GamelistsOct 9-15, 2023 New games

Oct 9-15, 2023 New games

17 games
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Phantasy of Esul

Explore the dangerous planet of Esula, with floating islands and mysteries to uncover in Phantasy of Esula, a first-person shooter.

Phantasy of EsulBattleCry HQ Studio
Phantasy of Esula takes you on an epic first-person shooter adventure through a vast and dangerous open world. Set foot on Esula, a planet full of untold mysteries, lurking threats, and boundless opportunities waiting to be seized. Embark on a perilous quest to preserve the very fabric of existence, and discover the secrets that lie hidden within the mystical floating islands that dot the surreal landscape. With each step, you’ll face fresh challenges, as well as plenty of adrenaline-pumping moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Only by tapping into your inner reserves of skill, cunning, and courage can you hope to navigate the dangers that await you. But don't worry - armed with your trusty weapon and a relentless sense of determination, you're more than up to the task. The stunningly rendered world of Esula is a feast for the eyes, with every nook and cranny filled with breathtaking scenery, whimsical creatures, and awe-inspiring vistas. As you journey across the vast landscape, you'll uncover hidden treasures and unlock new abilities that will empower you to take on even greater challenges. In this game of epic proportions, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and only you have the power to stop the unraveling of existence itself. So grab your gear, fire up your arsenal, and let the adventure begin!
Maze of Gods

Become a powerful Einherjar warrior, defend Asgard, conquer formidable foes, and resist the Ragnarok in Maze of Gods. Join the community for more adventure!

Maze of GodsRSCube Co.,Ltd.
As a blessed warrior of Valhalla, you will embark on an epic adventure in Maze of Gods, facing numerous challenges with trusted pets as you fulfill your duty to defend Asgard and resist the "Ragnarok". The looming threat of the apocalypse has haunted Asgardian gods since birth, and despite Odin's efforts, the Nine Worlds have deteriorated beyond expectations. The giants and undead, responsible for the impending Ragnarok, have expanded their power without restraint, already reaching Midgard, the world of mortals. Prayer alone cannot solve this problem, and it is up to you to take the fight to these formidable enemies in the name of Odin and the Asgardian gods. Do not embark on this adventure alone - join the official "Maze of Gods" community to chat with fellow adventurers, share your stories, and receive the latest game news and exclusive perks. Your fellow adventurers await you in the Maze of Gods community on Facebook and Discord.
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Cut the Rope 3

Join Om Nom, Nibble Nom and the Nommies in a physics-based adventure full of cute monsters and challenging puzzles. Become the Ultimate Explorer!

Cut the Rope 3ZeptoLab
Embark on an extraordinary journey with the lovable Om Nom and his adorable companion Nibble Nom to traverse unknown territories! Set off on this thrilling expedition with an aged map, uncovering incredible discoveries and conquering challenging conundrums across stunning locations. Solve each puzzle to unveil new breeds of Nommies and earn the title of the Ultimate Explorer. FOR ENTHUSIASTS OF PHYSICS-BASED ENTERTAINMENT: Satisfy your cravings with all the classic Cut the Rope features and an abundance of fresh characteristics that are sure to captivate you! FOR FANS OF ADVENTURES: Wander through breathtaking landscapes and singular levels that will test your cognitive abilities, while striving to amass as many brilliant stars as possible! FOR ADMIRES OF ADORABLE MONSTERS: Om Nom, the world's finest, cutest monster, the cute and competitive Nibble Nom, and an abundance of affectionate Nommies to collect! The latest addition to the world-renowned Cut the Rope family transports players into an immersive and colorful universe. The key to journeying is to reunite the anxious Nibble Nom with Om Nom, but how? Objects in each stage will provide assistance, but only if you are smart enough to use them. Determine the solution and embark on this exhilarating adventure today!
Hockey All Stars 2

Create your own hockey franchise and compete in various game modes including playoffs and club competitions in Hockey All Stars 24.

