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Unwanted Experiment

Escape from the scientist's laboratory in Unwanted Experiment. Solve puzzles, interact with characters, and uncover mysteries in this thrilling point-and-click adventure game.

Unwanted ExperimentDark Dome
In Hidden Town, a renowned scientist has arrived and reports are circulating claiming that he is conducting peculiar experiments. Several villagers have allegedly seen strange creatures lurking around his laboratory. Unfortunately, you've been kidnapped by the scientist and are now trapped inside his laboratory. Your objective is to escape before he returns and uses you as a test subject. Unwanted Experiment represents the second chapter of the remarkable Hidden Town escape game series. Your task is to control two characters and collaboratively find an escape route from the laboratory where mysterious things occur every day, creating an adventure that will fill you with excitement and a rush of adrenaline. Playing the games of the Dark Dome series doesn't have a required order, as the mysteries of Hidden Town will begin to reveal themselves regardless of which chapter you start with. The series is interconnected in some way or another. In this game, you'll come across numerous puzzles and secrets scattered across the scientist's laboratory and the prison inside it, awaiting to be solved. The game features an interactive storyline full of tension and suspense, which will make you want to escape from the lab since the very beginning. Moreover, the sensational graphic style, comprised of intricate details, drives you to desire to experience the adventure with your own eyes starting from the beginning to the finish. Whether you take certain actions or not will determine the conclusion of the story. This game features two possible endings. If you find yourself stuck, the game offers a complete hint system, enabling you to progress through this point and click game. If you purchase the Premium Version, you'll have access to a secret scene where you can play an additional Hidden Town story equipped with more puzzles and teasers that'll put your brain spinning. You can play the entire game without ads and receive direct access to helpful hints. To interact with the environment, including objects and characters, effortlessly tap the screen with your finger. Utilize items from the inventory and use them on the objects in the game or combine them to form new items, which will assist you in solving a puzzle and carrying on your adventure. Test your intelligence and be the puzzle master. “Embark on an enigmatic journey with the Dark Dome escape games and unveil all their secrets. There are still many secrets to be revealed in Hidden Town.” For more information, visit and follow them at @dark_dome.
Little Corner Tea House

Run a tea house, plant tea, make drinks, listen to customer stories, play ordering games and decorate your home in this immersive simulation game.

Little Corner Tea HouseLoongcheer Game
Enter the serene world of Little Corner Tea House, a delightful casual simulation game that provides a haven for visitors seeking respite from the fast-paced world. Take on the role of Hana, the gracious proprietor of the tea house, and serve up a range of delectable drinks while chatting with your customers. ■Story As a part-time worker, Hana runs her quaint corner tea house independently. In Little Corner Tea House, you will help her grow raw materials, create unique dolls, decorate the shop, and serve a wide variety of drinks as you listen to the entertaining stories of the delightful array of customers. What tales and heartwarming experiences await you in the dynamic and bustling tea house? Find out by embarking on your own vibrant journey. Game FeaturesRealistic Planting and Simulation Experience the full cycle of planting that includes seeding, picking, drying, baking, and harvesting in this simulator game. Manage the tea house carefully and use the materials you grow to craft a range of delicious beverages that will delight your customers. Remembering your customers' preferred beverages is essential to staying ahead of the competition. ■Entertaining Order Mode Play engaging guessing games to determine customer preferences. For example, if a customer says, "Merry Clouds," what drink would you prepare? Perhaps one that has whipped cream. Discover a plethora of clues as these patrons come up with clever drink riddles you must solve to stay ahead. ■Unlock Hundreds of Drinks Explore over 200 different types of beverages from around the world, including spice tea, oolong tea, jam tea, and a range of coffee blends. Use your imagination and craft your unique signature drinks to surprise and satisfy your customers every time. ■Immersive Gaming Experience Little Corner Tea House is the ultimate retreat destination, featuring gentle and calming music, interesting customer stories, and engrossing illustrated tales that will transport you to another world. Let the game's tranquil ambiance help you relax and unwind. ■Year-Round Theme Events Make sure to participate in the 70+ exciting seasonal events featuring different themes such as Romantic Renaissance, Greek Roman Mythology, Steampunk City, and Amusement Park to acquire a wide range of resources that you can use in the shop. ■DIY Your Own Dolls and Decorate Your Shop In Little Corner Tea House, the sky's the limit when it comes to designing cute dolls that you can customize and the shop to give it a unique and personalized touch. ■Plentiful Themed Adventures Join your adorable dolls on their journeys filled with thrilling adventures and bountiful resources. Each journey includes its themed location, such as Memory Clod Garden Adventure (Autumn), Sunny Island Adventure (Spring), and Hana's Diary Adventure (Summer), allowing you to engage in diverse and unforgettable experiences.
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Nowhere House

Investigate the hidden house, solve puzzles and seek help from trapped characters to escape; immerse yourself in an adventure of suspense and mystery in Hidden Town.

