade your appearance in the game, giving you an edge over your competitors. Level up your troops, add HP to your heroes, and change their appearance to get an edge over your opponents in battles. Enter the Dark Tower mode with your team and aim to reach the highest floor you can while collecting generous rewards. Challenge yourself in Dungeons and accomplish the objective to gain even more rewards. Enhance your gaming experience by adding your friends and challenging them to try new team combinations, or simply to demonstrate your expertise. Download Wonder Wars today and join the thrilling adventure! Remember, Wonder Wars is free to download and play. However, it is possible to purchase in-game items with real money. These transactions can be turned off in your device's settings if you don't wish to use this feature. Lastly, by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy guidelines, you must be at least 13 years of age to download and play Wonder Wars. Additionally, a stable network connection is necessary to play the game.
Junkworld TD

Survive epic post-apocalyptic battles in JUNKWORLD. Command the resourceful Scavenger clan, deploy tactics, towers, and train crazy-looking heroes to defeat strange enemies.

Junkworld TDIronhide Irl
Embark on daring escapades in hostile terrains with your dubious companions as you lead the Scavenger clan through the mayhem of intense post-apocalyptic battles. Demonstrate your tactical prowess by placing towers, using special units and gadgets, and training eccentric heroes. Welcome to JUNKWORLD! Take charge of the resourceful Scavenger clan as they navigate the perils of epic post-apocalyptic battles. Set up your strategy by placing towers, employing special units and gadgets, and training peculiar-looking heroes. The entire map is your tactical playground, so place your towers wherever you desire! GAME FEATURES - There are 16 TOWERS to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. From towers with hydraulic drills or mechanical bulls to one that astonishingly transmutes enemies into sheep… How is that even possible? We have no idea! - 16 TACTICS are available for deployment. How about a warrior wearing armor made of garbage cans? Who says those 5-minute craft videos don't come in handy? Deploy up to 4 tactics per stage, from Landmines to Misfits, or even a tiny machine that creates powerful whirlwinds to mow down your opponents. - Command 9 HEROES that are at your disposal to defeat the most unusual and unexpected enemies. Boost their capabilities and abilities by upgrading them to supercharge your defenses! - Dominate 4 HOSTILE TERRAINS, including the fearsome wasteland, the radioactive marshes, Psychopolis, and the Order's Headquarters. - Prove your tactical acumen in 80 CHALLENGING STAGES. Endure the most challenging weather conditions as you visit treacherous battlefields. - Earn awesome rewards by excelling in challenges and quests that demand clever strategies and leadership skills. - Discover all the easter eggs and unlock all the zany, epic achievements! - Learn about your adversaries and their weaknesses by studying the intelligence we've gathered for you.
Dude, Where Is My Beer?

Quest for a pilsner amidst craft beer craze. Chat with hipsters and solve beer puzzles. Explore bars in Oslo with nostalgic interface. Buy now, get free beer (*not included).

Dude, Where Is My Beer?Arik Zurabian
Do you crave a regular beer in this age of excessively flavored craft brews? Then join this adventure of finding the ever-elusive pilsner in “Dude, Where Is My Beer?”. Dive into locations like a sports bar, a microbrewery, a dive bar, and a rock bar in Oslo city, while exploring a nostalgic interface inspired by the golden age of adventure games. Immerse yourself in beer culture by conversing with trendy hipsters who drink West Coast IPAs and American Black Ales in various states of inebriation, and solve beer-related puzzles along the way. Can you find your sought-after pilsner amidst the sea of unique beers? Buy “Dude, Where Is My Beer?” now and score a chance to unlock a free beer*. (*Please note, actual beer not provided)

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