Hockey All Stars 2Distinctive Games
Hockey All Stars is back and better than ever with more realistic visuals, an array of game modes to choose from, and fast-paced Hockey action. Take control of your team and blast your way to the top with skillful dekes, powerful slapshots, and intense fights. Feel the excitement of creating your own world-class Hockey team with Hockey All Stars 24! Tailor your team to perfection by customizing everything from their jerseys to the team logo. Then, lace up your skates and hit the ice to show off your prowess! Show off your competitive side as you acquire and choose from an extensive lineup of players. Expand and refine your strategy and prove your mettle in the thrilling ALL-STAR League. Then, amp up the heat with Club Mode and challenge other clubs from around the world. Connect with fellow teammates and soar to the top of the leaderboards to claim your spot as a legendary Hockey player. Take on top-notch Hockey teams from the East and West, as well as newly added European teams, in the exciting Playoffs Mode. Can you lead your team to the ultimate prize? Get into the Winter Games spirit and show your pride for your favorite international team. Download Hockey All Stars 24 Today and begin forging your own Hockey Legend! Features: Unleash Your Inner Champion and Create Your Own Successful Hockey Franchise. Design Your Iconic Team Look and Showcase Your Personal Style. Marvel at Stunning Graphics and Life-like Representation of Players. Rise to the Challenge and Compete with Hockey All Stars Worldwide. Challenge Top Teams in the East and West. Show Your Support for International Teams in Winter Games. …So Much More! Note: This game is free to play, but may contain optional in-app purchases that require real money. Connect with Us: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram:
Infinite Arcana

Infinite Arcana: an action Roguelike with randomly generated maps, monsters and character skill builds. Explore floating isles and unravel the mystery.

Infinite ArcanaHisar Games
Step into the fantasy adventure world of "Infinite Arcana", an action-packed Roguelike mobile game that lets you experience heart-pounding combat like never before. Explore endless floating isles, each with its own randomly generated map and enemy monsters to vanquish. With over 100 unique character skill builds, the game offers a multitude of interesting game modes that are sure to keep you engaged for hours. Whether you prefer melee combat or long-range attacks, "Infinite Arcana" has the perfect playstyle to suit your tastes. Unravel the mysteries of the eroded continent and embark on a thrilling rescue mission, where fist-to-flesh battles are the norm. The game's dynamic combat system ensures that every battle is a thrilling experience, with each attack and dodge feeling more energetic and realistic than the last. Don't forget to join the "Infinite Arcana" community on Discord and Facebook to share your experiences with other players and stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates on this exciting game. The mystery and adventure await you – are you ready to take on the challenge?
Assemble With Care

Restore old objects and help reconnect the townsfolk of sun-soaked Bellariva in this tactile puzzle game with a beautiful impressionist style.

Assemble With Careustwo games
Indulge in the warm, pleasant ambiance of this vintage puzzle game, where you are tasked with repairing old-school objects. Follow the journey of an antique-restorer, Maria, as she travels to the sun-kissed town of Bellariva, to aid the townsfolk in rekindling their ties with one another. “Perfect for mobile devices” - The Verge “Affecting and authentic experience” - Gamesradar “Exemplary case illustrating the serene satisfaction of fixing broken trinkets ... it certainly leaves an impression” - Eurogamer The craft of video game creation can be considered an art, and this game is an exquisite example of it - Touch Arcade ==== Breathe life into the defining symbols of yesteryears, and unravel their mysteries, while traveling through the eyes of Maria. Enjoy the heart-warming tale of the residents of Bellariva, with their endearing peculiarities, as you partake in their quest to reconnect with each other. The reminiscing of bygone days is enhanced by the original soundtrack, inspired by the tunes of the 80s, lending the game a sense of nostalgia. Be awestruck by the intricate, impressionist style of the visuals, that are hand-illustrated, giving the gameplay a state of uniqueness.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann EN

Join Team Gurren for an epic journey in the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mobile game. Fight BOSS battles, embark on expeditions, and build your own Team Gurren.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ENWanda Cinemas Games
Get ready for a nostalgic adventure with the first Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mobile game, developed by TRIGGER. Join forces with Team Gurren and embark on an epic journey that will take you to the good old days of action-packed gameplay. You'll be fascinated with the story of Simon, a young digger who lives underground. Discover the secrets of a shiny little drill and a face-shaped mecha, and pierce the very fate of the universe along the way. Experience a wide variety of gameplay modes, from carefully managing your village at Littana to taking on the thrilling Expedition Teppelin. Join forces with your friends to fight BOSS battles or engage in a Sky Duel with other players. The possibilities are endless! You'll need to be strategic in your approach to gameplay if you want to succeed. It's not just about fighting hard; you need to fight smart too! Utilize the power of your mind, your team, and clever tactics to beat the competition at Teppelin. Remember the words of Kamina: “Winning a fight takes guts and a cool head!". Collect all the original Gunmen to build your very own Team Gurren. Unleash the power of bro force and the ultimate move with Gurren and Lagann. Add powerful beastmen, Enki and Lazengann to your team to make it even stronger. Craft your very own Team Gurren and become the champion of the game!
Dream Detective: Merge Game