Nowhere HouseDark Dome
Hidden Town was once home to a witch, causing fear to the villagers who took drastic measures to capture her. During her conviction, she vanished without a trace. In Nowhere House, the third chapter of the Hidden Town escape game series, rumors have spread of being trapped forever if you enter her house. Ready to investigate? Interact with three parallel worlds and work with the trapped characters to escape. The Dark Dome games can be played in any order until you discover all the mysteries surrounding Hidden Town. This game contains connections to Haunted Laia and The Ghost Case. Solve riddles and brain teasers scattered throughout the house's three dimensions while enjoying an immersive soundtrack and captivating characters. Make your own decisions and encounter two different endings. If you find all 9 hidden owls, an alternate achievement awaits you. Feeling stuck? The game offers a helpful hint system. By purchasing the Premium Version, you'll be able to access an exclusive secret scene with additional puzzles and riddles. Plus, all ads will be removed from the game. Discover the game's secrets by interacting with objects and characters, solving puzzles, and putting your wits to the test. Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of Hidden Town? Immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of Dark Dome escape games. Explore and follow us at @dark_dome.
Haunted Laia

Help Laia solve the mystery of her disappeared family and the strange presences in their Hidden Town home in Haunted Laia. Solve puzzles and find clues.

Haunted LaiaDark Dome
In the Hidden Town escape game series, you will embark on a journey to uncover a mystery. Haunted Laia is the fifth installment in the series, featuring a point and click gameplay style. Here you will help Laia, the protagonist, to solve the mystery of the missing family that moved into Hidden Town. Their home has been taken over by supernatural powers, and you must uncover the secrets behind their disappearance. The game is a brain teaser puzzle, which you will find spread across three different settings, including the house, cave, and the room concealed behind the red door. As you progress, you'll encounter various challenges, but the captivating story will keep you engaged. The game has a unique graphical style complemented by a deep soundtrack to immerse you entirely in this adventure. In this game, you can also choose to search for ten hidden lizards, which can be very elusive, making the search challenging but worth it. If you need help, use the hints system to get unstuck and continue with the story. However, if you purchase the Premium Version, you can experience an additional side story with clues and puzzles to enhance the mystery. The Premium Version also removes all advertisements, allowing you a seamless gaming experience. To solve the mystery, you need to interact with the objects and characters in the environment using touch screen controls. You will have to combine inventory items to create a new item to progress. The puzzles and riddles will test your wits, providing an engaging and exciting experience. The Dark Dome games do not need to be played in sequence, but they all connect, revealing the mysteries of Hidden Town piece by piece. The Haunted Laia episode has connections to The Ghost Case and Another Shadow, making the gaming experience richer. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome escape games and reveal all of Hidden Town's secrets. There are still many mysteries to unravel, so join us on this thrilling journey today. Follow us on social media and visit to learn more.
Ghost Case

Ren Larsen reopens a 20-year-old cold case after receiving messages from the afterlife. Help him solve the mystery in Hidden Town and uncover the murderer's identity.

Ghost CaseDark Dome
Hidden Town witnessed a gruesome murder 20 years ago that remained unsolved. The restless souls of the victims are contacting detective Ren Larsen from beyond the grave for justice. Ren has an unsettling feeling but chooses to reopen the case to discover the truth. Are you ready to assist him in solving this mystifying case in The Ghost Case- the fourth game in the Hidden Town escape game series? You will traverse different parts of Hidden Town, investigate and search for leads that will provide insight into the killer's identity. Interrogate various suspects to uncover the murderer's trail The Hidden Town games can be played in any sequence, and there are interconnections that will lead you down various paths until you have unraveled HiddenTown's mysteries. The story in The Ghost Case has direct ties to The Girl in the Window, followed by Haunted Laia. - What to expect in The Ghost Case: The game provides a map that allows you to explore various points in Hidden Town, including the house where the murder occurred, the asylum, the cemetery, the police station, the magic shop, and Mia and Dan's friend's homes. Discover many brain teasers, puzzles and clues to help you solve the puzzle. Get enthralled by an interactive narrative that will make your heart race as you push your detective skills beyond their limits to unravel the case's mysteries. Grim, detailed art with an excellent assortment of music, generates a chilling thriller ambiance. Your decision-making skills will determine which of the two different endings you will receive. Alternative achievement seekers have an additional challenge of locating all nine hidden owls scattered throughout the game- they are tucked away in unexpected places. Suppose you require assistance at any point throughout the game. In that case, a detailed hint system will guide you along your journey. - Premium version: The Hidden Town Premium Version contains exciting, additional puzzles and clues related to Hidden Town's side story, letting you in on another thrilling adventure. Additionally, purchasing the premium version removes all advertisements in the game while still granting players access to all the hints directly. - How to play: Like classic point-and-click games, tap different objects and characters to interact with them. Combine inventory items to create new items that will assist you in continuing your adventure. Solve puzzles, riddles and put your wit to the test. You can immerse yourself in the mysterious stories provided by the Dark Dome escape games, unraveling Hidden Town's many secrets. But beware, there are still many more enigmas to solve. Learn more about Dark Dome at, and stay updated by following them on Twitter @dark_dome.
The Girl in the Window

Play as Dan, trapped in an abandoned house. Solve puzzles to escape and uncover the mystery of the girl in the window. A Dark Dome classic.

