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Nov 13 - Nov 19 New Games

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SkichSkichfrom Skich app
Real Tractor Driving Simulator

Transport farm equipment with a tractor in this realistic farming game. Improve machinery and harvest crops for rewards. Download for free.

Real Tractor Driving SimulatorReal Simulation Games
Get ready for a new adventure in a farming game! Experience a great farm simulation in "Tractor Driving and Farm Equipment Transport" game. In this game, you will drive numerous equipment and transport agricultural machines with your tractor trailer, making the farm work a lot easier. Embark on a farm adventure in the simulation game by carrying necessary equipment required by the tractors for farming. The Tractor Game offers several key features to make your experience even more enjoyable: with a variety of tractor vehicles, you can mow the field; you can learn farming jobs by transporting combines, tractors, irrigation systems, and other agricultural machinery. To harvest the crops, you must transport the harvesters first. Then, harvest the crops using harvesting tools available. Loading the machines onto trailers, focusing on safety and effectiveness, is a fundamental logistics skill. As you progress, earn money and improve your tractor by making it capable of carrying larger loads. Purchase new equipment with the money you make through various tractor missions and rewards. Diversify your farming experience by working in different farms and fields. Realistic weather conditions in the game make this experience authentic. Enjoy farming on sunny days, and protect your crops from spoiling on rainy days. The game offers a "Tractor Driving Simulation" that provides quality graphics and sound effects. It teaches the challenges and difficulties of transporting agricultural machinery for field-use. Finally, you can download the game for free and start transporting different crops using your tractor, driving towards your dream farm. Begin cultivating a farm story today!
Grand Theft Wars Offline Games

Grand Theft Wars: an offline open-world action game with car customization, police escapes, ragdoll physics, strategic deployments, and multiplayer modes.

Grand Theft Wars Offline GamesSunstar Technology Group LLC
Grand Theft Wars is a humorous and action-packed game that offers an unparalleled gaming experience. It is considered one of the coolest offline and online games available, featuring exciting modes like police pursuit games, ragdoll games, and shooting games. The open world action games provide a thrilling experience as you attempt to avoid the police during high-stress situations. The game is full of strategic elements, allowing you to dispatch your crew on the map with a simple tap and drag, enabling them to fight enemies, eliminate rival gangs, and loot resources. This game is a great way to test your strategic skills and develop new tactics. In the car store, you are spoiled for choice with a variety of cars and transportation modes to choose from. There are sports cars for those who want to cruise around in style and armored SUVs for those who require advanced security. For even more enhanced gameplay, try out the superhero car, with its lightning-fast speed, incredible strength, and superior handling. With an open world environment, the game offers unlimited opportunities for exploration, making it a great pastime. The game is also packed with features like mini-games, secrets and cheats, and sandbox simulators. The multiplayer mode allows up to sixteen players to play and compete against each other, making it a truly engaging and challenging experience. Overall, Grand Theft Wars is a unique and exciting game that provides gamers with countless hours of fun, action-packed gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, there's something for everyone in this game!
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Timberman 2 - VS Battle

Compete to become the best lumberjack, building and defending your village in 4-player duels, tournaments and clans. Customise your character from 60+ options in Timberman 2.

Timberman 2 - VS BattleDigital Melody Games
Enter the ultimate competition to become crowned as the greatest lumberjack in the world. Grab your sharp axe and engage in an epic battle, where the speediest and strongest contender will emerge victorious. In addition, you must construct your own village and fortify it with turrets to fend off the constant threat of zombies, and conquer challenging bosses in thrilling one-on-one duels. As you progress, a diverse cast of charming characters and a plethora of exciting buildings will be unlocked. You can even personalize your avatars with an extensive selection of customization options, such as hats, different faces, weapons, and more. Join thrilling leagues, tournaments, and clans to showcase your skills at the highest level. With the addition of power-ups and shields, the game provides the opportunity for even more strategic gameplay. The four-player duels introduce an electrifying social dimension for an unforgettable experience. You can explore more than 30 leagues in various environments and merge building components to fortify your structures further. With an impressive selection of over 60 unique buildings to develop and upgrade, you'll be hooked. So, join the Timberman 2 community, and take on the most immersive and fast-paced gameplay of the most renowned lumberjack game ever!
Legend of Wizard : Idle RPG

Play as an orphan on a journey from zero-to-hero, fight evil with an infinite growth system and a variety of skills, face bosses & meet companions.