Dream Detective: Merge Game is a creatively charming puzzle game, where merging and object-finding combine. Explore, merge, decorate and uncover the secrets of Detective Academy.

Dream Detective: Merge GameCentury Games Pte. Ltd.
Looking for a unique casual puzzle game that merges object-finding and merging gameplay? Look no further than Dream Detective: Merge Game! As soon as you enter Detective Academy, you'll be swept away on a thrilling dream-filled journey as you complete each level by merging objects and leveling up. Be prepared to challenge yourself and uncover secrets that have been long-buried in the academy. Explore each corner of the abandoned Detective Academy and unveil enigmas that will help you revive the school's former glory. With thousands of items available for merging and upgrading, you'll complete tasks by merging your way to a new level of gameplay excitement. Get ready to relax, without any pressure, grind, or pay-to-win elements. Discover the fun merging elements of Dream Detective: Merge Game which await your discovery. Organize and decorate the Detective Academy the way you like it, unlocking new captivating courses perfectly-suited for nurturing the skills of great detectives. The game is packed with a variety of ongoing events, challenges, and seasonal themes for you to dive into as well. Join Nini, the great detective, as she follows her grandfather's letter that leads her to the abandoned Detective Academy where she uncovers secret after secret. Each step is a mystery waiting to be solved. Come, merge, and help Nini find her grandfather in Dream Detective: Merge Game!
iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em Up

Fight hordes of monsters to rebuild a peaceful world. Survive, rescue allies, and use every skill to increase your chances of survival.

iSurvivor: Epic Shoot ‘Em UpGCenter
In a world ravaged by monsters under the control of a demon boss, everything has been destroyed. A once peaceful jungle is now also under attack by these monsters, turning lives into zombies. As one of the few remaining survivors, your task is to fight and eliminate hordes of monsters in order to rebuild a peaceful world. Start your adventure by attempting to escape whilst also rescuing any remaining survivors. Monsters roam the world and relentlessly chase after any living creature. The previously beautiful world has now become an apocalyptic wasteland. Some survivors evade the monsters' attacks and try to stay alive, coming together in armies to fight back against the monsters. This game combines various genres such as survival, adventure, action, snake, and prey games. ▶FEATURES - Survive in a world filled with monsters and zombies. - Utilize your skills to prolong your life. - Choose the necessary items to increase your chances of survival. - Allocate your skills according to each hero's strengths. - Be flexible with your strategies by combining life skills. - Eliminate monsters and zombies to become the last survivor. - Experience multiple games in one level. ▶HOW TO PLAY - Touch, hold and move your hero to fight against monsters and zombies. - Find and rescue allies to create a powerful army, and adjust your formation based on the snake and prey game. - Choose support items that fit your actual situation to increase your chances of survival. - Collect equipment during your adventures and improve your combat skills.
Escape from the Shadows

Save Bastian from the shadows and rescue other characters in Hidden Town as Detective Ren Larsen in Escape from the Shadows, featuring intricate puzzles and stunning artwork.