The Girl in the WindowDark Dome
The inhabitants of Hidden Town are petrified due to peculiar occurrences. The town’s folk are claiming to have seen a young girl peering out from a deserted dwelling. Surprisingly, this house has been vacated for the past two decades. The Girl in the Window marks the first point-and-click game developed by Dark Dome, initiating the series of mysteries revolving around Hidden Town. Players take on the role of Dan, a curious individual who stumbles into an abandoned abode and is instantly locked in. He needs to unravel enigmas, solve puzzles, decode secret messages, and scour drawers to make his escape from the room. As you progress, you will come across two of the most endearing characters from the Hidden Town universe: Dan and Mia. The Dark Dome games don't need to be played sequentially, and with each episode, new developments and clues are revealed to solve the town's many peculiarities. This exclusive game is packed with an array of challenging puzzles, odd attractions, and lively characters. You will need to examine every detail of your surroundings to solve the puzzling mysteries puzzling the town. Full of mystery and suspense, you'll definitely savor the interesting storyline and the eventual twist ending. The art style is dark and bold, taking you on a haunting and breathtaking escapade. Don't fret if you ever find yourself stuck, as a comprehensive hint system will keep you moving through this interactive game. But if you opt to try out the Premium Version, you will get access to an uncommon side story, amplify your challenges with extra riddles and puzzles, and banish all ads. It gets even better since you will be able to access all hints directly without viewing ads. Be one with the game and explore every object in the room by tapping on them. Combine various inventory items to create new items that will prove useful in making progress with the story. Challenge your thought processes to overcome difficult brain teasers. Submerge yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome escape games and discover all the town's secrets. Hidden Town is abundant with many more unsolved puzzles and mysterious cloud hanging over it. For more information on Dark Dome, please visit, and follow us on @dark_dome.
Vanished Anniversary

Vanished AnniversaryTeam Abocado
An Elmwood Trail

Investigate the disappearance of a young girl in Riverstone, make decisions, access private information, interrogate suspects, crack puzzles, and uncover the truth in this interactive mystery game.

An Elmwood TrailTechyonic
Unveil the biggest enigma in the little town of Riverstone, encapsulated by the picturesque Elmwood Forest. Put your detective skills to test and prove your mettle by discovering the hiding spot of the vanished teenager. The teen, Zoey Leonard, has been missing for over three weeks now, and despite the town's police department's diligent efforts, the case had been marked closed citing the possibility of Zoey being a runaway. Attention, all interactive mystery game buffs! The time has come for you to craft your own venture trail to uncloak the secrets of Riverstone! Here is your moment to help a detective recoup his reputation, rescue the missing girl, and reveal the culprits behind this premeditated crime. Assume the role of a detective, traverse through the story finding clues, interact with characters, and draw conclusions. The fate of the young teenager rests in your hands; can you bear the burden of bringing her back to safety? Make tough decisions and weigh your options to lead you straight to Zoey. Unmask the truth as you access Zoey's private assets, including images, chats, albums, social media, voicemails, and calls. Interrogate the suspects, make new acquaintances, and figure out the truth. But the real question arises- can you trust the people around? Who can attest to their fealty towards Zoey, and who is the mastermind behind her disappearance? The news has been discreet about the events surrounding Zoey's sudden absence, but everyone in town can sense that there's more to the story. The fate of the missing girl lies solely in your hands because around the town, rumors swirl about your proficiency in detective work. Now an unknown figure beckons you to take up the case- maybe this is the only opportunity left for you to reignite your career. Features that await you include mind-bending puzzles, code-breaking missions that will test your sharp memory and impeccable problem-solving skills. Enter a world of in-game realism via messenger, wherein you can interrogate suspects and get ahead by unveiling hidden clues. Unlock Zoey's diary notes and unravel her past, while simultaneously navigating through yours and her phone to draw the correlation and deduction needed to get closer to the truth. Stuck on a puzzle? No worries! Equipped with three useful tips for every objective, every puzzle is surmountable. Dive deep into the world of Riverstone - a town located on the riverbank, known for holding many mysteries, until Zoey's vanishing changed everything. Can you help this town come out of its misery? It is now up to you to figure out where the young girl was last seen, what went awry, and to identify the ones that claim to have known her best. Download "Elmwood Trail" today and be a part of this thrilling criminal investigation! This interactive mystery story game is completely free, so tag along with your friends and explore all episodes together. "Elmwood Trail" is an interactive, text-based role-playing game that falls under the category of choose-your-own-decision, decision-making, or RPG. Join us on our social media platforms to stay updated. Instagram: Twitter: Discord:

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