Legend of Wizard : Idle RPGLockOn Studio
Embark on a thrilling adventure in this game that chronicles a young orphan's fight against a formidable evil force. The boy, who lost his parents to war, is determined to become a powerful sorcerer and save the world from the root of all evil. Experience the incredible journey of the hero as he transforms from an orphan into a powerful wizard. With an easy-to-play, infinite growth system, the game provides an enjoyable idle AFK growth system that requires no online connectivity. The game features a magnificent, strategic sorcery system with numerous skills and attributes that provide exciting and unique gameplay. Players can create their own skill combinations to overcome the game's many challenges and defeat formidable enemies. Encounter various bosses and companions during your journey, some of which will become your allies, while others will be your foes. With this broad variety of heroes, you will be sure to experience an unforgettable adventure that will keep you coming back for more.
Middle Ages: knight's Legacy

Knight's Legacy" offers mounted combat in a medieval world with diverse weapons, customizable characters, and strategic team battles. Join now.

Middle Ages: knight's LegacySTM Game Studio
Get ready to experience a breathtaking journey filled with mounted combat and adventure in the game "Knight's Legacy". This mobile game offers a unique blend of thrilling action and deep strategic gameplay, promising players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. One of the standout features of "Knight's Legacy" is its immersive battlefield experience. The game transports players to medieval times, throwing them into the midst of realistic battles that can be tense and exhilarating with the clashing of weapons and the sounds of hooves. The game also boasts a diverse weapon and equipment system. Players can choose from a range of weapons, including bows and arrows, long spears, swords and shields, and heavy warhammers. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics, allowing players to tailor their equipment choices to their personal preferences and tactical styles. Customization is king in "Knight's Legacy", with a character customization system that allows players to create a legendary warrior of their own. Adjusting appearance, equipment, and skills as per player choice offers a level of personalization unique to them. Tactical team battles await players in the game’s multiplayer online mode. They can join powerful alliances and form teams with other players for more intense battles. Coordination and teamwork become essential and the key for victory. "Knight's Legacy" offers players a wealth of missions and activities, providing them with an opportunity to take on various challenges and earn generous rewards. The game's regularly updated events provide players with fresh content throughout the gameplay. In all, Knight's Legacy is so much more than just a mobile game. It presents an immersive medieval world adventure and allows players to collaborate and collectively script their own legends. It's time to challenge fate and conquer the battlefield. Join "Knight's Legacy" now and embark on your journey!
CubeQuest - a QB Game

Test your puzzle-solving skills in CubeQuest with QB. Unlock new abilities and solve puzzles across 60 levels in 4 biomes.

CubeQuest - a QB GameStephan Goebel
Get ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with CubeQuest - A QB Game, the newest addition to the QB franchise. Join QB and explore a stunningly crafted world filled with riddles and obstacles. Unlock unique abilities, unravel hidden secrets and complete 60 thrilling levels. Experience a high-quality, handcrafted puzzle platformer that offers an unforgettable gaming experience. Explore 4 diverse biomes, each filled with their own unique vistas and challenges. With 60 levels ranging from easy to mind-bending, CubeQuest is sure to provide you with hours of brain-teasing entertainment. Get rewarded for your accomplishments with Game-Center-Achievements. Furthermore, you can sync your game across all your Apple devices with iCloud sync. Try out the first levels of CubeQuest for free and if you love the game, purchase the full version. What are you waiting for? Join QB on his quest today!
Refind Self

Refind Self: a personality test game where gameplay is guided by choices that unveil your personality. Travel to key memories, interact with robots and discover secrets.

Refind SelfPLAYISM
All individuals approach games in unique ways, making diverse choices, ensuring that no two people play the same way. The way they play games can even act as an indication of their personality. Refind Self is one such game that enables players to learn more about their personalities. A single play of Refind Self requires approximately an hour, making it a perfect way to unwind amidst a hectic schedule. After only three attempts, gamers will learn more about their personalities, and the game's conclusion is just around the corner. The tale starts with players as robots possessing human attributes, standing at the tomb of their inventor, the Doctor. Numerous robots populate the world, fulfilling various roles. Players can travel to locations that are significant to their reminiscences of the Doctor, collaborate with robots, and uncover secrets related to the Doctor's vision for the future and the entrusted task. Gamers are free to explore, converse, investigate, and play mini-games in Refind Self. There are no game overs, and there is no excellent or poor method to progress. With every action, the player's personality is analyzed until the analysis is 100% complete. As soon as the player completes the game, the results of the personality analysis will get revealed. For those who want to know more about their personalities, replaying the game repeatedly serves as an ideal option. Besides, the same approach applies to those seeking answers about the story's truth. The game stores the player's test results in a web-based database, generating a unique ID. Players can compare their results with those of other gamers, share their IDs, and analyze if similar personalities indicate good compatibility. The test results do not include any personally identifiable information, ensuring privacy and data safety. The game's developer is Lizardry, and they have provided a contact link for gamers interested in communicating with them.
Sky Fortress:Odyssey

Embark on a steampunk adventure, discover civilizations, recruit diverse heroes, battle bosses, upgrade weapons and manage your airship in multiplayer dungeons.