Escape from the ShadowsDark Dome
Carissa’s request is not an ordinary one. She wants Detective Ren Larsen to bring someone back from the afterlife. The person in question is Bastian who has been kidnapped by shadows and taken to another world. If he is not returned soon, he will be lost forever. With only two clues to follow- an unknown cabin and a place called Penumbra, will the detective succeed in his quest to bring back Bastian? Escape from the Shadows is the seventh game in the Hidden Town series of escape games. Set off on a heart-pumping point-and-click adventure and put your problem-solving skills to the test as you try to escape from the shadow world. You can play Dark Dome games in any order, and every chapter interweaves into a larger narrative, revealing the mysteries of Hidden Town. This episode has links with Haunted Laia and Another Shadow. - Here’s what you can expect from this game: You will have to solve numerous, intricate puzzles, and challenging riddles spread across different areas of both worlds to rescue the characters. Get lost in an enchanting and thrilling storyline featuring characters familiar from previous games who now need your help to be rescued. Admire stunning artwork and immersive yourself in an intense soundtrack that is guaranteed to elevate the interactive storytelling experience. If you're up for the extra challenge, look for and locate all the nine hidden shadows scattered throughout the game. They might be hiding in unexpected places, so stay alert. - Premium Version: The premium version offers a secret scene where you can explore a parallel story of Hidden Town, complete with additional puzzles and riddles. It comes with zero advertisements and unlimited access to hints without any interruption. -How to play: Interact with the game's objects and characters by tapping on them. Equip yourself with inventory items by combining or using them on relevant game objects to create new tools that help you progress through the game. Use your intellect and problem-solving skills to crack challenging puzzles and riddles that come your way. "Dive into the enigmatic tour of the Dark Dome escape games and bask in their secrets. Hidden Town has a lot of mysteries waiting to be discovered." Visit for more information on Dark Dome games, or follow them on Twitter at @dark_dome.
Mokens League Soccer

Mokens League Soccer offers a free-to-play, metaverse experience where players collect unique characters and climb the leaderboards in casual or competitive play.

Mokens League SoccerMonster League
Get ready to enter the exciting world of Mokens League Soccer and discover the ultimate soccer gaming experience! 🔥 Gaming for Everyone: Our exclusive combination of leisurely game-play and competitive spirit is perfect for both novices and experts in soccer games. The game is easy to start with but offers enough depth for those looking for a challenge. 🌟 Mokens to Collect: Explore and collect our captivating characters that add a touch of fantasy to our game. Assemble your dream team and challenge opponents in style. 🌍 Metaverse Encounter: Compete in an immersive and vibrant soccer universe within the Mokens League world. 📈 Rise Up the Ranks: Participate in tournaments to prove your skills and climb up to the top of the leaderboards. 🆓 Play for Free: With no hindrances, enter the game and enjoy premium game-play. Enrich your experience by collecting Mokens. With a skilled team that has decades of experience, Mokens League Soccer assures a fresh and invigorating soccer journey, designed for any player who desires to feel the excitement of competition. Get on the field and show off your abilities to the world!
Dino Survival Simulator

Experience dinosaur life with RPG elements, unique biomes, and customization options in Dino Survival Simulator. Overcome 50+ missions, form clans, and dominate prehistoric times.

Dino Survival SimulatorMIDNIGHT GAMES S.R.L.
Embark on a thrilling adventure to the prehistoric period of dinosaurs with Dino Survival Simulator. This immersive game offers a unique blend of RPG, survival, and exploration elements, featuring dynamic biomes that are waiting for you to explore. Experience the awe-inspiring life cycles of different dinosaurs, including the nimble Compsognathus and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, through 10 immersive chapters of evolutionary gameplay. Navigate through dense forests, scorching deserts, roaring waterfalls, and volcanic terrains while facing distinctive challenges, resources, and secrets. Customize and grow your dinosaurs by upgrading their speed, strength, and skills. You can also personalize them with unique skins and roars to make your mark in the Dino Survival Simulator. With over 50 challenging missions, you can hunt, forage, defend territories, and engage in epic duels. Each mission is tailored to test your survival instincts and strategic prowess. Form clans, communicate with players worldwide, and engage in resource trading to dominate the prehistoric lands in this community-driven game. Dino Survival Simulator offers an authentic experience with accurate depictions of dinosaurs, from their looks to sounds. Stay tuned for regular updates that will introduce new challenges, dinosaurs, and biomes. Join millions of players on this riveting journey through time and unearth the mysteries to rise as the ultimate dinosaur in Dino Survival Simulator. Read more about the terms of use on

Experience ultimate mobile action game; test your skills with simple mobile controls. Explore position and timing to succeed on the battlefield. By an indie developer.