Embark on an epic steampunk-inspired adventure, where a blend of technology and fantasy immerses you in the world of Setsemir. With over a million words, you'll journey through various civilizations and encounter a multitude of unique bosses. Assemble the ultimate squad of characters through meticulously designed Anime-style card artwork, featuring a diverse cast, and recruit your preferred S-grade hero from the Beginner's Pool. With exclusive weapons, hidden talent awakenings, and Gadget sets, the customization options for your team are limitless. Experience innovative competition with parkour and bullet hell gameplay, where your skills and intuitive controls are put to the test. Play through multiplayer dungeons, and take on challenges with friends. Manage your airship and generate resources with enjoyable cabin mini-games, including food preparation and entertaining puzzles. Customize your manor with unique furniture, creating a delightful and heartwarming life for your adventurers. Get lost in the exquisitely illustrated world of this steampunk fantasy adventure- and uncover the secrets waiting to be discovered.
Dice Quest : King's Tale

Join King Dian's legendary adventure in this casual RPG filled with lovely characters, colorful actions, and thrilling battles.

Dice Quest : King's Tale111%
Step into a world full of wonder and embark on a legendary adventure with King Dian in Dice Quest: King's Tale, a colorful casual RPG full of lovely characters and exciting action. Joining forces with King Dian, players will embark on a thrilling journey enriched with fun and exciting stories, while encountering and collecting many Dians along the way. In Dice Quest: King's Tale, thrilling battles with unique skills and actions await players. With a range of challenging stages to clear, players will discover a bigger world through world exploration. The game's boss challenge feature allows players to counter boss monsters, each with their own unique gimmick. As players progress through the stages, they can create the apex squad with their formation and prove their skills by defeating all bosses. The game's gate challenge feature offers abundant rewards for growth, with players encouraged to be the first to clear it. By clearing more gate stages, players can claim even more rewards. Dice Quest: King's Tale is full of amazing AFK content and offers a variety of exciting challenges to keep players engaged and entertained. Dice Quest: King's Tale is a casual RPG game that offers an engaging and colorful experience with lovely characters and fun gameplay. The game requires Android 5.1 or above to run optimally, and players with questions or concerns can reach out to the customer center reception at Operating under strict policies, Dice Quest: King's Tale adheres to its terms of service and privacy policy, found at and respectively. Begin your adventure today and explore the world of wonder in Dice Quest: King's Tale.
Merge Arena

Merge, clash and conquer in PvP battles in Merge Arena. Collect and level up heroes to unlock new arenas, merge and evolve for ultimate attacks.

Merge ArenaMergegames LTD
Greetings warriors! Welcome to Merge Arena, a dynamic PvP game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to engage in fast-paced battles and defend your army in real time against other players from all over the world. The game's unique gameplay will keep you entertained for hours as you build a deck of heroes and turn it into a tower of strength to defeat your enemies. Collect and upgrade your heroes to unlock even more arenas for further battles. Plan your strategies carefully in order to defeat your opponents and collect even more heroes to become the greatest Merge Arena champion of them all. In order to achieve success and victory, you will need to master the art of merging and strategic planning. Develop a balanced deck, level up your heroes, learn how to summon and use spells and abilities, and play smart. Unlock advanced heroes and discover their unique abilities, such as summoning minions, destroying defenses, and shooting enemies. Don't waste any time, start brawling, winning, and climbing the leaderboard to reach new heights. Unlock the league system to become a legend among other players. Complete legendary quests, climb the battle pass levels, and explore new adventures. Amazing rewards await those who dare to become the champion of the board and unlock chests filled with treasures. Aim for the stars with Merge Arena! Expect to summon heroes, boost them by merging, and watch as they crush the enemy into pieces. Engage in PvP battles to climb to the top and unlock new arenas. Earn gold and rating points to level up your heroes and advance through the arena system. Merge and evolve heroes to unlock new perks, abilities, and attacks or increase their stats for a one-shot kill. Collect hero cards to level up your squad and increase your tactical potential. Participate in battles to win and build your rating to unlock even more cards and enemies to face off against. Stay alert for the upcoming PvE mode, which will be available in future updates. Your courage in battle, strategic planning, and ability to collect and upgrade your heroes will determine your success in this thrilling game. Rush forward, brave fighters, and conquer the Merge Arena!
Trial Riders Bike Racing

Race on motocross tracks, jump ramps, and avoid obstacles. Upgrade your bike, hit 3-stars, and compete on 30+ levels.

Trial Riders Bike RacingPretty Good Games
Experience the thrill of motocross racing in Trial Riders – the ultimate game that features challenging tracks, awesome jump ramps, and fast action. You'll start with a sturdy dirt bike that can handle the jump tracks, but as you progress, you can choose from other bikes like agile trial bikes, old-school classic motorcycles and even a mini monkey bike. With each level, you'll face new challenges that will test not just your bike skills, but also your strategic thinking. Only those who can conquer the levels and earn 3 stars will be able to unlock the most challenging Trial levels ever! Trial Riders delivers insane riding experience with the most breath-taking 3D graphics you've ever seen. The designed levels are infused with cinematic elements that will keep you glued to your screen. Upgrade your equipment and improve your on-track performance with the most hardcore tools available. You'll be able to boost your bike's abilities, appearance, and overall performance. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider, Trial Riders has something to offer for everyone. Are you up for the challenge? Experience the thrill of the ride and take the motocross world by storm with Trial Riders!

Metalstorm is a team-based, free-to-play air combat game featuring legendary jets, multiple game modes, and global PvP battles. Customizable jets and special abilities.

Welcome to Metalstorm, an unparalleled multiplayer air combat game that revolves around teamwork! Fly into an authentic free-to-play game and join the action with a team of 5 players battling against real players worldwide. Acquire and enhance the most powerful, sophisticated and well-known fighter jets in the world to take over the skies. In Metalstorm, you'll team up with people from all over the world, partake in epic and real-time PvP battles, and prove yourself as the top ace pilot! Metalstorm's features include legendary jet fighters like the F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-35 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, A-10 Thunderbolt II, Su-57 Felon, F/A-18 Hornet, and MiG-29 Fulcrum. Crush your enemies using multiple game modes such as Team Deathmatch, Air Supremacy, Elimination, and Custom Matches. You'll be battling on various maps like desert canyons, frozen icebergs, and volcanic islands. Unlock and upgrade 31 planes across 20 levels and customize your aircraft to match your fighting style. Additionally, upgrade your aircraft with unique and powerful special abilities for each plane. You can also personalize your jet using various paint jobs and customizable decals. Become a part of a Squadron and compete to acquire weekly rewards from Squadron events. Do not miss the ultimate fighter jet combat experience that Metalstorm offers- download it now! Stay Connected with other players around the world through Discord, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on the official Metalstorm accounts.
Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold

Interactive RPG based on the hit Netflix series "Shadow and Bone." Choose your own adventure with iconic heroes, new villains, and multiple story paths.

Shadow and Bone: Enter the FoldNetflix, Inc.
Exclusive for Netflix members, embark on an epic journey where you can shape the destiny of the Grishaverse. Make your way through the war-torn Ravka and determine which powers will reign supreme in this interactive adventure that is based on the popular fantasy series. In this exciting RPG experience, the fate of the iconic heroes of "Shadow and Bone" lies in your hands. Experience brand new stories that take place between Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix original show, featuring characters such as Alina, Jesper, Sturmhond, and General Kirigan. Encounter new villains, make difficult decisions, and experience unexpected plot twists in this captivating narrative RPG that lets you call the shots. Join Alina, Sturmhond, Jesper, and General Kirigan on four thrilling new adventures and explore both new and familiar locations in the Grishaverse, such as the perilous Shadow Fold, Ketterdam with the Crows, and sail across the seas with Sturmhond's ship. Complete quests to rescue captured Grisha, save old friends, defeat corrupt officials, or just indulge in a bit of thievery with Jesper. Every conversation and decision you make has the power to shape the story's outcome. So, level up your heroes' Charm, Strength, Intelligence, and Perception to unlock more options and ways to interact with the world. To further advance the narrative, master mini-games to survive ambushes, sneak into strongholds, and cast powerful Grisha spells. Get ready to dive headfirst into the Grishaverse with this extraordinary RPG, exclusively available on Netflix, created by Chimera Entertainment.

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