To immerse yourself in an action-packed game on your mobile, countless efforts have been put in, and the current result is quite impressive. This game also challenges players' abilities and dexterity, but fret not, as the controls are user-friendly and designed specifically for mobile devices. In this game, concepts such as positioning and timing are fundamental and require exploration. By mastering these concepts, players can utilize them to their advantage, moving about the battlefield with ease. Designed by an independent game developer with a passion for action games, this title promises to deliver a thrilling experience. Give it a try and delight in the adventure!
Coco Valley: Dream Farm

Discover a magical land of adventure and wonder in Coco Valley. Build, craft, farm, cook, make friends, uncover tales, and join live events and quests.

Coco Valley: Dream FarmBitStrong Games
Step into a world of enchantment and mystery with Coco Valley, where each island is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Explore tropical beaches, lush forests, and magical environments by traveling through mystical portals. Whether you're embarking on a quest for treasure or simply basking in the stunning scenery, there's always something new to explore in this fantastical world. Let your imagination run free and create your own island paradise with a vast array of crafting workshops and decorations available. With over 20 unique workshops and 40 delightful decorations, you can tailor your home to suit your style and personality. Curate your very own farm with a wide range of crops and equipment, and cook up a storm in your very own kitchen with the freshest ingredients found on your land. Connect with friends from different islands and invite them to come live with you. Embark on amazing adventures together, from crafting to farming and cooking. Coco Valley is a community full of life and joy, perfect for lasting friendships. Immerse yourself in the rich stories of the characters in Coco Valley. Discover their unique backgrounds and personalities and become an integral part of their world. With countless tales to be told, there is something for everyone in this magical realm. Don't forget to participate in the exciting live events and quests throughout the year. Explore the spooky Vampire Castle during Halloween, cook up a storm during the Fall Camping event, or hop over to Bunny King Island to celebrate Easter and make a bunny hat. There's never a dull moment in Coco Valley. Coco Valley is free to play, with in-app purchases available for a premium experience. Come and experience the magic and wonder of Coco Valley for yourself!
Mini Survival: Zombie Fight

Build a shelter and defend against zombies, recruit survivors and pets, explore dangerous lands, and collect resources in Mini Survival.

Mini Survival: Zombie FightBitStrong Games
Start your day with a sense of normalcy only to have the sudden zombie outbreak change everything. Your once friendly neighbors are now vicious brain-hungry monsters, and the bustling city has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To ensure your survival, build high walls and facilities, plant fruits, and vegetables, and create a safe haven for other survivors. ☀️ESTABLISH YOUR SHELTER☀️ The apocalypse is a tough place to survive, and with many others still fighting for their lives, building a restaurant or hospital in your shelter will provide them with food and medical attention, while also earning you money. Recruit survivors to manage the facilities and keep upgrading to attract even more survivors! 🔥DEFEND YOUR SHELTER AGAINST ZOMBIE ATTACKS🔥 The silence of night is unnerving. When you’re asleep, the zombie brigade approaches your shelter, sounding the alarm to help alert you of the impending zombie wave. To defend your home, build sentry towers and put powerful companions on them, ready to take on the zombie horde. Upgrading the towers and companions will increase the damage they inflict on the zombies! 👨‍🌾RECRUIT THE RIGHT SURVIVORS👨‍🌾 Each survivor has a unique set of professional abilities and combat skills, from cooking to rescuing to fighting. Place them in positions that best utilize their skills or add them to your combat team to assist with resource collection and zombie fights. Remember to upgrade them to make them even more powerful! ⭐DISCOVER UNKNOWN REGIONS⭐ Collecting resources and upgrading your facilities requires exploring at least 4 different islands. Be aware that the unknown regions are dangerous, so bring teammates along for protection. Watch out for zombies, and if you can’t beat them, run away and live to fight another day! 🥪COLLECT FOOD AND RESOURCES🥪 To cook and upgrade your facilities, you’ll need to collect supplies. Unlock farms in the shelter to grow vegetables and fruits, or go fishing. Vegetables can also be collected on your exploring missions. Use the resources to upgrade your facilities and create equipment. A wealthy merchant will also visit your shelter, offering meat and materials for purchase. 💀BEWARE OF ZOMBIES💀 The urban fringe, dark forest, forest farm, and city center are all crawling with terrifying zombies and mutated animals, who now have weapons and will attack you collectively. Beware of the zombie bosses, as they are incredibly strong and difficult to kill. Wear great equipment, take medicine, and travel with companions to protect yourself in the wild. 🐕‍🦺RESCUE ANIMALS🐕‍🦺 Cute pets are also a part of the game, and you can train and feed them. Each pet has unique skills, so take them with you when exploring dangerous areas for additional help! Mini Survival is a casual game that blends simulation and battle gameplays. It's extremely playable, with over 80 types of zombies and monsters that have been given cute and cartoonish appearances, unlike traditional scary and bloody zombies. Join the world of Mini Survival and find a way out in the apocalypse, while creating the most prosperous shelter!
Last Impact: Multiplayer games

Last Impact: a survival multiplayer game in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, mutants, and bandits. Create a squad, explore, craft, and fight to survive.

Last Impact: Multiplayer gamesFuncraft Games
Looking for an action-packed post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game? Last Impact is the perfect choice for you! This game will let you experience the thrill of surviving in a world overrun by mutants after the apocalypse. Choose your hero and enhance your skills to survive against the living and the undead enemies. You can also join an existing clan or create your own, build your weapons and armor, craft a safe shelter, and venture out to scavenge for resources in the post-apocalyptic world. Be careful, because danger is lurking everywhere, including wild animals, raiders, and hordes of zombies. Explore various environments such as deserts, forests, winter wastelands, and abandoned cities to uncover the secrets of the infection that has caused the zombie outbreak. In Last Impact, your main objective is to survive at any cost and claim dominance over the lands of the raiders. Play with friends and compete with others in multiplayer mode, complete quests, and team up to attack enemy clans. You can also chat with other survivors and form alliances along the way. Life after the dawn of zombies poses numerous risks, from hunger and thirst to a mysterious plague. Stay alert, as different types of zombies are constantly lurking around to attack. Don't forget to allocate roles and tasks to stay alive and prevent Doomsday together. Last Impact boasts of impressive features such as NPC allies and pets, extensive crafting and building system, and action-adventure events. The open-world gameplay comes with both PvE and PvP multiplayer modes, giving you versatile options to play how you want to. Join forces with other survivors and save humanity from the brink of extinction. Make sure you're always one step ahead of the walking dead – let's survive the zombie apocalypse together in Last Impact!
Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter VI: an enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey, featuring 5 playable classes, customizable heroes, and immersive gameplay with stunning visuals.

Dungeon Hunter 6GOAT Games
The Dungeon Hunter series returns with its latest installment – Dungeon Hunter VI, an exhilarating action-packed experience featuring fearless Bounty Hunters in a unique hack-and-slash odyssey that continues the saga. Explore uncharted territories, reunite with iconic characters, and encounter new levels of excitement in this extraordinary adventure. Return 200 years after the heroic sacrifice of the Bounty Hunter in Valenthia and engage in brand new thrilling adventures, on a scale never seen before in any Dungeon Hunter Game. Follow the journey of heroes as they attempt to stop the malevolent powers that have emerged from the Forbidden Towers and combat hordes of Demonic Beings, creating an epic hack and slash experience. Choose from five available classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, or Boon Sister. Equip yourself and your trusted companions as you save the realm from new and returning evils. Take wealth, respect, glory, and power, all for the taking! Game Highlights: 1. Immerse Yourself in New Adventures - Embark on a new and exciting campaign, solve mysteries of Forbidden Towers and save the Realm. - Explore Valenthia in a unique way that you have never seen before. 2. Forge Your Own Hero's Journey - Choose any of the iconic Dungeon Hunter classes. - Customize your heroes and their skill trees to suit your playstyle. 3. Rally Your Forces and Make New Bonds - Gather and summon powerful lieutenants, from simple monsters to Legendary Heroes of the Past. - Join or create guilds to collaborate with allies and take on formidable foes that threaten the world. 4. Premium Quality Gaming Experience - Immerse yourself in stunningly upgraded visuals with vivid locations, well-designed characters, and dynamic combat effects. - Explore captivating narratives brought to life by professional voiceovers and compelling OST. Make sure to visit the official site,, and follow the social media accounts of Dungeon Hunter VI on Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and Twitter. Please note that the app allows virtual item purchases and may contain third-party advertisements that redirect you to other sites. Read the full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before using the app.

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